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 Bill of  Bill of   Amendments   Grab   Vocabulary

Rights 1 Rights 2                Bag
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  This amendment gives citizens
additional rights that are not listed
in the constitution like the right to
     privacy or the right to an
What is the   9th   Amendment.
These are known as the Civil War
What is the 13th, 14th, & 15th
The 22nd Amendment limited the
    president to ____ terms.
What is 2.
The government cannot practice this,
which is banning printed materials or
What is censorship.
  This first amendment freedom
includes Internet communications,
     art, music, and clothing.
What is Freedom of Speech.
What freedoms are protected by the
        First Amendment?
Freedom of religion, speech,
    press, and assembly.
 The Second Amendment gives
citizens the right to possess this.
What is a firearm.
The Fourth Amendment requires
government officials and police
     officers to have this.
What is a search warrant.
  This amendment protects citizens
from cruel and unusual punishment.
What is the Eight Amendment.
What rights does an accused person
 have under the 6th Amendment?
Be told the nature of the charges,
trial by jury, speedy trial, right to
            an attorney.
What did the 13th amendment do for
  enslaved African Americans?
It freed the slaves.
Which amendment addressed
     woman suffrage?
19 th   Amendment.
The 26th Amendment gives whom
        the right to vote?
Citizens 18 and older.
 How did the  14 th
further help newly freed African
  Defined them as citizens and
gave them equal protection under
            the law.
What did the 15th Amendment
The right to vote regardless of
The 24th Amendment made sure that
  blacks would be able to vote by
         making this illegal.
What are poll taxes.
This amendment was created due to
the experiences colonists had when
 British soldiers would stay in their
   homes during times of peace.
What is the Third Amendment.
The Prohibition Era ended with the
   passing of this amendment.
What is the   21 st   Amendment.
The 15th, 19th, 23rd, and the 26th
 Amendment all have this in
What is voting (extending the
 vote to different groups of
Name 3 examples of discrimination
that African Americans faced after
          the Civil War?
Segregated schools, restaurants,
     buses, and poll taxes.
This means the right to vote.
What is suffrage.
This means a person can’t be tried
    for the same crime twice.
What is Double Jeopardy.
This means the social separation of
            the races.
What is segregation.
  This is a sum of money paid as a
security deposit by a person accused
of a crime to guarantee that they will
           appear in court.
What is bail.
   This means the rights of full
citizenship and equality under the
What is civil rights.

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