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					                                   Material News
                                             October 2008

                    2008-09 OFFICERS AND CHAPTER LEADERS

Officers for the 2008-09 program year are:

Chair: Angela Zsidi, GM

Vice-Chair: Melani Thomas, GM

Secretary: Rick Hensley, Aleris

Treasurer: Vince Brooks, Delphi

Executive Committee: Craig Cook (Delphi), Andy Genualdi (GM), Peg Jones (GM), Dave Paluch

Committee Chairs: (THANKS!)
Career Development—Rob Tuttle, SVSU
Golf Outing—Conrad Anderson, Delphi
Technical and Education—Angela Zsidi, GM
Audit—Vince Brooks, Delphi

                                  SISTER SOCIETIES
      Saginaw Valley AFS, www.saginawvalleyafs.org
      Mid-Michigan SAE, www.midmichigansae.org
      Detroit ASM, www.asm-detroit.org.
      West Michigan ASM http://www.databack.com/westmichigan/.

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                PLANT TOUR MEETING

             LOCATED AT: 281 HEINLEIN ST.
                   FRANKENMUTH, MI

        (all you can eat steak or other selection)
               NOVEMBER 12th, 6 p.m.
                  TICKET PRICE $20
   Please make your reservations with Melani Thomas,
(989) 757-0480 or melani.thomas@gm.com by NOV 10th.

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      2008-2009 Saginaw Valley ASM Program Preview

       Dates                      Topic                           Details
    Nov. 12, 2008               Plant Tour           Sullivan’s Black Forest Brewery
                                                             Tour and Dinner
       January             Joint meeting with            Pi’s Chinese Restaurant
                           Society of Plastics                 Midland, MI
      February              Engineer’s Week           This is a family event to be held
                              Celebration                at Flint’s Sloan Museum
        March             Educational Seminar                 To be Announced
        April                Student Night                    To be Announced

                 “Strange Matter” at Sloan Museum

Sloan Museum is proud to host the traveling exhibit Strange Matter and would like to
extend an invitation for industries throughout Michigan to help us spotlight materials
science processes and products. Developed by the Ontario Science Centre, Strange
Matter explores the field of Materials Science using hands-on, interactive exhibit
components. These include amorphous metals, ferrofluids, and structure and defects in
metals. This exhibit is designed for children and families. The exhibit will open to the
public on Saturday, January 24th and will close on Sunday, May 10th, 2009. The
Museum is offering space to firms to set up displays that will demonstrate the variety of
innovative products that are being developed within our region. The display would
highlight your company and would need to illustrate your products and processes. The
deadline for expressing interest in this project is November 14 th, 2008. The final
display will need to be at the Museum and ready to be installed by January 16 th. Any
business interested in finding out more about this unique opportunity should contact
Laurie Bone at Sloan Museum at (810) 237-3403.

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The 2008 Saginaw Valley ASM & Mid-Michigan SPE Golf Outing
            was held on Saturday, September 6, 2008.
     Thanks to everyone who sponsored and/or participated!!!
Pictured below are a few of "Charlie Willing's buddies from Flint"

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       The Role of the Professional Society in Re-Engineering
                       the Michigan Economy
                             Detroit Chapter ASM International
                                         in cooperation with
                             The Engineering Society of Detroit
                                  October 2008-May 2009


This series of programs intended for the 2008-2009 Chapter year is substantially different from
programming of past years insofar as the organizing committee has attempted to address a topic of
special interest to Michigan citizens in the face of current events and challenges to the technical
community. The individual meetings are intended not so much to explore a specific technical topic, but
rather to hear from several points of view on how best the technical societies can participate in “re-
engineering” the Michigan economy. The program will be in cooperation with the Engineering Society
of Detroit, and the all interested affiliate society members are openly invited to attend. A number of
“roundtable” style events at small companies and offsite locations are also being planned for the
program year.

                                         Tentative Program

November 10, 2008 – Venue: The University of Michigan; Topic: “The University/Venture Capital/
Entrepreneurship Model for Economic Growth.” Panelists from the University of Michigan, Venture
Capital Collectives and local development agencies.

December. No official program. Roundtable events to be revisited in light of year’s theme.

January 12, 2009: Venue: Vladimir’s; Topic: “Materials for the Car of the Future.” The Woodside
Lecture. Joint meeting with SAE, TMS, ACerS, ACS, SPE, AFS, AWS, NACE, ES, and others. Focus
on the “next” materials technologies for the automotive industry and what are the challenges for the
next generation of materials scientists and engineers.

February 9, 2009: Venue: Next Energy (Wayne State University) ; Topic “Materials Challenges for
Alternative Energy.” Panelists from universities and companies engaged in alternative energy
development. Technical chairperson: David Nicholas, Adaptive Materials, Inc.

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March 9, 2009 : Venue: TBD; Topic: “Bio-Technology – Materials Challenges” Prosthetics,
Sensors, Engineering Materials from “bio” sources; bio-fuels and materials issues. Michigan State
University featured. Technical chairperson: Steve LeBeau.

April 13, 2009: Venue: TBD; Topic: “ Small Company and Student Focus.” Table Top/Poster exhibits,
Circulate before dinner like “job fair”. After Dinner Speakers – focus on “small, entrepreneurial, high-
tech companies.

May 11, 2009; Venue: TBD; Topic: “Green Manufacturing and Technologies.” Panelists from
Michigan companies specializing in “green” technologies and materials processing. Technical
Chairperson: Ron Radzilowski.

October 12, 2009: Venue: Vladimir’s; Topic: “Nano-Technology: The Promise and the Reality,”
Chairperson: Manish Mehta, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

                              SUSTAINING MEMBERS
     Aleris International, Inc.                  Interested in becoming a Sustaining
       Rick Hensley, Quality Mgr.                Member? Contact Angela Zsidi,
       2600 Nodular Dr.
                                                 Membership Chair, at
       Saginaw, MI 48601
       (989) 752-3050                            angela.m.zsidi@gm.com for details
     Commercial Steel Treating Corp.             Mittal Steel USA (formerly Inland)
     Joe Bonfoey, Field Service Engineer         Amber Wheatley, Technical Svcs. Rep.
     31440 Stephenson Hwy                        330 Dickey Rd.
     Madison Heights, MI 48071                   East Chicago, IL 46312-1644
     (248) 588-3300                              (219) 399-4647
     www.commercialsteel.com                     amber.wheatley@mittalsteel.com
     Hi-Tech Steel Treating Inc.                 National Chemical Oil Corp.
     Gary Schluckebier, Sales Mgr.               Ernest Stacey, Jr., President
     2720 Roberts St.                            21251 Meyers Rd.
     Saginaw, MI 48601                           Oak Park, MI 48237
     (989) 753-1455                              (248) 548-5950
     www.hitechsteel.com                         estacey@ncocinc.com

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                                              Inside This Newsletter:
Chair: Angela Zsidi                         1 CHAPTER OFFICER/SISTER SOCIETIES
 angela.m.zsidi@gm.com                      2 SUSTAINING MEMBERS
   (989) 757-1808                           3 EVENTS
                                            4 ASM PROGRAMS
Vice Chair: Melani Thomas                   5 OUTING PICTURES
                                            6/7 PROGRAMS ELSEWHERE
 melani.thomas@gm.com                       7 SUSTAINING MEMBERS
   (989) 757-0480

Secretary: Rick Hensley
                                              Have news? Send it to Rick Hensley, Newsletter Editor,
                                              rick.hensley@aleris.com or phone 989 752-3050.
   (989) 752-3050
                                            Address corrections? Go to www. asminternational.org,
Treasurer: Vince Brooks
                                            sign into “My ASM” with your member number & last
                                            name, then update your record. Or, if you prefer speaking
 (989) 757-4772
                                            to humans, call ASM at 800 336-5152 and ask for Megan

Saginaw Valley Chapter ASM International®
c/o Rick Hensley
Aleris International
2600 Nodular Drive
Saginaw, MI 48601

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