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									                    HR Committee - Management Information Report


  This report provides management information around key themes as requested
  by the Police Authority HR Committee and are ordered in sequence of the
  buttons on the right. The report includes relevant performance indicators, and a
  brief narrative on the current position, management actions and as appropriate
  planned outcomes. Clarification on measures used is included in the 'Report
  Guide' page.

  Acknowledging that within this report it is only feasible to provide a summary
  narrative, as required 'themed' reports will also be produced for the HR
  Committee, allowing a more in depth examination of a particular issue. It should
  also be noted that the information supplied within this report will change
  throughout the year to reflect current and emerging issues.

  A key way to assess whether the blueprint changes and workforce reductions
  are influencing the force's key performance objectives is using the force
  scorecard (included). Further detail on this summary information is available
  upon request.

Created:   Jul-11              Updated:      Dec-11                Questions:        adrian.burgess@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk
                                          Your Guide to the HR Committee MI Pack


   This guidance has been drafted in response to feedback from HR Committee members. It is intended to clarify some of the
   terminolgy used, provide background information on performance measures used, and to detail source data.


   - Red, amber, green colour fill demonstrates whether off, close to or on target respectively. Where there is no colour fill it
   means that there are no targets for that measure.


   - Cultural Audit (CA) scoring: Please see Table 1 below for the sub-questions which form the overall scores for the
   cultural audit. A score under 8 is considered as negative, while a score over 10 is positive. More details on the scoring
   methodology are available upon request and can be seen in the latest culture survey report on the force intranet (search for
   'cultural audit').

   - Dates: Data are explicitly labelled as to the date up to which it reflects, when it was last updated. Where the whole
   financial year (FY) is shown, the data represents the whole FY. Note that due to required timings in submission of this
   report, data may seem relatively out of date by the time the committee convenes.

   - Overtime Caveats: Some of the overtime costs may be offset by income - we may have incurred overtime by carrying out
   work for another party and were therefore reimbursed the overtime costs. Due to accountancy rules, any overtime paid in
   April each year is reverted back into the previous financial year as it is assumed that overtime claimed in April is for work
   conducted in March or previous months. Therefore the above figures do not include claims paid in April.


   This report summarises key people management information in a balanced scorecard approach under 5 key themes. This is
   in line with the template and content requested by authrity members and representatives. Themes are ordered in this Excel
   document in the same sequence as outlined on the 'Introduction' tab. If printed for members prior to meetings, each sheet
   takes up a single page and should be placed in the same order as the original electronic version to avoid confusion.

Table 1: Culture Survey Statements against which a response is scored

       Index                              Specific Question
                     Clear to me what organisational goals are
Organisational Goals
                     I understand how diff parts contribute to goals
       & Values
                     Difficult for us to provide good service
                     Some do little to deserve respect of the police
   Attitude toward
                     Waste of time trying to help some people
                     Some victims more deserve service than others
                     Confidence most important measure of success
   Performance &
                     Public feedback should be in everyone's appraisal
                     Public feedback as important to me as my managers'
                     Managers don't listen to staff views
    Management       Manager would back me up if I made a mistake
                     Uncomfortable expressing opinion to senior grades
                     Training encourage me to use professional judgement
      Learning &
                     Training given me confidence to deal with public
                     Training prepared me deliver service the public wants
                     Good lines of communication in organisation
 Communications &
                     I know how to find out information
    work together
                     Different parts of organisation don't work well together
   Neighbourhood     Neighbourhood policing is not real policing
      policing &     Work in agency partnership is a waste of time
     partnership     PCSOs have an important policing role
                     Senior managers are open to differing views
      Leadership     Senior managers are out of touch with the front line
                     Managers give mixed messages on our values
     Professional    We should have zero-tolerance to minor offences
 judgement, service We should vary our style depending on community
       delivery      All laws should be enforced always
                     No sense of loyalty to D&CC
Work environment &
                     D&CC is a good organisation to work for
                     Positive atmosphere with colleagues I work with
Achievement of Top Performing Force - Force Scorecard
                                                 Management & Leadership
           Comments & Management Actions                                                         Sickness Absence
These link to the PA HR Committee Risk Register HR03, 06 & 13.
• Sickness:      Proactive measures from all areas of HR & Wellness                                                                   National
                                                                        (Data to Oct'11, target 4.0%)     Current   Last Year
to assist managers effectively manage attendance. Continues to be                                                                     Average
monitored at Force Performance Group to share learning /best                  % Officer Hours Lost         4.1%       3.7%             3.4%
practice. Trend increasing for police officers and staff, both now
                                                                                 % Staff Hours Lost        5.5%       4.6%             3.8%
above target. 'Myself' recording system rolled out forcewide on 1
November, which will tighten up data quality around long term                   % Total Hours Lost         4.6%       4.0%               -
• PDR:           Still below 100% target, and not valued by some
ahead of day-to-day priorities this will reflect on managers PDRs for
2011/12. New PDR strategy in place to help address this and other
issues with the process. HR Business Partners to work with SMTs to
evidence their support and lead by example.
• Wellness:      Strategy to reinvigorate rollout commences in
January, with a dedicated team. This includes improved
communication and more engagement sessions.
• Staff Survey: These results were recently reviewed in depth in a
separate paper to Committee (Nov'11).
• Equality:      The Equality Standard is a self assessment tool to
enable force to identify where/how it can improve service delivery
and for its workforce. Evidence for 2011 was submitted in
September, and is being scored by E&D. A wider analysis of the
equality of pay and other Equality Duty info will be published in
January 2012.

                        PDR Completion                                                                   Wellness

(Data to 1/12/2011, target
                              Officers        Staff         Total                     (Data to Dec'11)                        Total
2010/11 PDR Completion
                               84.6%         93.0%         88.1%         Personal Wellness Profiles Completed                   786

             7 Expectations Leadership Index                                             Staff Survey & Cultural Audit

                                                                        Measure (Based on 2010 culture audit &
                             To follow…                                                                              Target            Actual
                                                                                  Jul'11 staff survey)

                                                                                  CA - Leadership Score                10               7.8

                       Equality Standard                                         CA - Management Score                 10               9.4

                                                                            SS - I have regular and meaningful
    Dept. ratings for E.S. evidence          Sep-11        Sep-10                                                    80.0%             56.4%
                                                                               contact with my line manager
            Below Baseline                    TBC            3          SS - I am managed well and motivated by
                                                                                                                        -              48.4%
                Baseline                      TBC            15                         my manager
              Integrating                     TBC            4
               Excelling                      TBC            0
           % Above Baseline                   TBC           86%
                                                                               Affordable & Fair Pay
                             Comments & Management Actions                                                                           Bonus Payments

These link to the PA HR Committee Risk Register HR01, 04 & 10.                                                                                          2011/12               2010/11
                                                                                                             (Data to Sep 2011)                                                         % Change
• Bonus Payments: 75% reduction in bonus payments in Q1+2                                                                                                Q1-2                  Q1-2
this year compared to last year, mostly due to more austere                                                               Police staff                        £6,917          £26,109      -74%
spending by budget holders generally. Average per person
receiving a payment is also slightly lower. The volume of payments                                                     Police Officers                        £4,830          £20,092      -76%
by gender remains proportionate to the gender representation in                                                                    PCSOs                      £216             £984        -78%
the organisation. A wider analysis of the equality of pay and other
Equality Duty info will be published in January 2012.                                                         TOTAL FORCE Spend                           £11,963             £47,185      -75%
                                                                                                                 Average Payment                          £157.41             £185.77      -15%
• Overtime:      Slight increase compared to same point last year,
mainly due to riot support overtime. Overtime has reduced a great
deal each year for the last three years, and current year to date is
still under budget. The introduction the new duty management
system is planned to maintain this long term reducing trend with
better resource allocation. However, the Olympics may have
implications to 2012/13 overtime spend if other significant
incidents occur at this time.

                                                           Overtime Spend 2001 - 2011
                      £9.0                                                                                                          4.5%

                      £8.0                                                                                                          4.0%                             Force total overtime spend so
                      £7.0                                                                                                          3.5%                             far this year…
Absolute Spend (£m)

                                                                                                                                           % of Force spend
                      £6.0                                                                                                          3.0%

                      £5.0                                                                                                          2.5%                             YtD Nov YtD Nov
                                                                                                                                                                                        % Change
                      £4.0                                                                                                          2.0%                             11 (£m) 10 (£m)
                      £3.0                                                                                                          1.5%
                      £2.0                                                                                                          1.0%                               3.36      3.02     11.1%
                      £1.0                                                                                                          0.5%

                      £0.0                                                                                                          0.0%
                             2001-02   2002-03   2003-04   2004-05   2005-06   2006-07   2007-08   2008-09   2009-10     2010-11
                                                     Behaviours & Attitudes
           Comments & Management Actions                                         Staff Survey (SS) & Cultural Audit (CA)
These link to the PA HR Committee Risk Register HR01, 03, 07 &          Measure (Based on 2010 culture audit &
10.                                                                                                                 Target      Actual
                                                                                  Jul'11 staff survey)
• Cultural Audit: This report is due for submission before results of
                                                                        CA - Working together & communication
the recent cultural audit are published. These will be available in                                                   10          8.0
early January 2012.                                                                      score
• Conduct:        Formal reporting of PSD data is currently based on
complaints from the public as per IPCC Statutory Guidance. IPCC         CA - Working environment & pride score        10         10.4
collated data comparing all forces are published in-depth on their
website. Internal monitoring shows complaints are down 17% year           CA - Organisational goals and values        10          9.3
on year, with reductions in most complaint types.
• ETs & Grievances: The number of ET cases now stand at 11,             SS - My BCU/Department is a good place
                                                                                                                    70.0%       53.6%
though 4 of these are block cases relating to A19. Lessons learned                    to work
from ETs and grievances are shared at the HR Strategic Group and
                                                                        SS - The Constabulary does a good job of
as appropriate managers guidance modified. There have been 49                                                       60.0%       30.6%
grievances received to date this year, which suggests it is a similar             keeping me informed
rate to last year.

                   Conduct & Complaints                                                       ETs & Grievances

                                            YtD       YtD
                                                           Change                                                  2011 / 12   2010 / 11
                                           Nov11     Nov10
Complaints - Allegations received by the
                                            929      1126       -17%       Number of employment tribunals             11          10
Misconduct - Number of cases per 1000
                                                   To follow…                    Number of grievances                 49          61
 Misconduct - Dismissals, required to
                                              2        23       -91%
  resign, or resign during discipline
                                   Delivery of Change Management Programme
           Comments & Management Actions                                                Strength to Resource Profile
These link to the PA HR Committee Risk Register HR01, 08 & 10.                                        Target for      Current
                                                                          (Data to November 2011)                                  Difference
• Strength:      Police officer and staff strength are on or ahead of                                 Mar 2012        Actual
track to meet year end requirements for the MTFS, with the
                                                                                    Police Officers    3220.0         3260.3          40.3
combination of A19, reviews, voluntary, and other leavers. Specials
are slightly under target but increased following on from a                            Police Staff    1775.0         1707.0         -68.0
recruitment process run this summer. This is significant to the
                                                                                             PCSO       361.6          349.2         -12.4
policing of Devon & Cornwall.
                                                                                          Specials       700           676            -24
• Turnover:     Officer turnover has increased as expected due to
A19 retirement. Staff turnover has shown a big increase, largely
due to voluntary redundancies resulting from staff reviews.                                           Turnover
People Services Centre are currently backdating leavers data to
record whether VR or CR for redundancy codes, which will allow
updating to future HR Committees of the exact split

• Skills:          One measure to assess that we have people with
the right skills to do the job required is a staff survey question: 'In
my unit, training and development is provided according to
organisational need'. The recent staff survey results show a
decline in this area from Dec'10, in line with many staff survey
questions - see staff survey report for more detail. The L&D team
are conducting a training demand exercise as part of their redesign
to ensure that not only is training designed to meet demand but
that the resources in L&D reflect the level of training delivery
required. Succession planning is ongoing where officers are due to
leave under A19 and for critical posts/skills. Cultural audit results
based on the three questions shown in the 'Report Guide' tab
                                                                                           Appropriate Training to Need
indicate good performance here, and will be updated in January to
reflect the results of the Nov'11 audit.                                     Measure (Based on 2010 culture audit
                                                                                                                          Target        Actual
                                                                                      & Jul'11 staff survey)
• Change & performance: The achievement of success will be                     SS - In my unit, training & dev't is        50.0%        37.8%
demonstrated through implementing these changes while also
                                                                             CA - Learning and development score            10.0         10.4
improving Force performance on key objectives as outlined on the
force scorecard. This is the 'more for less' challenge as outlined by
the Chief Constable.

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