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					               Skyline College Concurrent Enrollment for
                       Expanding Your Horizons
High school students applying for admission to the Concurrent Enrollment Program must complete and submit a
packet each semester containing the following items:
                   NEW STUDENTS                                          CONTINUING STUDENTS
1. Concurrent Enrollment Program Application package        Continuing students are those who were enrolled at one
(must be properly completed and signed by the student,      of the SMCCCD colleges in the previous summer, fall,
parent, and by the high school principal or designee).      or spring term.
2. Application for Admission (attached).                    1. Concurrent Enrollment Program Application (must be
                                                            properly completed and signed by the student, parent,
                                                            and by the high school principal or designee).
                                 SUBMIT COMPLETED APPLICATIONS TO:
                                    The Concurrent Enrollment Table (in Bldg. 3)
                                              Expanding Your Horizons
                                                   Skyline College
                                                  At the conference

                    Upon submission, you will receive instructions to earn your college credit.
     You will need to return those documents to the Concurrent Enrollment Table at 3:00 p.m. at the conference.

Course Prerequisites           All applicants are required to        ord of the student. An official college transcript that is author-
fulfill course prerequisites as verified by their transcripts or     ized by the student's written request will be provided to his/her
appropriate test scores. Those applicants who wish to enroll in      high school. Each college student should consult with the ap-
college-level English or mathematics courses or courses with         propriate high school official as to how the coursework may
any English or math prerequisite, are required to take the Col-      be used as part of the high school record.
lege Placement Test if an acceptable score from a previous
placement test (taken within the last two years) cannot be pro-      Privacy Of Records         Once enrolled in college, all rights
vided. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes of the college to     to access student records belong to the student. This includes
which you are applying for specific course prerequisites and         the following: Registration Information Class Attendance Fi-
placement testing dates, times, and locations. Students should       nancial Aid Class Performance Grades Transcripts The student
take the placement test before the application priority date.        has the right to keep this privacy or to authorize others (i.e.,
                                                                     parent, other family members) to have access to their records.
Course Credit & Grades Concurrent enrollment stu-                    Student wishing to release records to a third party must com-
dents will receive college credit for all coursework successful-     plete "Verification of Enrollment Request " form available in
ly completed. In addition, students may request that a tran-         Admissions & Records Office.
script be sent to their high school registrar to be considered for
credit toward high school graduation. Grade reports are not          Code Of Conduct/Academic Standards                  A concur-
mailed upon completion of the semester; however, grades may          rently enrolled student is expected to complete all class re-
be obtained by requesting an official or unofficial transcript.      quirements, maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better in all
Grades are accessible through telephone SMART or online              college classes, and adhere to the College's Code of Conduct,
through WebSMART. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for               (refer to the Skyline College Catalog and/ or Skyline College
information on utilizing these services.                             Student Handbook). The Skyline College Student Handbook is
                                                                     available through the Student Activities Office; the Skyline
Responsibilities       The primary educational responsibility        College Catalog is available in the College Bookstore. Both
for high school students who participate in the Concurrent           documents are available on-line at
Enrollment Program rests with the high school. The high
school and college coordinate counseling services to maximize        Non-Resident Tuition Fee. See
educational benefits for students. The high school assumes the       for current fee.
responsibility of obtaining parental permission for students
applying for admission and participating in the Concurrent           Refund. Details on fee refund policies are printed in the
Enrollment Program. The Application for Admission and the            Schedule of Classes.
Concurrent Enrollment Program Application must be fully
completed along with all required signatures. Incomplete
applications will not be processed

College Records     All college level coursework for which a
grade is issued becomes part of the permanent academic rec-

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