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					Maine Mission 2011: Experience Mission
Children's Ministry

In this community, connecting with the local children through children’s ministry is an important part of what we do each day.
Teams coming to this community must expect to participate in Kids Club.

Experience Mission will provide the curriculum for your teams use. This Kids Club curriculum will be sent out to Team
Leaders in the spring via email. Teams will be responsible to bring the craft supplies needed for their specific crafts and
should budget appropriately. While we do our best to make sure the craft materials are cost effective, teams may feel free to
augment any materials to make them more suitable to their budget. Experience Mission will supply scissors, staplers, paper
hole punches and rulers. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with the local children through games like soccer or
Frisbee. Tuck in a hacky sack, football or jump rope as they are sure to come in handy.

Projects/Outreach Ministry

Your time in Portland will be spent partnering with local ministries to serve refugees and others in the community through
social outreach programs. Potential projects include kid’s club, park ministry to all ages, serving breakfast to the homeless,
service projects, home visits or simply spending time with people. This is a very relationally based location where the heart
of all these activities is to make connections with the community in order to show them the love of Christ. Many of the
activities involve kids so come ready to interact with these children and let them invite you into their lives and hearts.

Experience Mission works closely with local leaders to identify work projects and ministry opportunities that address
authentic needs within the community. We ask that you come with a servant’s heart and willingness to adapt to the unique
qualities represented in each location. Opportunities can vary significantly from one week to the next. Your team may work
at one location or serve at multiple locations each day. Due to the changing needs of our community partners, we
cannot confirm your specific activities until your team arrives.

Lodging:      First Free Methodist Church, 140 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04104

Description        Teams in Portland stay in a small local church building. The church is not too far from most of the work
                   sites. Teams in general should not have to drive beyond 15 or 20 minutes at the farthest to the locations
                   where they will be serving.
Sleeping           Your team will be sleeping on the floor of this church so team members should plan to bring a small air
                   mattress (single bed air mattresses are best as the space is limited) or a mat to sleep on. The
                   temperatures can get cool in the evening so light bedding or a sleeping bag and a pillow are ideal.
Showers            Your team will be showering at the local YMCA in Portland. There are male and female locker rooms,
                   however, team members should bring their bathing suits for modesty within their locker room. There will
                   be a certain time dedicated to each evening to go and shower.
Bathrooms          There will be bathrooms at the place you stay. Most work sites will have bathrooms. On the occasion that
                   there are no facilities where you are working, teams will need to take breaks midday to use a public
Water              There is running water in Portland. Teams will have access to it where they are staying, and at most
                   work sites. Teams should plan to bring refillable water bottles to stay hydrated at work sites.
Electricity        There is electricity in Portland that will be available where teams stay as well as at most work sites.
Security           Portland, ME in general is a safe area. The facilities where you stay will be locked throughout the night
                   and Experience Mission Staff members will do a sweep to make sure the facilities are secure before
                   retiring for the evening. You do see minor petty theft in the area. We recommend teams leaving all
                   valuables (ipods, computers, jewelry, etc) at home. In the case that a team does bring some valuables,
                   the best way to keep them safe is to store them in their locked vehicle during the day.


Your filling, healthy, tasty meals will be prepared by local workers and EM staff members. Some meals will be eaten with
your team while others will be eaten with community members and the refugees.
Typical Schedule
Each morning, there is time set aside for devotions and quiet time. Experience Mission has devotionals/journals that are
available for purchase or teams can supply their own. This is a valuable time and we strongly encourage everyone to spend
it with God journaling their thoughts and experiences as the days unfold.

Each evening 30-60 minutes are set aside after dinner for worship, prayer and a short message by our staff. Following this
evening gathering, there will be time scheduled for individual teams to meet together to share, debrief, have fun and deal
with team issues. We make this time a priority for you to spend with your team.

Average daily schedule


3:00-6:00 pm Groups Arrive
5:00 - Leader's Meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Orientation Meeting
8:30 - Team Time (a time for your group alone)
11:30 - Lights Out

Monday through Thursday

7:15 - Breakfast
7:45 - Devotions and Quiet Time
8:15 - Group Prayer
8:30 - Teams leave for Sites
12:00 - Lunch
3:30 - Finish Work for the day
4:00 - Break and Clean-up
5:00 - Leaders meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Evening gathering (as a whole group)
8:30 - Team time


7:00 - Breakfast
7:30 - Cleanup/ Packing
8:30 - Commissioning
9:00 - Pictures and Good-Byes

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