The FuTure is in Their hands

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					                                                                                          Girl Power and Potential:

                                                                                          The FuTure is
                                                                                          in Their hands
                                                                                          There are 600 million adolescent girls living in developing

                                                                                          However, many of these girls remain invisible to policy
                                                                                          makers and in programme development.

                                                                                          Their full development potential has yet to be seen.

                                                                                          The opportunities they have in the coming years will shape
                                                                                          their lives, families, and nations.

                                                                                          If educated, healthy, skilled and empowered, they can build
                                                                                          a better life and combat poverty.

                                                                                          The United Nations Interagency Task Force on Adolescent Girls
Photo Credit: diego goldberg/PixelPress/UNFPA | desigN & ProdUCtioN: PhoeNix desigN Aid   iLO • unesCO • unFPa • uniCeF • uniFeM • WhO
unLeash The POWer OF girLs!
the United Nations interagency task               that data and programmes more             girls—their rights, education, health
Force on Adolescent girls promotes                accurately represent their different      and life skills—is a critical development
and protects the rights of adolescent             life situations.                          strategy for countries and the world,
girls. it advocates for and makes strate-                                                   especially to achieve the Millennium
gic investments in national policies and      »   target adolescent girls, especially       development goals (Mdgs).
development programmes focusing on                those ages 10-14 years old, to keep
adolescent girls.                                 them in school and develop a range        hOW TO geT invOLved:
                                                  of skills so they may reach their
The un inTeragenCy Task FOrCe                     aspirations.                              »   Contact the task Force at
On adOLesCenT girLs WiLL:                                                                       or to learn more.
                                              » “deliver as one UN” by advocating
»   tell the world to prioritize and            for targeted, comprehensive policies        »   the UN Foundation provides a vehicle
    increase the resources dedicated to         and investing in programmes that                through which donors can support the UN’s
    adolescent girls, unleashing their full     reach marginalized adolescent girls in          groundbreaking work—the girl Fund. to
    potential.                                  developing countries.                           learn more, visit or
»   Work to get adolescent girls counted      »   support governments and partners to
    in the next census rounds, ensuring           highlight that investing in adolescent

     The United Nations Interagency Task Force on Adolescent Girls was established in 2007, in partnership with the UN Foundation.
                      It is co-chaired by UNFPA and UNICEF and includes UNESCO, UNIFEM, ILO, and WHO.