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					Anthony J. Navarra -- President, Global Operations of Globalstar, Inc.
As President of Global Operations, Anthony Navarra has direct responsibility for
managing Globalstar Inc.’s strategic relations with the its independent gateway operators
(IGOs) around the world. This involves identifying new opportunities for additional
gateways on the Globalstar system and developing opportunities for the acquisition of
IGOs by Globalstar. Along with his additional staff responsibilities, Mr. Navarra is also
chiefly responsible for identifying and developing programs with various Government
and DoD entities as well as the direct management of the legal & regulatory affairs
functions for Globalstar.

Prior to joining the Globalstar project in 1991, Mr. Navarra was Vice President of both
Engineering and Marketing at the Rolm Mil-Spec Computers division of Loral
Corporation, where he was responsible for managing the product development of military
computers, high-speed mass storage devices and satellite communications processors.

From 1984 to 1987, Mr. Navarra worked for TRW as business area director of Milstar
satellite and terminal technologies. Prior to that, Mr. Navarra worked for Magnavox
Research Laboratories and Government Electronics Company in developing, fielding and
operating CDMA spread spectrum terminals on various DoD platforms.

Mr. Navarra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the University of San
Francisco and a Master of Science degree in Systems Management from the University of
Southern California. He gained post-degree work experience in the theory of satellite
communications while attending the U.S. Army Signal Corps at Ft. Monmouth, N.J. Mr.
Navarra has continued post-graduate work at Stanford University in Business and

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