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					                                                       Improving Darlington’s health and well-being

                               JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Holder:               Vacant

Job Title:                Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services
                          Consultant (696-143)

Grade:                    MC 72
                          9 sessions of 4 hours per week 0.9 wte

Reports to:               To be confirmed

Named Consultant:         To be confirmed

Unit:                     Provider Services Specialist Services

Location:                 The post holder will be based in Durham. The post
                          holder will be expected to carry out duties at venues
                          throughout County Durham & Darlington as dictated
                          by service needs.


Provides medical leadership in Contraceptive and Sexual Health services in
managing staff grade doctors, and assuring clinical governance, clinical mentorship,
regular audits, appraisals and performance monitoring.

Develop and implement a programme of continuing professional development for
PCT service staff and primary care including offering DFFP training for Drs. SDI, IUD
training for Drs and nurses and mentoring nurses for extended nurse prescribing and
use of PGDs . To support delivery of high quality and consistent standards in
contraceptive and sexual health care and treatment across all service providers

Offer a high quality clinical service to patients and improve access to the service
through the development of new clinics and outreach services including referral for
complex cases and development of community gynaecological services and tier 2
GUM services.

Darlington PCT is the provider of community services for County Durham &
Darlington (total population 599,000) Previously there were 6 PCTs now forming 6
PBC areas. There is now 1 CASH service following the merger of the 3 services
provided by 3 former PCTs. There are over 130 staff employed comprising of Drs,
nurses, clinic assistants, clerks & administration support with potentially up to 75
sessions a week.

There was already joint working and project work across the 3 contraceptive
services recommending a county wide service but identified an urgent need for
choosing health investment to support this.          There has been significant
investment to allow the development of increased medical leadership and
expertise, development of more nurse specialists and nurse consultant for GUM
and Contraception.          The combined budgets are now over £1.1m. A
comprehensive strategy and action plan has been implemented to improve the
access to GUM services and reduce the incidence of STIs. The PCT is working
with local acute sector partners, GP practices and Chlamydia screening
programme staff, in developing tier 2 outreach GUM service in various locations
including linking to existing community contraception sessions.

 The teenage pregnancy rates although slowly decreasing are still higher than the
 national average in County Durham & Darlington. Several of the wards in the
 area are among the highest for teenage pregnancy rates in England. Outreach
 sessions are been developed by senior nurses to target the hard to reach young
 people. Significant improvement has being made to improve the 48 hours access
 target for GUM appointments which needs to be maintained.

The post holder will be responsible for the medical support to the services in the
North & part of the East Partnership delivery areas (PDA) which consists of
Durham, Chester le Street and Derwentside & Easington areas. This will include
direct management of the CASH Doctors, developing level 3 services and
supporting GP practices. He/She will be expected to work jointly with the existing
consultant in her cross County management / teaching role, covering agreed
clinical sessions across the whole area and participate in the on call rota. Some
evening sessions and occasional weekend working is required.
                       Clinical leadership
       Consultant       Consultant         Nurse           Head of
                                           consultant      CASH service
       (this post)      Part time          (1.0wte)        / business

      PDA North           PDA East             PDA South
      Durham/ CLS         Easington /          Durham
      / Derwentside       Sedgefield           Dales /

 Community clinics with Doctors, nurses, clinic assistants and clerks
 including outreach sessions.


      Full registration with GMC.
      MFFP.
      On the specialist register or eligible for CCST within 6 months of interview will
       be considered.
      MRCOG desirable
      Letter of Competence Faculty Instructing Doctor
      Letter of Competence Intrauterine Techniques/ letter of competence sub
       dermal implants
      Excellent knowledge of all methods of contraception, their indications and
       contra-indications, management of associated side effects and problems.
      Knowledge of GUM / screening diagnosis and treatment of STIs
      Thorough knowledge of associated sexual health issues including cervical
       screening, pregnancy testing and termination of pregnancy.
      Knowledge of clinical governance, healthcare standards and risk
      Knowledge of Choosing Health, National Sexual Health and HIV Strategy and
       Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.
      Knowledge of approaches to audit and experience of conducting audit
      Knowledge of information governance.
      Experience in contraception and sexual health service provision
      Teaching in clinical settings.
      Excellent communication skills.
      Management skills.
      Ability to work within and maintain effective multi-disciplinary teams.
      Organisational skills.
      Commitment to the enhancement of the nursing role.
      Ability to travel independently in line with the needs of the post.
      Good time management.
      Ability to work flexibly including evening & weekend working.
      Commitment to sexual equality and anti-oppressive working.

See attached Person Specification for the full list of requirements.

This post is deemed to require a disclosure check at the enhanced level with the
Criminal Records Bureau. This is due to the fact that the post has access to children
or vulnerable adults. Further information on the disclosure service is available from


     1. Perform clinical duties within their competence including
 (i) counsel and provide all available methods of contraception to clients appropriate
to their needs and circumstances. Also screen, diagnose and treat non complex
STIs (ii) have an interest in developing services for young people and other groups
marginalised from mainstream service provision to tackle health inequalities (iii)
undertake cervical cytology screening and other investigations appropriate to
reproductive health (iv) advise, counsel and manage women attending with
unplanned pregnancy (v) discuss and advise on preventative health measures,
preconceptual care, premenstrual syndrome and the menopause (vi) undertake
sterilisation counselling (vii) manage complex cases and take referrals from other Drs
and nurses (viii) Support termination of pregnancy clinics in local hospitals as
required. ix) other related clinical duties as the role develops, following appropriate

   2. Manage the work of family planning doctors employed in the service including
      recruitment and selection, setting of objectives and work planning, clinical
      supervision, annual appraisal and personal development planning. Monitor
      the budget for the service in partnership with the head of service, existing
      consultant and locality Nurse Specialists.

   3. Lead and co-ordinate, in partnership with existing consultant and senior nurse
      specialists, a programme of continuing professional development and
      workforce development for medical, nursing and administrative staff in both
      community and primary care based contraceptive services. The post-holder
      will be the training lead for the local service and ensure integration of training
      activities with those offered by other providers including local universities. To
      train those doctors aiming to achieve the DFSRH and Letters of Competence.
      To provide training for nurses in implant and IUDs. To Mentor nurses for
      extended nurse prescribing and PGD training. To participate in undergraduate
      teaching and training, as required. Develop and implement short courses
      offered in-house, and as updates for GPs and other healthcare professionals
      (e.g. practice nurses)

   4. Provide medical leadership in the development of contraceptive & sexual
   health services in PDA. and across County Durham & Darlington. Ensure
   that contraceptive services are integrated with the development of maternity,
   genito-urinary medicine and termination services with agreed pathways of
   care. Actively promote and support the enhancement of the nursing role
   within contraceptive services.

5. Assure (in partnership with the existing consultant and senior nurses) the
   clinical governance of the service so that Standards for Better Health (2004)
   and standards published by the Faculty and MEDFASH are met, designing all
   necessary monitoring, audit and evaluation functions. Provide specialist
   advice, particularly on complex cases, to other healthcare practitioners.
   Develop, monitor and review service policies, procedures and protocols in
   response to PCT, local and national priorities.

6. Contribute to the development of one community contraceptive service for
   County Durham and Darlington. Identify and progress changes to the service
   arising from Commissioning a Patient Led NHS (2005) to ensure the
   responsibilities of the PCT are met.

7. Lead on information governance as it relates to the service, including a move
   to computerisation of patient records and collection of appropriate data for
   national and local performance management requirements.

8. To maintain a commitment to own professional development in line with
   service requirements and to maintain accreditation in all areas of specialist

9. Contribute to regular staff meetings to ensure good communication across the
   service. Participate in local, regional and national meetings and forums as
   appropriate, particularly where medical clinical input is required. Share
   representation of the PCT jointly with existing Consultant in participation in
   the Northern Regional Heads of Service Group.

10. Provide regular reports, presentations and feedback as requested

11. Other duties, commensurate with grade and experience following discussion
    with the Medical director, existing consultant and head of service

              Monday            Tuesday        Wednesday Thursday                Friday
Morning       Clinical          Management     Management         Clinical       Clinical
              session CLS       and Clinical   and Clinical       session        session (alt
              (alternate        Governance     Governance         various        weeks) Own
              weeks )           alt weeks                         locations      professional
Afternoon     Co-ordination /   Clinical       Clinical session   Own
              implementation    Session        DWS alt            professional
              of Continuing     Durham         weeks              development
              Professional      (alternate
              Development       weeks)

Evening       Clinical          Clinical       Clinical session
              session CLS       session        DWS
              (alternate        Durham
              weeks )           (alternate

The above work plan is indicative only. There is flexibility to negotiate the work plan
to meet the shared needs of the service and the post-holder. Particularly, non clinical
commitments can be worked flexibly to annualised hours. Clinical & training sessions
must be able to be worked flexibly and will be in a variety of venues and times
including evenings as required. There will also be an on call commitment.


Reporting to: PCT Medical director (TBC)
Working jointly with existing Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Head of service / business manager
Staff grade/ speciality doctors
Nurse consultants and senior nurses
CASH nurses
Clinic assistants
Clinic clerks
Chlamydia screening programme staff
GUM consultant & GUM staff County Durham & Darlington Foundation Trust
Gynaecological consultants CDDFT.
PCT commissioning officers
Sexual health strategy lead
Director of Public Health
GPs and Practice Nurses.
Tackling Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator.
Sexual Health Outreach Workers and Sexual Health Promotion Team
Universities and other providers of CPD within contraceptive services.
Head of Information Management and Technology.

It is the responsibility of the individual to work in compliance with all current Health
and Safety legislation and the Trust Health and Safety Policy and to attend any
training requirements both statutory and mandatory in line with the Trust’s legal
responsibility to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


It is the responsibility of all individuals to comply with infection control policies and to
attend any appropriate training requirements in line with the Trusts responsibility to
comply with Government Directives.


Ensuring continuing excellence in own clinical practice whilst developing the whole
service to excellent standards with clear workforce development.


Job Holder’s signature                                  Date:

Senior Officer / Head of Department                      Date:

                                             Essential Highly      Desirable

Full registration with GMC                   x
MFFP                                         x
On the specialist register or eligible for   x
CCST within 6 months of interview will
be considered.
Letter of Competence Faculty                 x
Instructing Doctor
MRCOG                                                  x
Letter of Competence Intrauterine            x
Letter of Competence Sub-dermal              x
Higher training in any aspect of sexual      X
and reproductive health
Excellent knowledge of all methods of        x
contraception, their indications and
contra-indications, management of
associated side effects and problems
Thorough knowledge of associated             x
sexual health issues including cervical
screening, pregnancy testing and
termination of pregnancy
Knowledge of GUM / screening,                X
diagnosis and treatment of STIs
Knowledge of psychosexual medicine                     X
Knowledge of clinical governance,            x
healthcare standards and risk
Knowledge of Choosing Health,                x
National Sexual Health and HIV
Strategy and Teenage Pregnancy
Knowledge of approaches to audit             x
Knowledge of approaches to                             x
monitoring and evaluation
Knowledge of information governance          x
Knowledge of human resource issues                                 x
Knowledge of health and safety                         x

…. Continued /
(demonstrable abilities)
Experience in contraception and sexual     x
health within current primary care and /
or community contraceptive service
Teaching in clinical settings              x
Experience of contributing to continuing       x
professional development activities in
contraception and sexual health
Evidence of leadership skill               x
Excellent communication skills             x
Report and article writing                     x
Presentation skills                            x
Management skills                          x
Ability to work within and maintain        x
effective multi-disciplinary teams
Organisational skills                      x
Experience of managing staff                   x
Budget management                              x
Experience of conducting audit             x
Research skills                            x
IT skills                                      x

Commitment to enhancement of the           x
nursing role
Ability to travel independently in line    x
with the needs of the post
Good time management                       x
Punctuality                                x
Occasional evening & weekend               x
working and able to cover an on call
Commitment to sexual equality anti-        x
oppressive working

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