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					                               Craig Bryant Monsen
                                 cmonsen at gmail dot com

EDUCATION    Johns Hopkins University School of                          2008-2013
             Medicine (Baltimore, MD)

             Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)
                   B.A. Major in Biomedical
                    Engineering with Highest Honors,
                    Minor in Computer Science

             Regis High School (New York, New York)                      2000-2004

 RESEARCH    Rapid Medical Diagnosis and Triage with Patient-Facing Web Application (2011-
EXPERIENCE   present)

                   Analyzed national health data for hundreds of thousands of patients
                   Designed algorithm that presents most likely diagnoses given input symptoms
                   Provides health information, severity of illness, and offers insight and
                    directions to most appropriate health care provider

             Tracheostomy as a Risk Factor for Sternal Wound Infection. Johns Hopkins
             Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory (2009-present)

                   Monsen CB, Allen JG, Arnaoutakis GJ, Baumgartner WA, & Conte JV. The
                    effect of post-operative tracheostomy on the incidence of sternal wound
                    infections. Batimore, MD, 2011.
                        o Submitted for publication to Critical Care Medicine
                        o Podium presentation at Johns Hopkins Medical Student Research

             The Generalization of Motor Learning. Harvard Neuromotor Control Lab (2007-

                   Gonzalez-Castro LN, Monsen CB, & Smith MA. The binding of learning to
                    action in motor adaptation. Public Library of Science Computational Biology.
                   Smith MA, Gonzalez Castro LN, Monsen CB, Brayanov J. Adaptive changes
                    in arm dynamics are experience-dependent rather than goal-dependent.
                    Washington, D.C. Society for Neuroscience. 2008

             Computer Identification of Cardiac Murmurs (2003-2008)

                   Monsen CB. Design of an Expert System for Computerized Detection
                    and Recording of Cardiac Murmurs. Presented at the Intel Science and
                    Engineering Fair.
                   Implemented digital stethoscope and created algorithm for real-time, computer
                    diagnosis of cardiac murmurs

PERSONAL     Web Portal Creator for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (www.jhusom.org,
PROJECTS     2010-present)

                   5000 page views monthly
                   Accessed by medical students from all 4 years
                   Consolidated source for class notes, schedules, advice about courses and
                    board exams

             Stroke Diagnosis Application for iPhone and Android (2011)

                   Clinical decision support tool to guide emergency room physicians through
                    diagnostic algorithm for stroke diagnosis in patients presenting with dizziness
                   Available for iPhone and Android
                   Integrated into SMART electronic health record

             Clinical Documentation Mining Software (2010)

                   Created software capable of extracting de-identified patient data from the
                    clinical documentation system for performing clinical research

LEADERSHIP   President of the Johns Hopkins Medical Student Senate, Johns Hopkins School of
             Medicine (2011-present)

                   Elected by student body to run student government
                   Responsible for curriculum reform, student budget, alumni relations, student
                    events including the White Coat Ceremony and several annual charity events,
                    ensuring a timely and helpful response to student feedback, and serving as
                    liaison to administration
                   VP of Administration (2010-2011)
                   MSS Representative (2008-2010)

             Treasurer for Peer Advising Program, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (2009-

                   Managed funding for student advising program of over 50 advisors
                   Selected among applicants as advisor on academics and student life for

             House Committee Executive Board, Kirkland House, Harvard College (2006-2007)

                   One of five elected board members for Kirkland house, a residency of over
                    300 students
                   Responsible for student component of house governance and for the
                    organization, coordination, and financial management of house-sponsored

 RELEVANT    Cardiology Consultants of Westchester, Hawthorne, NY (Summer 2008)
EXPERIENCE         Information technologist for a private cardiology practice with over 5 locations
                    throughout the Hudson Valley
                   Managed and populated ProSolv database for inclusion in electronic medical
                   Developed company intranet portal and designed an online corporate

             Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Ridgefield, CT (Summer 2006)

                   Site manager for phase III clinical trial for the FDA-approved Pradaxa, a direct
                    thrombin inhibitor and potential replacement for warfarin
                   Developed patient tracking software and database of over 400 sites
                   Served as liaison to research sites and fielded questions from investigators

             American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay, Boston, MA (November 2005-2007)

                   Taught 8-hour community course in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR with AED
                    and in First Aid skills to classes of 20 people
                   Completed an extracurricular, 140-hour EMT training course

VOLUNTEER    Child Psychiatry Buddy Program, Baltimore, MD (September 2008-2010)
                    Spent two hours/week after school with a 4 grade buddy who had a severe
                    anxiety disorder
                   Attended monthly tutorials with practicing psychiatrists

             Incentive Mentoring Program, Baltimore, MD (September 2008-2009)

                   Tutored struggling high school student in math, Spanish, history, and SAT

             Homeless Shelter, Cambridge, MA (2006-2007)

                   Worked a weekly overnight shift (11pm-9am) of a student run shelter
                   Prepared meals for 24 residents and oversaw operation of shelter during

COMPUTER           Web/iPhone/Android App                 Statistical software
 SKILLS             development using HTML5,                packages including
                    CSS, javascript, mySQL,                 MatLab and Stata
                    Ruby on Rails, PHP                      (modeling and simulations,
                   Programming using C/C++,                statistical analysis,
    Python, MatLab,                      plotting, and signal
    Scheme/Lisp, and Java                processing)
   Facility with Microsoft Office      Content management
    including Powerpoint,                software including
    Excel, Word, and Access              MediaWiki, Confluence,
                                         and Drupal

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