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           Summer Readings on
Wireless, Ad-hoc, Mobility, Power, Energy…
              Why Wireless?
+   One of the top 3 fastest growing techonology
    areas wrt stock growth
+   Wireless broadband revenue will grow
    140%/year for the next 5 years
+   Gates: “Mobility will be the fastest growing MS
+   Mobicom ranks 5th on CiteSeer’s “Estimated
    Impact” above Sosp, Popl, Siggraph, Sigmod,
• Educate ourselves in the area
  – basic vocabulary, problems, areas of research,
    future directions
• Spark discussion, interest, research(?)

• We can’t afford to ignore wireless!!
• Typical 590 seminar:
  – Presenter signs up today
  – Reads the papers
  – Sends an e-mail 1 week before pointing out
    paper to be read
  – Presentation/Debate/Discussion
                 CSE 802.11
• Based on a list of papers compiled by Victor Bahl
  for a similar reading group at MSR
• Lots of papers and topics removed
   – Short and Sweet
• New papers included
• External Presenters:
   – Jay Lorch (Berkeley, MSR)
   – Jitu Padhye (UMass, ACIRI, MSR)
• External Participation:
   – Jitu Padhye, Alec Wolman, MSR Interns
               Weeks 1 and 2
• 1st Week: Background and Terminology: IEEE
  – laundry list of terms we should know
  – 802.11 brief introductory paper
  – 802.11a practical performance evaluation
• 2nd Week: Network Capacity
  – Network capacity problems and its scalability
  – Classic paper introducing network capacity
  – Mobility helps network capacity
                  Weeks 3, 4 and 5
• 3rd Week: MAC Layer Misbehaviors
   – 802.11 MAC protocol is broken and this is why
   – 802.11 MAC has these two problems and we have a fix
   – 802.11 MAC is unfair and we have a fix
• 4th Week:
   – Jay Lorch
• 5th Week: Routing Protocols
   – Comparison of DSDV, TORA, DSR, AODV
       •   destination-sequenced distance vector
       •   temporally-ordered routing algorithm
       •   dynamic source routing
       •   ad hoc on demand distance vector
   – Paper on GPSR – greedy perimeter stateless routing
              Weeks 6, 7 and 8
• 6th Week: Directional Antennas and Associated
   – MAC protocol for directional antennas
   – Performance of directional antennas ad hoc networks
• 7th Week: Security in Multihop Networks
   – Laundry list of security problems
   – 802.11 DOS attacks
   – Defense against worm-hole attacks
• 8th Week:
   – Jitu Padhye
               Week 9 (?)
• 9th Week: Multipath Routing Protocols
  – Performance evaluation and comparison of
    multipath DSR
  – Shortest path is not enough
  – MDVA: dv multipath routing protocol

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