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    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                     Cruise Ship Employment-tough Competition But Opportunities Galore
                                                                 By Rohit Chopra

   Once you are out of college, the different student loans begin to haunt you. Getting a job fast
becomes imperative but the thought of spending a few decades toiling behind a desk frightens you. If
only there were a job that offered some fun and adventure along with hard work! Well, cruise ship
employment offers something along those lines so; you must give it a serious thought.

Getting a cruise job:

You will need some help to enter the world of cruise ship employment because it is not an easy task.
However, you must be wary about how you go about it. Though there are many credible cruise
companies that try to help potential candidates in acquiring jobs on the cruise ships, there are also
some others that may try to cheat you. The agencies that guarantee you cruise ship employment must
be given a good look before you decide to trust them. They often fleece people by proclaiming `money
back guarantee' in case they are unable to find you a job on a cruise ship. For this you have to give the
agency five rejection letters from different cruise lines. The catch here is that since the cruise lines
receive thousands of resumes and applications they do not respond to those who are not hired.

Cruise ship employment is broadly classified into two categories; those who take care of the technical
aspects concerning the ship's operation and working and those who are in charge of taking care of all
those who are onboard the cruise ship. Since cruise ship employment process takes place all around
the world, there are employees from scores of countries working on a cruise ship at a given time. At
the same time this also makes competition for cruise ship employment very tough.

Many opportunities:

However, along with the competition there is also a huge growth in cruise ship job employment
opportunities. With a three-fold projected growth in these jobs by the year 2007, there will be an
addition of about 47,000 cruise ship employment posts providing good openings to all those interested
in this line of job. There is an incredible number of different kinds of cruise ship employment, be it a
hands-on job for gathering knowledge about the working of the ship or serving in the public domain. All
that you need is some information and research for which you can search the Internet and you may
soon be sailing away.

Get A Cruise Ship Job!
How to Get a Job on a Luxury Cruise Ship - Quickly & Easily!
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                                     Taking A Honeymoon Cruise Can Be Magical!
                                                        By Sintilia Miecevole

 Many couples are finding that an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise can make their special getaway after
marriage even more special. When they climb on board, they cannot believe the joy and simplicity of
their vacation, with no worries and no stress! Taking a honeymoon cruise can make for one of the most
memorable vacations you will ever experience and it all occurs on a single cruise ship! In the last
several years, millions of couples have enjoyed honeymoon vacations on cruise ships, and with all the
perks that you can find on a cruise ship it is not hard to see why.

When you think of a honeymoon cruise, you can think automatically of romance. When you watch
movies, many of the most romantic moments you can think of are a couple on a ship sailing into the
sunset. When you are on the deck of a cruise ship, you will have several opportunities to take
advantage of this romantic situation! You will sail off into the sunset for however many nights your
vacation lasts, while also getting romantic, moonlit nights and fun, sun-filled days. When you take a
honeymoon cruise, you will also get the enjoyment and intimacy of secluded beaches and exotic
locations. These events will make the memories of your honeymoon cruise very special for the rest of
your lives together.

The reason it is so easy to see why so many people choose a honeymoon cruise is the simplicity of
your whole vacation. When you purchase the fare for a honeymoon cruise, you are purchasing
everything you could possibly need on your entire vacation. Included in that one cruise fare are your
meals, snacks, accommodations, entertainment and any on-board activities. This in addition to the
exciting destinations you visit all over the world! What could be easier than a cruise for all of that? You
don’t have to make your own dinner reservations or purchase theatre tickets when you are on a cruise.
It’s already done for you!

How you enjoy your honeymoon cruise is also up to you. You can sit back and relax, enjoying the
sunny days by the pool or on the beach without exerting yourself. Or you can be on the go constantly,
going from one show to the next, one activity to another, and exploring each and every exotic location
you visit in detail. All of this between delicious dining experiences you’ve only ever dreamed of. Again,
there are no worries or stresses, as all of these wonderful things are included in the cruise package!

Booking a cruise is easy, whether it is for your honeymoon or a special getaway. Look online or call a
travel agent near you today.

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