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					                                                       Young Life’s
                                                 Washington Family Ranch
                                                 Summer Intern Program
You are applying for what we believe will be a life-changing experience. The Intern Program is designed
for people who are deeply committed to Christ and desire to join our staff in providing an environment
where Christ changes the lives of our guests. We are confident that you will grow and mature in Christ as
you give your life away to others. You will also learn to rest in Him and trust other staff to support you
along the way.
                      Washington Family Ranch Mission Statement
  Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch exists so kids will have the opportunity to meet
 Jesus Christ and follow Him. Our calling is to create an environment where a community
                   of Christ-centered people give their lives to love kids.

  Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch will impact the world through a legacy of lives
                           forever changed by Jesus Christ.

Summer Program
The Summer Intern Program is designed to provide a place to support and encourage the individual
through the intense and demanding days of summer camp, and a place of spiritual rest and growth. We
hope that interns will be challenged to seek the Lord, not only through the weekly times of intern
worship, small group, and daily individual time with the Lord, but also in every opportunity in the work
day as well.

In addition to personal growth, Summer Interns have the opportunity and responsibility to create an
environment where Christ can change the lives of our guests through safety, service, excellence, and
attention to details. Summer Interns often oversee a specific area of camp and are therefore in charge of
balancing the daily duties, relations with guest, and managing a team of Work Crew and/or Summer Staff.

The Summer Intern will also have the great chance for ministry. Not only in interacting with the guests-
specifically campers, but also loving and leading the Work Crew and/or Summer Staff. The Summer
Intern will direct the flow of the day, enforce safety regulations, and have spiritual input into the lives of
the Work Crew and/or Summer Staff working with them.

The Washington Family Ranch staff will partner, encourage, and challenge Summer Interns in this
journey throughout the summer. Our hope and goal is to have every Summer Intern depart camp more in
awe of the mighty works of the Lord and more deeply rooted in Christ.
Details and Commitments of the Intern Program
A. Finances
        a. Each intern will be salaried and paid $1,491 per month prior to taxes and rent.

        a. Summer interns will have $250 deducted from their paycheck each month to cover food
            and rent.
        b. Meals will be provided in the camp dining hall during the summer season (June –
        c. Interns arriving prior to the start of the summer and/or staying beyond the summer end
            date will have majority of the meals provided by camp, but some meals will be provided
            by the individual as well.

         a. Young Life pays for utilities.
         b. A phone and internet charge of $15 per month per person is charged.
         c. Wireless internet is available at each condo.
         d. A calling card is required for long distance calls.

   4. LIVING
         a. All Washington Family Ranch staff live at the camp.
         b. The camp is at least an hour away (or 55 miles) from the closest grocery store and other
         c. Single Interns will share a 2,600 square foot, 7-bedroom condo with 4 to 6 other interns
            of the same gender.
         d. Each single intern will have his or her own room.
         e. Married Interns will have a condo for each couple.
         f. The condos are furnished with all the necessary furniture and kitchen appliances.

      You are not required to raise money for the summer. However, the year round interns raise
      support and if you feel led to help them raise support please let us at know and we can talk to you
      more about the specifics.

       Summer Interns must be able to stay for at least three months.
       The Washington Family Ranch has high needs in May and September, and therefore is open
         to interns arriving early or staying late. Specific dates will be arranged, if hired.

B. Jobs
During the summer months, all interns will work a 6-day work week because of the volume of non-stop
camping that occurs. In addition, we do not offer any vacation time to our summer interns, unless
specific arrangements have been made prior to hiring.

In regards to specific position, each intern will be assigned a specific job for the summer. However we
are looking more at willing hearts and attitudes than we are for job experience. We desire young adults
who have a heart to serve Christ in any job and the flexibility to move around the camp.
C. Lifestyle Details
We strongly believe that interns have the opportunity to live, work, serve like never before, and although
we do not wish to legislate lifestyle, we also know that by abstaining from certain activities, etc, that
interns truly will benefit immensely as will the community.

    1. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are to be consumed or
       allowed on or off the property during the time of your commitment.
    2. RELATIONSHIPS. During the summer you will build great friendships with both sexes that will
       last a lifetime. In doing so, you will be challenged to keep all relationships at a friend level.
       Exclusive couple relationships are very detrimental to the community and therefore will not be
       tolerated. We will hold all interns to non-exclusive, non-physical, non-romantic healthy
    3. HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. We will be working hard all summer on healthy relationships
       with each other. We will learn to deal with conflict, avoid gossip and keep short accounts with
       each other.
            a. Summer Staff: Although many of these people will be close to you in age, our
                expectation is that you are leading by your life, example and work ethic. They are
                building their own community amongst themselves and you should be there to support
                and encourage them. These relationships should be guy-guy and girl-girl.
            b. Work Crew: Again this is a group of people that we are here to lead by example. These
                relationships should also be guy-guy and girl-girl. It is our job to help support their Work
                Crew Bosses in the training of and care for these high school kids.
            c. Sexual Misconduct: Each of you will sign a sexual misconduct policy statement that
                clearly defines what appropriate sexual behavior in this mission is. Because our mission
                in relationally based, we take this area of conduct very seriously. As leaders and paid
                staff, all relationships with both the opposite sex and same sex must be Christ-like and
                above reproach.

    4. WORSHIP. As part of the Intern Program, each intern is asked to attend Intern Worship that
       occurs every week. In addition, each intern will be involved in a small group that also meets once
       a week.
    5. BATHING SUITS: Young Life National Properties Department has adopted a swimsuit policy in
       hopes of creating a healthy environment around our pools and camps. “All swimsuits for
       women must be a one-piece or conservative two-piece swimsuit”.

    6. DAY OFF: You are free to use your off time as you wish. Please do not ask Work Crew or
       Summer Staff to go with you, as they do not have this same freedom.

    7. PERSONAL GUESTS. There are three ways that guests can visit you in the summer:
          a. Each session we have a Guest Visitation day for all Summer Staff, Work Crew and
             Interns. This typically lasts from 3-8pm on the last day of a camp.
          b. Sign Up as an Adult Guest.
          c. Visit the camp for a tour. Guests will probably not see you, but will have the opportunity
             to see the camp and what is going on.
          d. If you have any questions or concerns regarding guests, please speak with the Intern
Please fill out the Summer Intern Application and the two recommendations. One recommendation is to
be filled out by a Young Life staff (or volunteer) and the other by a pastor or other adult who you would
consider a spiritual leader in your life. The application deadline is January 15st of each year. We will be
reviewing applications in January of each year and we hope to have completed all selections by February

Please send your application via one of the following.

        Washington Family Ranch
        Attn. Andy Squires
        P.O. Box 220
        Antelope, OR 97001


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