Power-One and Wirsol Sail into the Future Jul

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					Power-One and Wirsol Sail into the Future

July 2009 – Inverter manufacturer Power-One is looking forward to supporting Solar
Installer and distributor Wirsol in the forthcoming sailing regatta in Kiel. Mr Averaldo
Farri, Power-One’s vice president of sales commented “sailing epitomizes the
partnership between Wirsol and Power-One as we are work together as a team to
build a sustainable environment”.

Power-One design and manufacture inverters from 2KW to 300KW for the
Photovoltaic industry. Aurora® Inverters utilize high-efficiency power-conversion
technologies, and high-speed independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
channels, to increase the amount of usable power that is available from renewable-
energy installations. This optimized energy harvesting can significantly increase the
ROI of residential and commercial solar-power plants. Aurora® Wind Inverters
feature optimized power-transfer capabilities, and high speed inputs, to maximize
energy production in residential wind installations Wirsol Solar can be found at
www.wirsol.com and Power-One at www.power-one.com.

The german procreation Team „WIRSOL TEAM GERMAY KIEL.SAILING CITY“ and
the planned partner-activities are a joint project of WIRSOL AG and the urban Kiel-
Marketing GmbH of the capital city Kiel. The Kiel-Marketing GmbH is a co-organizer
of the german iShares Cup Kiel 2008 and 2009. The brand KIEL.SAILING CITY
stands for the maritime, friendly and economical as well as scientifical capital city in
Germany. WIRSOL and Kiel-Marketing will corporately develop this german
campaign-start for 2010 and the following years. Further information:

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