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Seminar for journalists _Brussels _ Cairo_ 27 February - 3 March 2007_


									                  April 13-17th, 2012 / Mansoura University, Egypt

    Workshop on Water Footprint and Transboundary Water
           Management in Middle East Countries

   The water use along supply chains has
gained interest worldwide after the                Water footprint in the ME
introduction of the ‘water footprint’ concept      o Background and Importance of Water
that reflects the direct and indirect water use       Footprint
by either the producers or the consumers.          o Usage of water footprint concept in
Most of the water resources available in the          sustainable water management.
Middle East region are classified as               o Water footprint analysis, strategies and
transboundary water. Therefore, managing of           assessment methodology.
water supply and demand is subjected to the        o How to incorporate water footprint
                                                      analysis    into     governmental     and
political country-by-country view that tells
                                                      sustainable water resources policies.
much about each country's water situation and
future challenges.                                 Transboundary Water Governance and
   The workshop is an Exceed project middle        Integrated Management
east regional activity aims to bring those          o Euphrates-Tigris River Basins.
issues to the table through discussion and          o Nile River Basin.
presentation of water footprint and                 o Jordan River Basin.
transboundary water resources in the Middle         o Danube/Rhine River Basins.
East region. Experts from Egypt, Turkey,
Syria, Jordan and Germany during three days        Water resources
will discuss these issues.                         o Water-shortage / drought issues.
                                                   o Climate change – mitigation, adaptation.

                                                   Watershed and catchment Management
Objectives                                         Management of surface waters
                                                   o Wastewater collection & treatment
-   To contribute to sustainable water             o Wastewater disposal
                                                   o Case studies
    management (SWM) in the Middle East
    region through experts networking and          Management of Groundwater
    experience exchange.                           o Quantity issues (over pumping, seawater
-   To get knowledge, understanding and               intrusion, etc.)
    evaluation of water footprints and their       o Quality issues (Nitrate          pollution,
    importance to SWM issues.                         pesticides, etc.),
-   Elaboration on transboundary water issues      o Best Agricultural practices and codes
    in the Middle East region.

    Funded By
RRRR of Water management: Reduce,
Reuse, Recycle, Rehabilitation
                                                Number of participants
 o Reuse of treated wastewater in irrigation,
                                                The number of participants is confined to
   industry,      recreation, aquacultures,
   groundwater recharge, etc.                   20.
 o Reduction and improvement of water
   usage in urban areas, agriculture,
   industries, etc.                             Lectures
                                                -Prof. Dr. Mufit Bahadir, TU-Braunschweig,
Rainwater harvesting                            Germany
                                                -Prof. Dr. Bulent Topkaya, Akdeniz
Monitoring    &    Assessment             of    University/Turkey
groundwater and surface waters                  -Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin, Konya University/
Community Sustainability                        -Prof. Dr. Mufeed Batarseh/Mutah
 o Public       participation,     education,   University/Jordan
   affordability of safe water                  -Prof. Dr. Maad Madlaji, University of
Needs      for        water      integrated     Aleppo, Syria.
management                                      -Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al awi/ University of
                                                -Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Ain Shames
Workshop Organization                           -Prof. Dr. Hoda Soussa, Ain Shames
The workshop consists of specialized and        -Prof. Dr. Ayoub Debik, Yildiz Technical
expert’s presentation focusing on water         University/Turkey
                                                Prof.Dr.Habibi Muhammetoğlu (Akdeniz
footprints, water reuse, water quality
monitoring and transboundary issues in the      -Dr. Rasha El Ghohary, NWRC, Egypt
Middle East region. Panel sessions for          -Dr. Ahmad Baban, TUBITAK MRC, Turkey
discussion of these issues highlighted by       -Dr. Osama Mohawesh, Mutah University,
presentations will take place at the end of     Jordan
each session. Additionally, the workshop        -Dr. Abas Al-Omary, Water and Environment
will establish and initiate exchange of         Research Center, University of Jordan
knowledge and experience between
academics, officials and experts.
Target Audience                                 Application
                                                Application deadline: Please apply online
  Academics, experts, senior research           until February 20, 2012:
scientists and engineers with enough  
scientific background or experience on          For more Information contact Dr. Zaineb
water footprint, transboundary water and        Abu Al Naga, Mansoura University,
integrated    water     resources    and        Egypt, Email:
management in partner universities in the
Middle East region.

Funded By
Draft Schedule
Tuesday April 13th, 2012
 Arrival of participants
 Dinner at Hotel

Wednesday April 14th, 2012

09:00-10:00           Registration

10:00-10:30           Opening Ceremony
                      Prof. Dr. Elsayed Ahmed Abdelkalek, President of Mansoura
                      Prof. Dr. Muefit Bahadir, Project Chairman, TU-Braunschweig
                         Overview of Exceed Project

10:30-11:00           Coffee Break

 Water Footprint
   o    Background and Importance of Water Footprint.
   o    Usage of water footprint concept in sustainable water management.
   o    Water footprint analysis, strategies and assessment methodology.
   o    How to incorporate water footprint analysis into governmental and sustainable water resources

11:00-11:30         Prof. Dr. Bulent Topkaya
                    Water Footprint issue/concept and its importance in sustainable
              water management

  Water resources and Management
  Watershed and catchment Management
       -Prof. Dr. Hoda Soussa, Ain Shames University
       -Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hassan, Ain Shames University
       -Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin, Konya University
       -Prof. Dr. Habib Muhammetoğlu
       -Water and Environment Research Center/University of Jordan

Thursday April 15th, 2012

  Transboundary Water Governance and Integrated Management
                         Euphrates-Tigris River Basins
  Funded By
                                 Nile River Basin
                                 Jordan River Basin
                                 Danube/Rhine River Basins

   -Prof. Dr. Mufeed Batarseh/Mutah University/Jordan
   Transboundary Water Governance and Climate Change in Jordan

   Prof. Dr. Bűlent Topkaya

   Transboundary rever management proposal for the ETriver basins

   -Prof. Dr. Ayoub Debik, Yldiz Technical University
   Dr. Rasha El Ghohary, NWRC, Egypt
   -Dr. Ahmad Baban, Turkey

   Distribute Participants into Working Groups

   Moderated by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin
   Groups Presentations
   Workshop wrap up and conclusions

Friday April 16th, 2012

International Curriculum Development Modules and Middle East Database

 Prof. Dr. Mufeed Batarseh/Mutah University/Jordan
     Overview of Curriculum Development, Middle East Partner Universities
 Prof. Dr. Muefit Bahadir, Project Chairman, TU-Braunschweig
     SWAP Analysis of Curriculum Development, Middle East Partner Universities

Afternoon Session
Regional Meeting for Middle East Partner Universities moderate by Prof Dr. Mufeed Batarseh

Saturday April 17th, 2012

 Departure of participants

   Funded By

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