I.   F-100, Emergency Department’s Waiting Room (ER), Building #1, U.S.
           Naval Hospital Guam.

           1. Provide Labor, Materials, Equipment design-built, supervision and the
               incidental related work necessary to Renovate the ER’s Waiting Room.
           2. Remove double door an dframe at F-100b.
           3. Relocate double door and frame from F-100a to F-100b including door
               closers, push bars, magnetic door holders, and the “Press to Open” button.
           4. Remove window blinds at the Waiting Area dn Check in Counter.
           5. Tint windows at the Waiting Area and Check in Counter.
           6. Paint walls at the Waiting Area.
           7. Demolish and ispose existing drywall partitions inside Room F-121.
           8. Construct new drywall partition approximately 22 linear feet.
           9. Install 2 feet x 2 feet sliding window between Room F-121a and F121b.
           10. Relocate door and frame including accessoreis from F-121 to F-121a.
           11. Prepare, prime and finish paint new walls to match existing.
           12. Remove and ispose existing flexiglass at the Check in Counter.

II.        Special Conditions

           1. Construction shall be performed and be in conformance with the latest
              Occupational and Safety Health Association (OSHA), National Fire
              Protection Act (NFPA), Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) and
              Infectious Control (IC) Standards of Hospital Environment.

           a. Contractor will meet with the Facilities Management Department (FMD)
              representatives on elaborative efforts and means of the work or job to be
           b. A meeting on Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) will be scheduled.
              Representatives and officials from Safety, Infection Control, and Security
              will also be present at this meeting to ensure hospital requirements are
              adhered to and maintained at all time during construction.

           2. Any Utility support/outages required to accomplish the renovation of F1
              Wing (COD) shall be scheduled and coordinated with BOS Contractor and
              prior notification shall be made to Naval Hospital Facilities Management
              Department. Any Cost for Utility Support shall be the responsibility of
              the Contractor.
     III.     Contract/Work Acceptance

            a. The Facilities Manager will perform a PRE-FINAL/quality assurance
               inspection. All discrepancies identified during pre-final will be re-worked
               and performed accordingly.
            b. A FINAL INSPECTION will be performed, cleared, and approved by
               Facilities Management Department before contractor is relieved from
               work or contracted job.

Point of Contact:      Mrs. Nikki T. Flores
                       T: 344-9636
                       F: 344-9288

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