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					                                             INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED
                                                         (REFINERIES DIVISION)
                                    PANIPAT NAPTHA CRACKER COMPLEX, PANIPAT

                                                     NOTICE INVITING TENDER
                                                                                                                    February 14, 2012

Sealed tenders are invited in ‘two bids’ (Part-I Techno- Commercial bid and Part-II Price bid) from bonafide, experienced contractors with good
financial standing & reputation and having P.F registration fulfilling the qualifying requirements stated hereunder, for the following work:

 1.    Tender No. &                                   RPNC101163
       Name of Work & Location                        “Condition Monitoring of Rotary Equipments at Panipat Naphtha Cracker”
 2.    Tender Fee (Non-refundable)                    Rs.1,000/- to be paid by Demand Draft (DD) only in favour of IOCL, Panipat
                                                      Refinery, payable at Panipat.
                                                      If the tender document is downloaded by the bidder from the tender site,
                                                      i.e., the bidder is exempted from paying the
                                                      above tender fee.
 3.    Time Schedule                                  5 (five) Months from handing over of site.
 4.    a) Pre-qualification      (PQ)    criteria:     The intending tenderers shall have to furnish proof of their pre-qualification and
       Commercial                                      experience along with the Part-I (Techno-commercial bid). Copies of all the
                                                       documents shall be self-attested. Pre-qualification criteria will be checked at the
                                                       time of techno-commercial evaluation of the offer.
       b) Annual Turnover (ATO)                        Rs. 47.56Lacs (Within anyone of last three financial years i.e., April 1, 2008,
                                                       onwards) Proof of ATO shall be submitted in form of TDS Certificate or Audited
                                                       balance sheet.
       c) Value of Single Work Order                   3 works each of Rs.23.78Lacs or
       (SWO) executed for similar nature               2 works each of Rs. 31.70Lacs or
       of work (During the last five                   1 work of Rs.39.63Lacs
       financial years i.e., work orders               Detail work order [similar in nature as described in para 4 (c)] including
       issued on or after April 1, 2006)               covering letter and schedule of rates and completion certificate containing
                                                       executed value of work shall be required. Completed value of work as mentioned
                                                       in the completion certificate shall be considered for evaluation against single/
                                                       multiple work order value required under PQ, however where the executed value
                                                       is not mentioned in the completion certificate, the copy of certified bill shall also
                                                       be acceptable for determining value if submitted along with completion certificate”
       d) Similar Nature of Work                      The similar nature of work shall be defined as, “Condition Monitoring /
                                                      Vibration Monitoring including Spectrum analysis of Rotary Equipments in
                                                      any Refinery / Petrochemical / Chemical / Fertilizer Plant.”
 5.    Other documents required to be                      1. PF Code Allotment letter.
       submitted along with the techno-                    2. Assessment Order or copy of Income Tax Returns (duly acknowledged
       commercial bid.                                          by Income Tax Department), for last three years should be furnished.
                                                           3. Power of Attorney in favour of person authorized to sign the tender
                                                          Note: Copies of all the documents submitted should be self-attested.

 6.    Tender issue/ download schedule                Tender documents (non-transferable) can be purchased by interested bidders
                                                      from the office of the undersigned on all working days upto 4.30 PM of 7th
                                                      March’12. Tender documents can also be downloaded by bidders from web site:
                                             Tender document obtained from any other sources
                                                      (except the above two sources) shall not be accepted & evaluated.
 7.    Tender Issuing        and    Receiving         Chief Manager (Contracts),
       Authority                                      Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Panipat Naphtha Cracker Complex,
                                                      Panipat – 132140. Haryana.
                                                      Fax: 0180-2541100
                                                      Tel.: 0180- 2526611/2526613
                                                      E-mail: /
 8     Last date of submission of tender              08.03.2012 upto 2.30 PM.
                                                      IOCL takes no responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of tender document
                                                      sent by post/courier. Telex/ Fax/ e-mailed offers shall not be accepted.
 9     Mode of Submission                             Tender shall be submitted in two bids as per ‘Instructions to tenderers’ in a
                                                      sealed envelope super scribed with the name of work, NIT No., Date of opening
                                                      & the bidder’s name & address.
10     Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)                    Rs. 79,300.00/- to be paid by Demand Draft (DD) in favour of IOCL, Panipat
                                                      Refinery, payable at ‘Panipat’
                                                      Tenders without Earnest Money will be rejected.
11     Tender opening date                            Tender (Techno-commercial bid) shall be opened on 08.03.2012 at 3.00 PM or at
                                                      a later date convenient thereafter.

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