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									                          3 0 0    C o l o r a d o   S t r e e   t
                                   A u s t i n ,   T X

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
                                     French Onion Soup
                                       Lobster Bisque
                                       Fried Calamari
                                        Steak Tartare


                                Spinach with Bacon Dressing
                                        Caesar Salad
                         Tomato & Mozzarella w/ Balsamic Reduction


                                      Chilean Sea Bass
                             Jumbo Scallops w/ Spicy Thai Sauce
                          Crab Stuffed Shrimp – Chive Butter Sauce
                             One Pound Alaskan King Crab Legs
                         Broiled Live Maine Lobster – 2lb…3lb…4lb

                                    Steaks & Chops

                                     Filet Mignon 12 oz.
                                   New York Strip 16 oz.
                                     Cajun Ribeye 20 oz.
                                  Porterhouse Steak 24 oz.
                               Bone in ‘Cowboy’ Ribeye 24 oz.
                                  Lamb Chops, Triple Cut


                          Key Lime Pie w/ Raspberry Sauce & Mint
                        Crème Brulee for two w/ Tahitian Vanilla Bean
                                Bananas Foster Bread Pudding
                               Warm Chocolate Brownie Cake
                               Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie
                               Advanced Formatting
                                Student Activity #3

Create a Menu

   1. Create a table with two columns and one row.
   2. Set the column widths as follows (highlight table → right click → Table Properties
      → Column tab → set Preferred Width → Next Column).
         a. Column 1 = 1.2”
         b. Column 2 = 4.95”

Column 2
   3. Insert text as shown on back page in 12 pt Times New Roman leaving one blank
      line between menu items. Center all.
   4. Set address at top of menu to 8 pt font. Set character spacing to Expanded by
      10 pt (highlight text → Home tab → click on Font Dialog Box → Advanced tab →
      set Spacing to Expanded). Center.
   5. Set the course headings (Appetizers, Salads, Seafood, etc.) to 18 pt, Old English
   6. Set the character spacing on the menu items to Expanded by 2 pt.
   7. Draw a line below the first course title, as shown (Insert tab → Shapes → Line).
      Color the line dark red. Copy the line five times and position one line below each
      course title.

Column 1
   8. Enter Sullivan’s Steakhouse in the first column using a 36 pt, Old English font.
         a. Change the direction (highlight text → Table Tools → Layout tab → Text
             Direction) as shown.
         b. Apply a dark red shade to the cell and color the text white.
         c. Set character spacing to Expanded by 5 pt.

   9. Find class appropriate picture of restaurant/food on internet; save to your Student
   10. Insert a background picture on the entire menu (Page Layout tab → Page
       Background Section → Watermark → Custom Watermark → Picture Watermark
       → Select Picture).
           a. Scale – Auto
           b. Washout – Checked

    11. Print preview to ensure all on one page.
    12. Save in Student Folder as Menu.

Note: You may create a unique class appropriate menu for a different restaurant as long as it has
                   the same formatting and number of entries as example.

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