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					Status and plans of the APGrid PMA

    Yoshio Tanaka (
       Grid Technology Research Center,
                 AIST, Japan

     National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
 APGrid PMA: Asia Pacific Grid PMA
General Policy Management Authority in Asia Pacific
Launched on June 1st, 2004
Defines minimum CA requirements
APGrid PMA approved that we accept two levels of
  Experimental-level CA
     Alternative of the Globus CA
     Can be trusted within A-P communities
  Production-level CA
     Strict management is necessary
     Expected to be trusted by international communities
        Members and CAs

   Affiliation               Name          Production CA    Experimental CA     Here?

AIST / Japan       Yoshio Tanaka          in operation      in operation      yes
ASCC / Taiwan      Eric Yen               in operation      none              yes
KISTI / Korea      Jae-Hyuck Kwak         in operation      in operation      yes
CAS / China        Kai Nan                CP under review   in operation      no
IHEP / China       Gonxing Sun            CP under review   none              no
BII / Singapore    Kishore Sakharkar      no plan           in operation      no (yes)
NCHC / Taiwan      Julian Yu-Chung Chen   planning          in operation      yes
Osaka U / Japan    Susumu Date            planning          in operation      yes
SDSC / USA         Mason Katz             no plan           none              no
HKU / HongKong     Chen Lin, Elaine       no plan           in operation      no
U of Hyd / India   Arun Agarwal           no plan           in operation      no
USM / Malaysia     Boon Yaik              no plan           in operation      no
VPAC / Australia David Abramson           planning          in operation      no
Many members were inactive
  could not have motivation for active participation
     satisfy with using experimental CA (simple CA)
   non experts of PKI/Security and have less interests
   for the security
Situation is going to be changed
   Some CAs have a plan for launching a production-
   level CA
     IHEP / China, CAS / China, NCHC / Taiwan, VPAC /
  U. of Tsukuba is involved in Lattice QC Grid project
  and it expects NAREGI CA to be trusted by
  European and American CAs
     APGrid PMA should be able to help this.
Change membership
   General membership
      has no voting right
   Ex officio membership
      has voting right
      has obligation for commitment
      representatives of production-level CAs
      representatives of experimental-level CAs in request basis
Invite representatives of relying parties to the APGrid PMA
Change accreditation procedure
   Now: voting using emails
   Plan: have regular face-to-face meeting / VTC (regular meeting
   and request-basis)
Define procedures for re-certify CAs
   peer-audit or PMA (chair) will audit all CAs
Should establish formal relationship with the other PMAs
   ASCC, IHEP should belong to only APGrid PMA
APGrid PMA has two main objectives:
  be responsible as a regional PMA in Asia Pacific
     define minimum CA requirements
     accredit and audit CAs
  support CAs in Asia Pacific
     help / give advice to launch CAs
     inform the current status and future direction about our
     efforts (IGF)
It was less active, but the situation is going to be
   Re-organize the PMA
   Changed the accreditation procedure
   Will have face-to-face meeting
   Will do audit

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