Narrative by lanyuehua


									Narrative for the Greasers Project: Socs by James K


Sherri Cherry Valance: Cherry is a pretty and good looking Soc. She is currently a
cheerleader in Ponyboy’s school. Cherry is Bob’s girlfriend. She has red hair and is a
very nice girl with great understandings. Even though she is a Socs, she and
Ponyboy have a lot in common. Cherry likes Dally and wishes to never see him again
because she might love him. She decides to become a spy for the Greasers after Bob

Marcia: She is another pretty-looking girl. She has a dark, short hair. Marcia is
Randy’s girlfriend. She is very humorous and “cool”.

Robert Bob Sheldon: He is a rich Soc. His parents never thought of disciplining him,
so he got spoiled. He is handsome, good grades, has a lot of friends; his best friend is
Randy. He jumped Ponyboy and Johnny and was killed by Johnny.

Randy Adderson: Randy is Bob’s best friend. He took was part of the “murder”.
Randy is handsome. He later finds out that all the hatred and fighting between the
Greasers and Socs are useless. He has good personalities and morals after all unlike
most Socs. He decides to leave the town.

Background Information:

The town they live is divided into two parts: East and West. The East side is for the
Greasers and poor people. West side is for the Socs (Socials), wealthy people, and
middle-class people. They come from rich families and have a lot of money. They
have good clothes, good cars, good grades, good girls, and everything. But a lot of
them are spoiled and not disciplined because of their ignorant parents. Socs’ biggest
rival and enemy are the Greasers, who come from the East side.


The Socs are naughty and bad. They break windows, slash tires, jump people, wreck
houses, and get their names up on the local newspaper. They smoke and drink a lot.
And the Socs feel happy when they break and damage things. They are very ‘cool’
that they don’t feel anything. They don’t care about what’s happening and
everything just flows by. But still they still get good grades in school, are popular,
and have good girls. They are not disciplined enough by their parents. They love to
hang around in groups and have fun. Even though they might seem cold and bitter,
they are nice and reliable to their friends; other Socs. They are also very violent.
They would cut, bruise, and beat up somebody and don’t feel anything.


Socs are mostly and handsome and pretty and neat. They seem to care about their
looks as much as the Greasers. The guys usually wear madras or sweaters, which the
Greasers envy. And the girls wear blouse, shirts, and skirts. They wear high-quality
clothes. They also have tuff cars like Mustang, Corvette, and Corvair. Usually guys
have a neat Semi-Beatles haircut while the Greaser have long and greasy hair. And
the girls usually have a Bob cut.

Socs vs Greasers

Socs’ worst enemy: the Greasers. They have been fighting and fighting for years. But
the war between them never ends. But why do they fight? Jealousy? Wanting to be
superior? But as Randy said in the book (‘“Greasers will still be greasers, and Socs
will still be Socs.”’) in page 117, the fighting won’t do anything for both sides.
But they still fight and jump each other. When the Socs jump the Greasers, they jump
the Greasers in groups to outnumber them. But for Greasers, they don’t really jump
the Socs.
In the novel, they actually have a rumble (skin fight). In the rumble, the Socs
outnumbered the Greasers, but the Greasers won.

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