App Form JPOs 28 11 10 by L28387u


									                       National Highways & Motorways Police                                                             Application No       .
            Application Form for the post of “Junior Patrol Officer” BPS-5
  In case of Regular Govt. employee, please specify (NOC from the department):
                                                                                                                         (For office use only)

   Name of Department                                                            Name of Post Held & BPS

   Date of appointment
                             Post Status
                                                 Forwarding Authority (Signature, Date, Name & Stamp)
                          (Regular / Contract)                                                                         (Also mandatory for Female

Note: Please fill the form in “block letters” and tick relevant box:
Name of Applicant

Father’s Name

Date of Birth (as per Matric Certificate)                         Gender                         Marital Status
            -               -    1     9                           Male       Female             Unmarried Married       Divorced          Widow

  Choose test center:                 Islamabad                   Sheikhupura                     Quetta                      Karachi

                                                   Sindh        Sindh          Khyber               Balochistan
     Domicile            Islamabad     Punjab                                                                          GB / FATA                 A.J.K
                                                  (Urban)      (Rural)       Pakhtunkhwa          Local / Domicile
Religion                                                                               Postal Order/Bank Draft No.
  Muslim        Non Muslim       If Non Muslim, Please Specify____________              ______________________       dated ____________

“NADRA” National Identity Card No.                                                              Phone No.               Mobile No.
                            -                                            -

Mailing Address (Note: Call letter will be sent on this address, hence this address must be valid for at least one year).
 House No.                                                                        Street No.

 Village / Chak No.
 Post office
                                                                                                                        Marks               Total
 Name of Education                         Name of Institute                           Name of Board / University
                                                                                                                       Obtained             Marks

Driving Skills (Details of Driving License)
       Driving                                                                                                            Valid for
                      Date of Issuance                              Issuance Authority
    License No.                                                                                                 (M/Cycle, Car, LTV, HTV etc)

  Whether convicted or arrested in any case            Yes          No

I hereby certify that information given in this form is absolutely true. Any information found false, shall be treated as breach of trust
and I shall be liable for cancellation of my application. It is certified that I have carefully read the form and personally filled it and I
understand all the contents/ columns that I have filled up.

  Date:                                                                            Signature of Candidate:

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