MDF Expenditure statement july 06 to june 07 by gegeshandong


									                                            Breakdown of Expenditure - July 2006 - June 2007

                                 Name                                                             Description               Amount (US$)
Component 1: LCG Website: Maintenance and Improvement
Web site Development - Staff +Consultants
Ayshanie Labe, Content Manager (International)                            Consultancy fee                                      $14,991.77
Md. Moshfequl Haque, IT Expert (full-time national)                       Salary from July 2004 to June 2006                     3,293.00
Fariha Haque, Intren                                                      Salary for July 2006                                      43.38
                                                                                                     Sub Total                 $18,328.15
Web site Development - Technical Services Charges:
Interland INC                                                           Renewal payment for LCG Web site - 04/07 to 03/08         246.95
                                                                                                Sub Total                        $246.95
                                                  Total Expenditure for LCG Website                                            $18,575.10
Component 2: LCG mechanism & Harmonization Initiatives
Ms. Ayshanie Labe, International Expert                                Consultancy fee                                         $10,589.25
                                        Total Expenditure for Logistic Support to LCG & HAP                                     $10,589.25
Component 3 : PRS-HAP Cell
Dhirendra Nath Roy, Adminstrative Assistant                               Salary from July'06 to June'07                        $4,544.57
Computer & Office Automation                                              Rental cost of Equipment                              $4,004.50
United Courier Service                                                    Printing Cost of HAP Doc.                             $1,021.45
Annata Paper House                                                     Supplies                                                  $193.84
Skynet Worldwide express                                               Courier                                                     $26.56
                                                 Total Expenditure for PRS HAP Cell                                             $9,790.92
Component 4: Tuesday Elections Initiatives
Ms. Judy M. Thompson, International Expert                                Consultancy fees for International Expert            $30,488.53
Network Solutions                                                         Payment for Election Web site                            $99.95
United Courier Service                                                    Courier services                                          $5.50
Mamun Printing Press                                                      Supplies                                                 $10.86
Senior Accounts Officer                                               Telephone                                                    $41.87
                                          Total Expenditure for Tuesday Election Initiatives                                   $30,646.71
Component 5: OECD Doc Survey
Ms. Ayshanie Labe, International Expert                                Consultancy fee                                         $10,589.25
                                               Total Expenditure for OECD Doc Survey                                            $10,589.25
Office Administrative Cost
Tamanna Hasan, Admin & Finance Assistant                                  Salary from July'06 to June'07                        $3,259.25
Sayed Ahmed, Messenger                                                    Salary from March - June 2007                          $471.67
                                                                                                     Sub Total                  $3,730.92
Miscellaneous Expenpenses
Mamun Printing Press                                                      Visiting Crads                                            58.65
Mamun Printing Press                                                      Visiting Crads                                               19
United Courier Service                                                    Courier                                                    1.04
United Courier Service                                                    Courier                                                   37.11
Skynet Worldwide express                                                  Courier                                                   13.73
Skynet Worldwide express                                                  Courier                                                   13.52
Ananta Paper House                                                        Supplies                                                  68.77
Ananta Paper House                                                        Supplies                                                 186.93
Lucid Computers                                                           Supplies                                                    8.7
Ananta Paper House                                                         Office Supplies                                       $193.84
UNDP/ Pantry                                                               Meeting Expenses                                         $8.50
UNDP / Dhaka                                                               ISS & CRU Charges by UNDP                             $806.18
                                                                                                  Sub Total                     $1,415.97
                                                          Total administrative Cost                                             $5,146.89
                                                      Total expenses during the period                                         $85,338.12
GMS on Expenditure
5% GMS charged on expenses                                                                                                       $972.99
5% GMS Yet to be charged by UNDP                                                                                                $1,675.39
                                                              Total GMS Cost                                                    $2,648.38
Total Expenditure for Multi Donor Fund                                                                                         $87,986.50

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