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MIT 280


									                                                                VHA Central Survey #280 - Heparin in IVs for Newborns
                                                                                                             May, 2008
                                                                If you
                             Does your         Does your        maintain
                             hospital have a   NICU place       arterial lines,       If you use
                             NICU? If yes,     and maintain     do you use            Heparin, what
                             what is the       arterial         Heparin in the        is the
Organization      State      level of care?    lines?           fluids?               concentration? Additional comments
                                                                                                            We are also working on
Ball Memorial                                                                                               trying to stop the usage
Hospital          Indiana    Yes Level 3       Yes              Yes                   0.5 units/cc          of heparin in the NICU.
Hospital          Indiana    Level IIb         Yes, Umbilical   Yes                   1 unit per mL
                                               We place, but
Boven Birth                                    transfer if
Center, Holland                                maintenance                            .5units per ml of
Michigan          Michigan   SCN               needed           Yes                   iv fluid
Elkhart General                                                                       1 unit heparin per
Hospital          Indiana    Level 2           yes              yes                   1 ml fluid
Floyd Memorial
Hospital and
Health Services   Indiana    NO
                                               This is a rare
                                               occurrence for
                                               us, but we do
Hendricks                                      have the
Regional Health   Indiana    Level II          capability.    No
Marion General
Hospital          Indiana    Yes - Level 2     Yes              Yes                   0.5 Units/mL
                             We have a Level
Riverview                    II Special Care
Hospital          Indiana    Nursery           No
Schneck Medical
Center            Indiana    no                N/A
                                                                                                            We also use heparin in
                                                                                                            our PICC lines in the
                                                                                                            NICU depending on the
                                                                                                            rates of the fluids. If the
                                                                                                            rate is low we might use
                                                                                                            .5-1 unit heparin per ml,
                                                                Yes, we use                                 or if the rate is faster we
                                                                heparin in our                              would use .25 unit
                                                                arterial lines, UAL                         Heparin per ml. We do
                                                                and when we                                 not lock off our PICC's,
                                                                have the rare                               we always keep a fluid
                                                                Radial Line.          For UAL and UVL       running. For our
                                                                Our docs also         it is 1:1 For         peripheral IV's we only
St Elizabeth                                                    heparinize our        Radial Alines it is   use saline flush, and we
Regional Health   Indiana    Yes, Level III    Yes              UVL lines             2:1 heparin           flush with every care.
The Women's
Hospital          Indiana    yes. #3           yes              yes                   0.5 units per cc

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