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									Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution                                                      Note IC15/10
Implementation Committee, twenty-sixth meeting                                                             page 1 of 1
Agenda item 3 (n)                                                                                            3/09/2010

        Compliance by Hungary with the 1998 Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants
                                            Referral by the secretariat *
1.      The 1998 Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants entered into force for Hungary on 7
April 2004. Paragraph 5(a) of article 3 (basic obligations) states: “[Each Party shall] Reduce its
total annual emissions of each of the substances listed in annex III from the level of the emission in
a reference year set in accordance with that annex by taking effective measures, appropriate in its
particular substances.”
2.     According to the latest emission data available in the online EMEP database (WEBDAB)
for Hungary, emissions of HCB in Hungary in 2008 were 8.6 kg. This is above the 6.9 kg that was
reported as emission for the year 1990.
3.       This information suggests that Hungary is in non-compliance with its obligation under
article 3, paragraph 5 (a) of the 1998 Protocol on POPs.
4.       The secretariat informed Hungary in a letter addressed to its head of delegation for the
Executive Body dated 20 May 2010 about its intention to refer the issue to the Implementation
Committee unless Hungary could provide information to resolve the issue by showing that it was in
fact in compliance with the 1998 Protocol on POPs. The secretariat invited Hungary to submit such
information by 20 August 2010.
5.     Hungary replied on 6 August 2010. It provided information about the emission sources
which had been taken into consideration for the estimation of HCB emissions in Hungary. It
pointed out that emissions from municipal solid waste incineration should be corrected due to a
reconstruction in the incinerator in Budapest whereby bag house filters were installed. It also
pointed out that HCB emissions from steel production in electric arc furnaces were particularly high
in 2008. It also expected a decrease in emissions in the following years. Hungary’s response is
6.      The secretariat will copy this note to Hungary, informing it that the issue will be on the
agenda of the twenty-sixth meeting of the Implementation Committee. According to Executive
Body decision 2006/2, Hungary will be entitled to participate in the consideration by the
Committee, but not to take part in the preparation and adoption of any report or recommendations
of the Committee (Executive Body decision 2006/2, para. 8, ECE/EB.AIR/89, Add.1).

  Executive Body decision 2006/2 foresees that “where the secretariat, in particular upon reviewing the reports
submitted in accordance with a protocol's reporting requirements, becomes aware of possible non-compliance by a
Party with its obligations, it may request the Party concerned to furnish necessary information about the matter. If there
is no response or the matter is not resolved within three months or such longer period as the circumstances of the matter
may require, the secretariat shall bring the matter to the attention of the Committee” (Executive Body decision 2006/2,
para. 5, ECE/EB.AIR/89, Add.1).

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