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									                      CTP Newsletter January 18, 2012

Dear Students and Families:

      Last Friday our students had fun riding RT to Country Club Lanes and Wendy’s in
celebration of Patrick’s last day in our class. We wish Patrick the best of luck at his new
program at McClaskey Adult Center. The student’s bowling scores last Friday were as follows:
Molly 80, 76; Israel 73; Ashley 104, 102; Briano 73, 112; Carly 89, 75; Amber 95, 98; Benita
104, 90; Reggie 74, 120; Cody 100, 96; Stuart 73, 63; Ian 58, 68; Sam 57, 64; and Patrick 63,
63. A good time was had by all!

The following is information to keep in mind:
   Last week all the students signed up for their new elective classes which began today.
      Our students signed up for the following classes: Shop Visual Arts – Reggie, Stuart,
      Benita, Sam, Brian; Performing Arts – Ashley, Briano; Self-Advocacy & Self-
      Determination – Ian; Social Skills – Israel, Molly, Carly, Amber; Shop Construction –
      Cody. Students will now be attending these elective classes on Monday, Tuesday, and
      Wednesday afternoons!
   Congratulations to Briano, Jennifer, and Brian!! These 3 students met Martha and I at
      ARC yesterday for the first day of the new college classes. Luckily, we were able to
      officially add Jennifer to the Aerobic Mix class, and Cody and Amber to the Adapted
      Personal Safety class. This means that all our students are enrolled in at least one class!
   College News: All our students in Adapted Personal Safety, Adapted Weight Training,
      and Aerobic Mix classes need to wear workout clothes every Tuesday and Thursday for
      their college classes. Jeans will not be allowed! Stuart and Briano need to make sure
      they bring their swim suit and towel with them to class each day.
   Jennifer returned from her trip to Japan today. The post card she sent the class beat her
      back by one day! Thanks for the postcard!! We are glad you had a nice trip.
   Special thanks to those parents who have very generously made donations to our classes’
      donation account which falls in line with our Special Ed. Director’s new policy. Thank
      you! My class has the most wonderful parent support!
   I encourage parents to e mail or call me with any questions or concerns. A great way to
      reach me is by e-mail.

Shelley Edwards
Web Site:
Please complete the attached assignment, “Adjusting Behavior for Different Situations”. This
completed assignment is due in school on Monday, January 23rd.

Upcoming Dates and Events:
   January 18 – New elective classes begin.
   January 29 – VIP Zebra Jamboree basketball tournament at La Sierra Community Center.
   February 3 – Attendance Awards Assembly and Dance at 1:00.
   February 20-February 24 – No School – February break.

Upcoming IEP’s:
   January 30 at 12:00 pm – Ashley’s Triennial.

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