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September 13, 2007

To:             Students in Chemical Engineering 4N04

From:           C. Filipe and T. Marlin

Subject:        Group membership

        As we discussed, much of the graded term work in Chemical Engineering 4N04 will be
performed in groups. You will work in the same group during the course so that you can have
experience with a group with established group norms. Also, we hope that you will see
improvement (from your already high performance) in your group work as you gain experience.

We have accepted your nominations for group assignments. Students who have not arranged
groups will be assigned to a group as they appear in class.

The group membership is given in the following table. Each member has a designated number,
which is used as a reference to assign the chairperson tasks in the course outline. Thus, the
people in the column designated by “1” will be chairpersons when the “Ch 1” is assigned the task.
You will typically have time to prepare for the task because the chairperson assignments are on
the course schedule.

However, you might be presented with the special challenge of leading group work without
time for preparation. This situation often occurs in engineering practice, so we should gain
some experience in this friendly and supportive environment.

Guidance on group work and chairperson skills are available in Tab 2 of the course pack. This
material was developed by Dr. Woods, and he has made it available for your use.

If a student will not be present for a meeting (especially a chairperson assignment), the student is
responsible for informing the group and arranging in advance for all tasks to be completed.

We hope that you enjoy the group format. If serious problems arise that cannot be resolved
within the group, please see us outside of class.
                                 4N04 Groups for 2007 *
     (Please bring misspellings and preferred first names to the attention of Dr. Marlin)

G                                                     Group Members
r                           1               2                3               4              5
o    Operability
u    (Life-Long
p     Learning)
A                    Joshua            Sara            Mohammed        Ahmed          Omar Raafat
                                       Al-Tahan        Ishtiaq         Al-Muftah
B                    Kristin           Rosalind Fu     Adam            Amanda         Laura Jewell
                     Skrecky                           Hepburn         Boudreau
C                                      Pei-Ling        Ruobing         Wesley         Dan Ignas
                     Mayra Tzoc        (Yvonne)        Ouyang          Bristol
D                    Sumatra           Christine       Scott Hamel     John Salazar   Nirutheka
                     Datta-Ray         Gomes                                          Sivapalan
E                    Danh Nguyen       Mike            Matt Piccoli    Sushanth       Lovy Dass
                                       Tomko                           Indrarajah
F                    Alex Hanafy       Filip           Tiffany         Tom Krumins    Tara Smith
                                       Bidzinski       Wong
G                    Kristen           Laura           Rebecca         Carolyn        Marka Jansen
                     Beisser           Cornacchione    Kalfleish       Cerny
H                    Marissa Fong      Kristin         Steven          Daryl          Shauna
                                       Pouw            Snyder          Sivakumaran    Rotman
I                    Zhong Quan        Maaz            Bhavik Patel    Aman           Raymond Yu
                     Jiang             Mahood                          Thakrul
J                    Ana Deric         Mohammed        Scott Stevens   Omar Naeem     Dana Aker
K                    Maria             Debbie          Greg Corman     Thang Tran     Felix Lai
                     Topalovic         Lobo
L                    Brian Lee         Seonghyun       Jonathan        Asif           Chris Harris
                                       Ju              Ruffini         Mohammed
M                    Danish            Hamzah          Shashibar       Sohaib         Punkavan
                     Rizman            Al-Shawarghi    Ramanna         Siddiqui       Anandasivan
N                    David Baldwin     Lauren          Doug Hillier    Mary           Tanya Khan
                                       Davies                          Kennedy
O                    Suzanne           Bilal Malik     Mohammad        Kafayat        Rakan Bilaus
                     Prouse                            (Nazir) Khan    Badmos
P                    Yanan Cao         Jingjing Li     Philip Huai     Matt Watson

*     Group letters assigned randomly. Membership order follows the proposal list.

**    Project will be assigned later in the course

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