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					Andy Chen

Period 6

At the time there were two states that rose to significant power one being Rome and the other Greece.
In Rome the creation of the republic was formed after driving out the previous monarchy and soon
expanded its influence around the peninsula. The Romans developed their military quickly like Sparta
did in Greece and moved out to conquer Greek colonies in the South and later on in Carthage. The
Roman republic was united under one banner unlike in Greece where it was mainly city-states vying for
control. In Greece there was no single government like in Rome it was split into groups with Sparta and
Athens being the two main powers. These two states would fight for control of the whole country only
to be severely weakened and taken over by Macedonia. Greece did not grow into a large kingdom or
create an empire like Rome did since it was never united only against the Persians. Rome developed
their skills in engineering more than compared to Greece which had focused most of their attention to
the advancement of their shipping since trade was a big portion of Greece economy. The Romans
developed roads and advanced buildings before when they originally used Greek designs. In Greece
citizens could vote for a representative that would represent them while in Rome the citizens were
allowed to vote independently.

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