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Recap of the Agency Directors Meeting


Enterprise Leadership Team Meeting
Meeting Date:          October 25, 2011

Location:              Somerville Building, 775 Court Street

10- Year Plan Update                                                                                        Sarah Miller

Sarah shared with the ELT the results of the 10/21 briefing with the Governor which was focused on the Buying Teams.
The Governor confirmed his intention to use the Health Policy Board as the Buying Team for the Healthy People
Outcome Area and the Oregon Education Investment Board as the Buying Team for the Education Outcome Area. He
affirmed that the outcome areas priority lists will be made available to the public concurrent with transmission to the
Governor in order to assure public transparency and accountability for this work. He confirmed the other Buying Teams
will consist of five members (including a chairperson). They will be staffed by a Governor's Policy Advisor and one or
more BAM Analyst. The Governor requested a list of criteria for consideration of membership for those Buying Teams so
that they can be named in time for a public announcement of them around the time of the Macro-Allocation
announcement in March of 2012.

The Governor also asked for a comprehensive communication strategy for the project, including inside and outside of
state government, with the legislature, and with key stakeholder groups. He wants to develop proactive messages that
can be shared with interested parties as the project progresses.

ELT Role Definition                                                                                    Michael Jordan
The group continued the discussion from the Sept 27 ELT meeting on ELT expectations.
Using questions from the Sept 27 meeting, the group suggested a two to three-day off-site ELT meeting would help in
further defining ELT expectations, goals, roles and vision. The retreat will be scheduled in January and Michael’s office
will work with directors to pick a date.

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