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					                         The Go-Around Dollar Reading Contract

I promise to do my very best work. I will use my time wisely and complete my contract
by Friday. If I have any questions, I will be sure to read the directions again and then ask
a teammate. If my teammate can’t help me then I will ask my teacher. My study buddy
will initial each section once I complete the section. I will also take this contract home to
complete it, if I do not complete it at school.

Student Name and Date of Completion

___1. You must answer all the questions in this section in complete sentences in your
reading journal. Use your best handwriting.
    1. What is the title of our story this week?________________________

   2. Who illustrated the story?___________________________________

   3. Who is the author of the story?_______________________________

   4. Who are the main characters of the story?______________________

   5. What is the setting of this story?______________________________

____2. Sequence. Use construction paper to create a sequence booklet, to tell the order
of events in the story. Draw pictures and write sentences to tell what happened first,
second, third….

____3. Word Use. Place the words below into the correct column.
1. going    2. know               3. how                 4. about
5. shown    6. growth             7. arrows              8. owls
9. towns    10. eyebrow           11. out                12. hours
13. pound   14. thousands         15. about              16. powder
17. amount 18. found              19. proud              20. shredded

/0/ spelled _ow                /ow/ spelled ow and ou_        inflectional ending –ed

___4. Inflectional ending –ed. Review the rules for adding –ed

Rule1: Adding –ed to base verb makes it past tense
Rule2: Adding –ed to base verb that ends with a silent e, causes the e to be dropped
before adding –ed.

1. offered, used, called, damaged, printed, ripped, studied, fined, tried, shredded
Rule3: Adding –ed to a verb that ends with a y, change the y to an I before you add the
inflectional ending –ed.
Rule4: Adding –ed to a base verb that has a short vowel and ends with a single
consonant, you must double the final consonant before adding the inflectional ending –

_______5. Vocabulary
Read the definition in each box. Use your study guide to write the vocabulary word that
matches the definition on the line. Write a sentence using the word.
Something that is owed to another: plural form of debt_______________________

A sign or figure that stands for something


To be used by people all over the United States of America




A set method for doing something


To look at closely


A picture of someone


A form of the verb remain: to be left


An official stamp

Plural form of serial number: a number in a series used for identification


____6. Comprehension In your journal, use the text to answer the following questions
about our story.

What is the theme of “The Go-Around Dollar”?

What information does the author provide to teach her readers about money on page 285?

Who is responsible for printing and distributing money?

Why is special ink and paper used for making money, and why do bills have serial

Why do you think the author of this selection combined fiction and nonfiction?


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