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              Get The Results You Want By Using An Executive Summary On Your Resume
                                                          By Heather Eagar

   In the not-so-distant past, the resume objective section was widely used. The resume objective,
simply put, is a 2-3 line statement summarizing the goals you have set for yourself and the position you

Many experts in the field feel that a section on resume objectives may be omitted. They suggest the
use other useful information instead. A resume objective focuses on your personal goals, which often
reads like a wish statement - in most cases, in complete disregard of what the employers want to know
and expect to get from you. For this reason, more and more job seekers are using the executive
summary instead of a resume objective section.

Resume Objective vs. Executive Summary

Resume objectives can be construed as being self-centric. For example, “Seeking a position in the
sales department with an opportunity for faster career advancement” focuses completely on you. It
does not tell the employer anything about your past career, your strengths or what you can do for

• A resume objective could lead hiring managers into thinking about the specifics of your objectives
(i.e., what you want) instead of your skills and strengths.

• Resume objectives tend to be career-limiting and one-dimensional

• A resume objective narrows down your opportunities when you are multi-skilled and qualified for more
than one position.

An executive summary, on the other hand, talks about the results that you have achieved and the
potential you possess which makes recruiters take notice - it also helps establish your professional
identity. An executive summary presents you, in terms of your career skills, accomplishments and
abilities, to the hiring manager or organization before they start reading your resume. That is why the
executive summary is so important today.

Think of the executive summary as the introduction to a novel. You can read the introduction, find out

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

the main characters and the plot before you actually start reading the novel itself. The introduction
gives you the push you need to actually begin reading the book. If you like what you read in the
introduction, you usually go on. It's the same thing with the executive summary and your resume.

Why the Executive Summary Is Used Now Instead

Obviously, resumes that win interviews are simple and focused. An executive summary achieves this
by saying who you are (professionally), what you have achieved and how and what you can contribute.
A recent survey revealed that more than 72% of resumes that win interviews are well summarized and
focused. Also, many job seekers who have changed their resume format to include the executive
summary instead of an objective section have acknowledged this. Here’s why the executive summary
is more often used now:

• It highlights your career skills and presents them as desired by hiring managers

• It exhibits how you can benefit the organization by presenting your abilities and strengths as they
relate to the current position that you are targeting

• Executive summaries grab attention, permits use of descriptive verbs (such as accelerated, delivered,
re-engineered and generated).

Executive summaries help recruiters decide whether to call you for an interview – and we all know that
the real test of a resume is whether or not it produces interviews. So replace that objective section on
your resume with a rewritten executive summary. It just might get you the results that you are looking

Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer who is now dedicated to providing job seekers
with resources and products that promote job search success from beginning to end. For reviews of
resume writing services of the top companies in the industry go to

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                                              Resume Tips To Nail That Job Interview
                                                             By Belinda Sinclair

 Your resume is extremely important. Think about it. In the span of a few pages, you need to convey
that YOU are worthy of at least being considered for that job vacancy. It really doesn't matter if you are
applying for a manager job or an executive position, what's important is that the resume contents and
resume layout fit the position at hand. Sadly, many ruin their chances at job success because they
cannot format their resumes properly. Don't be one of them. Follow our resume tips and you'll get the
chance you deserve.

Resume Tips to Help you Get that Job Interview Call

Before you go on your hunt for great job interview tips, you should first focus on writing a great resume.
After all, the job interview will come IF your resume says you deserve it.

Resume Tip No. 1 - Different resume types require different resume formats.

Your resume is really your 'first impression' and just like any real, one-on-one interview, it's important
that your resume conveys the right 'image'. Whether it's a executive resume or one for a mid-level
position, it's best present it with a cover letter outlining the highlights of your career. For the succeeding
pages, it's best to list your work experience in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent first). For
new graduates, it's best to start your resume with your educational attainment and any related
'on-the-job' training or seminars even if you are currently employed.

Apart from the above, you can't go wrong with using a clear, easy-to-read font like Times New Roman
10 pt or 12 pt. Also, assuming you send in your resume via email, use general Word processing
software like Microsoft Word. Don't use the latest version as it may not yet be used by those handling
recruitments, rending your resume un-openable and thus, useless.

Resume Tip No. 2 - Include a no B.S. executive summary.

Job recruiters get really annoyed when they're fed with Executive Summaries that are VAGUE. The
Executive Summary must answer the question on why you are the best candidate for the job. The best
resume layout for this would be to enumerate your skills in a bulleted list. Each skill should be written
so that it clearly shows how that skill makes you a perfect fit for the job vacancy in particular, and the
company in general.

Resume Tip No. 3 - Do NOT lie.

Who doesn't embellish his resume to get that job interview? That's true... but don't exaggerate to the
point of lying either. For instance, you know that figures are great in resumes, but don't say "Managed
a $50 million dollar publishing project..." if it you cannot back up that figure. Don't forget that job
recruiters, especially for managerial and executive positions, really do check up with previous

Resume Tip No. 4 - What about online resumes?

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

A great resume tip that doesn't cost anything at all is to view sample online resumes! There's a lot of
information out there for different types of resumes with samples to boot so do give them a try. Apart
from free samples, there are also ready-to-use online resume templates you can purchase where all
you need to do is just 'fill out the blanks'. If you opt for this, just ensure that the template really fits your
resume needs.

Resume Tip No. 5 - Hire a professional resume writer.

When all else fails, or if you don't have the time, or the job is simply too important that you want to go
in with your BEST chance at landing a job interview, then by all means, get the services of a
professional resume writer. Not everybody is blessed with having that special way with words so a
professional CV writer can definitely help you. Note too that such a person can help you 'smooth out'
some job history problems you may have such as employment gaps or 'job hopping' trends (i.e.,
moving from one job to another in relative short periods of time).

When it comes top writing resumes, you should always put your best foot forward so you get called for
that job interview. Hopefully, the resume tips we've provided here helps you achieve exactly that.

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