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					                              School Kit Lesson Review

Lesson Name                            A pH Investigation
School Kit Location                    Science –Physical Science
Grade Level (s)                        9th
Tech Level                             Beginning
MS Office Products Used                Excel 2000
Science Unit/Framework                9th –Physical Science –
                                      Chemistry Unit Four – Acids,
                                      Bases, pH Scale (in depth)
Other Content Areas                    Health
Reviewer                               Laurie Kirkland

Short review

      In this activity, the students are posed with a dilemma about the pH of certain soft
       drinks being damaging to the enamel of their teeth. The students will investigate
       the different pH levels of soft drinks and compare these with the known standard
       for enamel breakdown The students will find the pH of various soft drinks and
       using excel, record and display their findings. This lesson provides options of
       using an indicator solution as well as directions for use with probes.


   1. Students will find the pH of various soft drinks following the procedures listed for
      the lab.
   2. Using excel, students will record their data in the chart provided, use the formula
      function to compute the average pH for each beverage.
   3. Using excel, students will use the graphing function to display their results.
   4. Students will analyze their data and graph to write up their conclusion and make a
      recommendation about drinking certain soft drinks.

Two class periods would work out best: one for the collecting of the data and one for the
computer time. Though, if probes are used, this tends to speed up the process and it may
be completed within one class period if you have students who can remain on task.

I would recommend this activity. The directions are easy to understand and are well
written. It is a good activity to get students to understand about the concept of acids. The
hook of the damage to enamel is a great way to get kids interested in the investigation.

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