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									                          Microsoft Dynamics CRM
                                   Hosted (software-as-a-service) solution

Hosted Microsoft CRM: the easiest, quickest and most convenient way of
deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organisation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0                     companies with limited internal IT
                                               infrastructure, although many larger
Microsoft’s flagship CRM solution,
                                               organisations use it as well. There are
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, is one of
                                               minimal set-up costs, it can help minimise
the fastest growing mid-market CRM
                                               overheads and the system is easy to
solutions. As well as on-premise and
Easy-Start options for Microsoft Dynamics
CRM, independent CRM specialist and            Using Hosted Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner               CRM for Marketing                            » Full access to Microsoft Dynamics
Concentrix also offers businesses the                                                         CRM 4
                                               It doesn't matter whether your marketing
convenience and flexibility of a hosted
                                               campaigns consist of the occasional direct   » Quick and easy set up
version of the product.
                                               mail shot, or include highly complex
                                                                                            » Easy maintenance
What Is Hosted Microsoft Dynamics              marketing communications mixes: hosted
CRM?                                           Microsoft Dynamics CRM means you can         » Hosted SaaS accessed through a
                                               start improving your marketing                 standard web browser, Microsoft
Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM (‘hosted’
                                               effectiveness, efficiency and campaign         Outlook or mobile device
is sometimes referred to as ‘software as
                                               tracking almost straight away.               » Ideal for smaller companies with
a service’ or ‘saas’) is simply the software
available online. This means you don’t         Professional Marketing Tools                   limited internal IT infrastructure
have to download or install Microsoft                                                       » Includes a single user licence for
                                               Whatever the size of your marketing
Dynamics CRM, and you need less                                                               Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
                                               budget or the complexity of your
hardware (there’s no need for your own
                                               marketing campaigns, Concentrix hosted       » Additional storage options in 1GB,
server) because it’s stored and run from
                                               Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you fast          5GB or 10GB packages
somebody else’s system. To access the
                                               access to high-quality, professional
software, you just contact Concentrix,
                                               marketing tools and functions. These will    » Training and installation packages
we’ll set it up for you so you can access
                                               help you keep data clean and reliable,         available
it via the internet in a matter of minutes.
                                               help you segment prospects and
Why Choose a Hosted Solution?                  customers, manage your marketing
                                               campaigns, keep track of leads and
Whether the hosted version of Microsoft
                                               responses and provide you with in-
Dynamics CRM is right for you depends
                                               depth analysis of marketing
on your business and requirements, and
                                               performance, including costs.
to a large extent personal preference. It
is particularly popular with smaller

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                                  Microsoft Dynamics CRM
                                        Hosted (software-as-a-service) solution

     Helping Your Sales                             Easy Transfer to On-Premise

     The Concentrix hosted Microsoft                A key advantage of on-premise CRM
     Dynamics CRM solution will help your           solutions are that they help install a ‘CRM
     business employ consistent, best               culture’ within a business. This culture        Compatible Devices
     practices in your sales team and improve       soon becomes an intrinsic part of day to
                                                                                                    The hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
     sales productivity.                            day operations. So, if in the longer-term
                                                                                                    service is compatible with the following
                                                    you decide to move up to an on-premise
     Sales Staff Work More Efficiently                                                              hardware, operating systems and
                                                    solution, it’s a simple step up, both
     With tools to help your sales team better      culturally and technically.
     manage accounts, leads, planning,                                                              » Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007
                                                    Business Continuity
     forecasting and sales analysis, hosted
                                                                                                    » Windows XP or Vista (using Office
     Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help your          The Concentrix hosted Microsoft Dynamics
                                                                                                      2003 or Office 2007)
     staff work more efficiently and spend          CRM platform is located in a custom-built,
     more time selling. What's more, because        state-of-the-art hosting centre.                » Apple Macs (using a Microsoft Web
     users will already be familiar with other                                                        Browser for Apple Mac)
                                                    The hosting location includes a variety of
     Microsoft products, even the most                                                              » Windows Mobile
                                                    features and techniques to ensure
     reluctant sales staff will need little
                                                    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is always                » Internet Explorer Web Browser
     encouragement to start using the system.
                                                    available to you, such as redundant power         (version 6 or 7)
     Hosted CRM and Customer Service                and multiple links to the Internet.
                                                                                                    » Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint
     Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM means            Security                                          (2003 and 2007 versions)
     you can quickly gain access to the power
                                                    All customer data stored on the Microsoft       Additional Services
     of the software's outstanding customer
                                                    Dynamics CRM Software as a Service
     service functions. It gives your customer-                                                     Concentrix also has a hosted Microsoft
                                                    (SaaS) platform used by Concentrix is
     facing staff tools to deliver consistent and                                                   Exchange service, so you can have
                                                    secured using the latest encryption
     efficient service, enhancing customer                                                          your email easily set up and fully
                                                    technology and kept fully isolated from
     loyalty and profitability.                                                                     integrated with CRM within a single
                                                    other users.
     Long-term Business Profitability                                                               hosted solution.
                                                    Free Trial of Hosted Microsoft
     Concentrix hosted Microsoft Dynamics           Dynamics CRM!
     CRM delivers customer information, case
                                                    There’s no better way to find out if the
     management, service history and support
                                                    software is right for you than to try it. So,
     knowledge directly to the desktops of
                                                    to try our hosted version of Microsoft
     your customer service staff. You'll be able
                                                    Dynamics CRM, please get in touch -
     to respond faster to customer service
                                                    Concentrix will quickly set you up for a
     issues and to anticipate, address and
                                                    free, unrestricted, 14-day trial of the
     deliver consistent, efficient customer care
     that contributes to long-term business

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Loughborough, LE12 7TZ
T: +44 (0)1509 410500
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