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					First and foremost I need to clarify some ground fact, I'm not studying in Germany, I 've never been
there and I never wanted to be there :p So luckily I can skip he first questions regarding Germany :p
Ok ok I will answer them and pretend Germany is a metaphor for Belgium :p
1- In europe most of the countries have good universities, KULeuven is famous in AI domain, the
academic staff has significant contributions in different domains within AI, plus I had my friends in
KULeuven so he was really saying good things about the university academic level ;). I also recommend
Swedish universities such as KTH, university of Gothenburg ..., Netherlands has good universities such as
Maatricht university and Nijmegen, in fact I was going to study knowledge Engineering in Maatricht ...
2- Cons of living in Belgium, mm else than the experience of being in a European country, you may get
used to the good beer and chocolate ... You also will get to know some nice people, Belgians are really
nice ...
3- Cons o studying in Belgium, well not really different from studying in where else ...
4- Language, Level of education, master's subject, and the social life, are the factors which made me end
up studying in Belgium
5- It is better to do it at the final last years in studying, it should be after you have a good amount of
knowledge of what it is there in the domain, and what things you see your self in, at the same time it has
to be early enough to have time to browse different universities in different countries. I would say the
fourth year is early enough to catch up with all of this ...
6- In belgium, not really, but some individuals have their any discrimination problems, some Belgians are
raciest even against them selves ;)
7- I already answered that in no.1

Admission requirements:
1- I just took the toefl exam, I checked alot of online exam samples, that was really useful
2- I would order the factors as the follows
b. Academic accomplishment.
e. Doing electives in universities abroad.
a. Work experience.
The rest of the factors don't really add any significance ...
3- Whenever you want to continue studying is the righ time to contact the universities, and yes you may
be able to contact some professors, they can forward you to some references in order to have an idea
about some courses ... etc

Money and housing matters:
1- around 700-800 euros a month
2- 200-300 euros for a room or a small studio
3- nothing
4- supposedly yes, but it depends on when you are searching for the place of accomodation
5- yes it is possible to find a job while you are doing the study, and the certificate of damascus-university
may be enough
6- I never investigated about scholarships ...
7- I am no sure, but it is possible o find a decent job, hence you may extend your residence card time
limit ... However you cant get a citizenship in such a condition

Other issues:
1- There were not really big problems due to some differences, I will say that I like here the part were
we have to access alot of literature to better comprehend some concept in the course.
2- It really depends on what major will you be studying afterwards ...
3- If the master courses doesn't oblige you to do an internship then it won't be possible.
4- Yes, all of the professors and other phd students are willing to assist the students
5- The kind of study you did and the courses you have taken are enough to get you the acceptance
6- I don't know
7- No

The questions were really really long, I have answered them briefly, if there is some confusion or
ambiguity, please let me know
Im ready for any further questions

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