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					Qualifications for the Page News and Courier Leadership Award
In making application for the award a student should complete the Questionnaire for the Page News
and Courier Leadership Award. Copies have been distributed to school superintendents and/or
principals in eligible communities.

All reports dealing with the nominees should be factual, rather than sentimental, since need is not a

In the selection of recipients, primary consideration will be given to the following:

   1. Character:
      The applicant must be strong in traits which exemplify high moral character. For example:
      courage, honesty, reliability, truthfulness, perseverance, self-respect and self-control.

   2. Initiative:
      The applicant should have been sensitive to conditions in which he or she found himself or
      herself and have initiated activities that gave such evidence as:

       Industry by assisting in meeting his or her own and/or the families economic needs by part-
       time work, assistance in the home or in the parent’s business, and the like;

       Promoting, planning and carrying to completion projects which improve conditions in his or
       her school and/or community;

       Other evidences of initiative.

   3. Leadership:
      Has occupied positions of leadership, as evidenced by:

       His or her interest and participation in student and community youth organizations;

       His or her relative standing in class work;

In considering the applicants, the committee will, as nearly as possible, give equal weight to the
foregoing qualities.

The principals or guidance counselors of the high schools will forward the applications of candidates
from their schools to the chairman of the Leadership Awards Committee, in care of the Page News
and Courier.
         Questionnaire for the Page News and Courier Leadership Award
Instructions: Use computer, typewriter or ink pen. If space is insufficient, attach an additional
sheet. Include copies of newspaper clippings, awards and certificates pertaining to major
accomplishments, if desired.

School               Luray High School                         Year


Address ___________________________________________________________________

              Phone No. _______________          Cell Phone _______________________

Parents __________________________________________________________________

Address(es) _______________________________________________________________


Attach an authenticated official transcript showing all courses taken, beginning with 9th grade up
to the present. Indicate semester or term grade as appropriate. List the courses now being
taken. Describe the candidate’s present relative academic strength within his or her year group.

Attach an authenticated list of the names and results of all standardized tests taken. Include a
statement of interpretation for each.


Describe factually your biographical background in approximately 100 words.

Describe your plans and goals for the future in approximately 100 words.

Describe your personal feelings about honesty and self respect in approximately 100 words.

List what you have done to help improve your school.


List what have you done to help improve your community.

List all school, civic, community and church organizations and teams of which you were a
member. Indicate years of membership and all offices held. Include any special awards for

List all work experience and approximate dates. Briefly describe your responsibilities. Include work at
home, part time and summer employment, as well as volunteer work in civic, church, or community
organizations. Indicate any awards, distinctions or achievements which you think resulted from initiative
on your part.

Enclose not more than five letters of recommendation. One from the principal should include evidence of
reliability, perseverance, courage and self-control and discuss the quality of your leadership at school.
One from a teacher should include evidence of reliability, self-control and initiative and discuss the
quality of your schoolwork. One from an employer or sponsor should include evidence of your character
and initiative and discuss the quality of your performance and leadership. Any others should provide
information on your character, initiative, and leadership.

Put your name on the back of a recent head-and-shoulders photograph and on an opaque envelope. Place
the photograph, properly identified with your name and address, in the envelope and affix it to this
questionnaire. The photograph is for newspaper use and may not be returned.

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