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									                                           IQAC – 2007 - 2008

                                           IQAC – 2007 - 2008


                 FOR THE YEAR 2007-2008

                      submitted to NAAC


                  TIRUNELVELI – 627 012
                      TAMIL NADU

                                                           IQAC – 2007 - 2008

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was established in the year 1990 as per the Act of
1990 (Tamil Nadu Act 31 of 1990) by the Government of Tamil Nadu as a teaching cum
affiliating University. The University is situated at Tirunelveli and jurisdiction of the
University covers 3 districts viz., Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari. The post
graduate centre of the Madurai Kamaraj University was functioning in Tirunelveli before
1990 which formed a nucleus of the present Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. In
March 1994, the University received the recognition from the UGC for the purpose of
grants. The University is named after the Tamil Poet literateur Professor P Sundaram
Pillai (1855-1897), the author of the famous verse drama Manonmaniam. The motto of
the University is ‘knowledge is power’. The University takes every effort to reach the
unreached section of the society like poor, downtrodden, women, socially physically
disadvantaged people by providing them quality education and inculcating knowledge,
skills and values.


               “To provide quality education to reach the un-reached”


      To conduct research, teaching, and outreach programmes to improve
       conditions of human living

      To create an academic environment that honors women and men of all
       races, caste, creed, cultures and an atmosphere that values intellectual
       curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and integrity

      To offer a wide variety of off-campus educational and training programs,
       including the use of information technologies, to individuals and groups

      To develop partnership with industry and government so as to improve the
       quality of the workplace and to serve as catalyst for economic and cultural

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                         3
                                                             IQAC – 2007 - 2008

         To Provide quality, inclusive education, especially for the rural and un-
          reached segments economically downtrodden students including women,
          socially oppressed and differently abled.


   -      Recognised by the UGC in the year 1993
   -      Accredited by NAAC in the year 2004 with B++ (with the institutional score of
   -      Member of Association of Indian Universities
   -      Member of Association of Common Wealth Universities, London
   -      Member of UGC’s Infonet Consortium, New Delhi
   -      Member – Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi
   -      Member – AICTE Consortium, New Delhi

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                            4
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

                             Tirunelvlei, Tamil Nadu

Year of Report                  : 2007 -2008

Section : A

       The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year
       towards quality enhancement.

       The IQAC of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University has chalked out the
       following as plan of action for the year 2007-2008.

      New courses will be offered in ICT.
      Additional class rooms will be provided for certain departments.
      Research Milieu of the University will be improved.
      Appointment of faculty members will be made to new as well as vacant teaching
       positions in the University departments.

Section B:

1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution.

Goal of the Institution
                      “Knowledge is Power”

Objectives of the Institution

            To conduct research, teaching and outreach programmes to improve the
             conditions of the human living.

            To offer wide variety and off campus educational training programmes.

            To develop partnership with industries and Government.

            To improve the quality of education.

2. New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG):


Five year Integrated Course in M.Sc., (Psychology) & a new 5 Year Integrated
programme in Information Technology were introduced.

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                       5
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

Distance Education

                               Name of the          Number of
                               Programme             Courses
                          M.Phil                         1
                          Post Graduate                  2
                          Under Graduate                 3
                          Post Graduate Diploma          1
                          Diploma                        1
                          Certificate                     -

          Post Graduate Course in Human Rights Education

3. Innovation in curricular design and transaction

          The Curriculum of some of the courses have been revised
          Participatory / Experiential training was also given importance, as usual

4. Inter- disciplinary programmes started

No new inter-disciplinary programmes were introduced.

5. Examination reforms implemented

Extra time was given to visually challenged candidates to write University Examinations
(30 minutes for 3 hours papers & 20 minutes for 2 hours paper)

6. Candidates qualified

                     NET           3
                     SLET          -
                     GATE          2
                     Others        4

7. Initiative towards faculty development programme

Teachers were deputed to attend orientation & refresher courses organized by other
Universities / Institutions.

8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                         6
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

Seminars / Workshops Conducted – 46

9. Research Projects

                       Research Projects     No         Rupees
                                                        in lakhs
                    a. Ongoing                 36             420.00
                    b. Completed               12              80.00

10. Patents generated, if any
                                  - Nil -
11. New collaborative research programmes

                    Details of Collaboration               No.
                    International Collaboration             2

                    National Collaboration                  8
                                             Total         10

12. Research grants received from various agencies:

                    Research Project                 Amount
                                                     (Rs. in lakhs)
                    Major Research Project                      120.00

                       Fellowships & Funds from                   1.87
                                  other Agencies
                                           Total                121.87

13. Details of research scholars:
                             Programme               No. of Scholars
                    M.Phil                                       341

                   Ph.D (Full time)
                   Ph.D (Part time)
                   Ph.D Awarded                                    118
                   - From University
                    - From Affiliated Colleges                     555
                                             Total                 751
14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor

                                                         IQAC – 2007 - 2008

             Impact factor of the research publications of the faculty members in the
              refereed journals ranges between 0.5 and 22.0
15. Honors / Awards to the faculty

             One faculty member was recognized as a qualified person (RQP) by
              Government of India for preparation of mining plan & Environmental
             One faculty member served as a member in the Peer Team of NAAC.
             One faculty member was appointed as a member in the Advisory
              Committee on Renewable Energy by DRDA.

             One faculty member was recognized by UNESCO & CCI as a resource
              person on natural dyes & demonstration.
             One faculty member served as an expert on environmental damage for
              Madras High Court (Madurai Bench).
             One faculty member was awarded the Second prize in the State level
              competition held on preparation of documentary on AIDS awareness.

16. Internal resources generated

                            Income from                Amount
                  Land & Buildings                       8,30,500
                  Publication                            5,06,250
                  Auxiliary charges                      23,95,000
                  Miscellaneous                          20,26,000
                                              Total      57,57,750

17. Details of departments getting assistance / recognition under SAP, COSIST
(ASSIST) / DST, FIST, and other programmes.

Departments of Bio-technology, Computer Science & Engineering and Statistics received
financial assistance from University Grants Commission under the scheme of improving
Infrastructural facilities in Non-SAP departments in Basic Sciences and Engineering

18. Community Service:

       Organised a blood donation camp in view of AIDS day on 20.12.2007. More than
       60 volunteers donated blood.
19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:

9 faculty members were newly recruited

                            Professor     -       2

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                      8
                                                              IQAC – 2007 - 2008

                              Reader -        3
                              Lecturer        -        4

20. Teaching- Non teaching staff ratio:
                                                       1 : 2.87

21. Improvements in the Library Services:

In the University Library, 569 persons registered for their membership during the year

22. New books / journals subscribed and their value:

Allocation of Rs.11 lakhs and Rs.5.5 lakhs were given in the yearly budget to the
University Library for the purchase of books and journals respectively. It is in addition to
the University funds.

                     Details of Library
                     Total number of volumes                      4608
                     Amount spent on purchase of             20,70,287
                     books and journals

4608 new books were added to the Library.
Fifteen new journals were subscribed by the library.

23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action
taken on student feedback:

      In all the University departments, students’ feed back were obtained at the end of
       the academic year.

24. Feedback from stakeholders:

      Vice-Chancellor met the Secretaries & Principals of the affiliated Colleges and
       Heads of the University Departments periodically in connection with academic
       review and discussing possible alternatives.

25. Unit cost of education:

Total No. of Students                                  =    61,602
Salary to Teaching Staff                               = Rs. 522,39,000

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                              9
                                                             IQAC – 2007 - 2008

Salary to Non-Teaching Staff                         = Rs. 458,16,000
Other Expenditure                                    = Rs.2007,81,000
Total Expenditure                                    = Rs.2988,36,000
Unit Cost of Education
                                                         Rs.2988 ,36 ,000
(Including Salary)                                   =                    = Rs. 4851.08

Unit Cost of Education
                                                         Rs.2007 ,81,000
(Excluding Salary)                                   =                   = Rs. 3259.33

26. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
examination results, issue of certificates:

The examination section continued to give training to the administrative staff on
computerization of related activities in connection with University examinations.

27. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:

The following are the physical infrastructure created / increased during the year 2007-08.

       Sl.No   Building                           Floor Space    Amount spent
                                                  (           (in Rs.)
         1.    CITE (Additional)                      100             11,00,000
         2.    MBA Library (Additional)               100             10,00,800

         3.    Extension of Roads                        -               27,29,814

         4.    Geo Technology                        600                1,30,00,000
         5.    Convocation Hall                      2041               6,25,00,000
         6.    LT & HT power supply                      -               10,00,000
         7.    Audio Visual Gadgets &                    -               13,72,500
               Computer Software
         8.    Television Studio Materials               -                16,50,000
                                     Total                              8,43,53,114

28. Technology upgradation:

The speed of the Internet, in the campus, was increased from 256 kbps to 512 kbps.

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                           10
                                                              IQAC – 2007 - 2008

  29. Computer and internet access and training to teachers, non teaching staff and

        All the teachers were provided access to computers with internet facility at the
         department level.
        Students have used internet facilities in the library.

  30. Financial aid to students:

                Name of the Scholarship                        No. of            Amount
                                                            Scholarships        distributed
BC/MBC/DNC Scholarship (Fresh)                                      204                4,45,177
BC/MBC/DNC Scholarship (Renewal)                                    108                2,46,551
SC/ST (GOI) Scholarship (Fresh)                                     102                6,24,870
SC/ST (GOI) Scholarship (Renewal)                                     64               4,70,935
Free Education                                                         7                 28,080
Converted Christian                                                   17                 74,285
Others                                                                                24,83,045
Total                                                                 502             43,72,943

  31. Activities and support from the Alumni Association :

  Some departments conducted meetings for the benefit of present set of students to
  interact with alumni.

  32. Activities and support from the parent – Teacher Association:

  Parents were consulted by the departments, whenever there were necessity.

  33. Health services:

  ”The Star Insurance Scheme for Government Servants”, introduced by the
  Government of Tamil Nadu, was introduced to faculty members and
  administrative staff of University also.

  34. Performance in sports activities:
  The University students participated in 19 tournaments at All India / Zonal level in, Foot
  Ball, Hockey, Badminton and Athletics.

  35. Incentives to outstanding sports persons:

  MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                            11
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

   In order to provide incentives to sports persons new eligibility criterion for admission
   to UG & PG courses in Colleges / University departments were evolved and
   approved by Syndicate.

36. Student achievement and awards:

The following achievements were made by our University students in All India / Zonal
level tournaments.

      Third place in Kho-Kho for Women
      Fourth place in Football for Men
      Third place in Ball Badminton for Men

37. Activities of the guidance and counseling unit:
     The University Students Advisory Bureau (USAB) continued its activities
       on providing counseling to career opportunities and conducting coaching
       classes to IAS and IPS examinations.
      The SC / ST Cell conducted, coaching classes to students for competitive
       examinations as like previous years.
      The Department of Youth Welfare conducted programmes on Career
       counseling and conducted job fairs for the benefit of students of this
38. Placement services provided to students:

The Department of Youth Welfare conducted programmes on Career counseling for the
benefit of the students of this University.

39. Development programmes for non –teaching staff:

Periodical training programmes were conducted on the use of computer.

40. Good practices of the institution:
The criteria required for conversion from regular course to Distance Education
programme in the same subject were evolved.

41. Linkages developed with National / International, Academic / Research bodies:

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                          12
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

Preliminary talks were held to conduct conference and to carry out research in
collaboration with Heidelberg, Germany, European commission (Belgium) on Nano

42. Action Taken Report on the AQAR of the previous year:

      The office automation process initiated in the last year, was finalized and taken to
       the next level.
      Collaborative efforts started with CSIR, UNICEF, DBT & DVRD were continued
       this year.
      Career Guidance activities were continued by University Students Advisory
       Bureau (USAB) & the Department of Youth Welfare.
      Library facilities were improved.

43. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:

Fresh affiliation was given to 32 new B.Ed., Colleges. Provision was given to many
B.Ed., colleges affiliated to this University to increase students strength.

Section C: Outcomes achieved by the end of the year.

      ICT based new courses were started.
      Certain departments were given additional class room facilities.
      Research activities of the University were improved.
      Additional faculty members were appointed in various departments.

Section D: Detail the plans of the HEI for the next year.

      To augment interest in research among young faculty by providing financial
       support to undertake minor research projects.
      To recognize the meritorious contributions of faculty by means of conferring on
       them Award of Excellence
      To facilitate the faculty to raise the new heights in the horizon of knowledge and
       research in their respective fields.

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                          13
                                                            IQAC – 2007 - 2008

      To enhance the quality of Distance Education with the input and support of
       faculty of regular departments
      To strengthen the existing fora functioning for the Specially Focused Groups
       (SFGs) in the University.
      To develop the soft skills of students and young teachers to compete with the
       more fortunate ones by means of training and development programmes.
      To facilitate students to gain entry into the world of work life by bringing the
       employees into the portals of the University.
      To extend financial support to the meritorious students.
      To strengthen the library facilities by subscribing to e-journals, creating
       conducive environment for learning.
      To carry out meaningful community - based programmes by involving and
       coordinating the centres such as Youth Welfare, NSS and Career Guidance and
       Placement Cell.

Name & Signature of the                                             Name & Signature
Director / Coordinator, IQAC                                of the Chairperson,

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, TIRUNELVELI                                         14
                                           IQAC – 2007 - 2008

                                           IQAC – 2007 - 2008


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