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									Ride the Canadian Wave of Physician Relocation
MDSEARCH.ca utilizes a 12-Year Track Record of International Family Medicine
Placements in Canada—One of the World’s Most Sought-After
Career Markets for Physicians.
TORONTO— As regulations restricting international physicians from practicing in Canada
loosen, a growing number of health care professionals from around the globe are choosing
Canada for their practice.
MDSEARCH.ca is building on a 12-year track record serving physicians from USA, Ireland,
Australia and the UK and placing them in this vibrant market.
Having developed the nation’s largest network of physician practice opportunities,
MDSEARCH.ca is one of the most successful recruiters and health care experts in Canada,
and can help you find your optimal placement no matter where in Canada you seek to
relocate. Our track record includes placements in a range of healthcare facilities, such as
hospitals and medical clinics across the nation, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary,
Saskatoon and Montreal.
Having recruited family physicians, specialists and numerous other health professionals; the
MDSEARCH.ca Team understands how to effectively and efficiently place health
professionals and executive-level managers.
We also offer a personalized, one-on-one concierge service to physicians, thus ensuring
world-class treatment and placement in the most highly sought after practice appointments.
MDSEARCH.ca is Canada’s leading physician recruiter. To connect with lucrative offers
anywhere in Canada, contact: info@mdsearch.ca and browse opportunities.

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