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					                               ANCIENT GREECE
What was it like in Ancient Greece? Did men and women have equal opportunities? What types
of sports did they have? Who were some of the Gods they believed in? You should know all of
     this information and more after searching the web to find out about Ancient Greece.

Your task…Part 1: Working independently and using the websites below as a starting point, you
will search different topics on Ancient Greece. I have given you three topics you need to
research, but you also can choose two additional topics of your choice. For each topic you’ll
need to take some notes for later use. I suggest writing at least 5 or 6 facts about each topic.

Websites: These two websites have lots of information, but, I also suggest you do some
searching on-line to find additional information. If you do use other resources, write them
down with your notes on the topic.

Topics you need to research:

Role of Men and Women in Ancient Greece

The Olympics

Greek Gods

Two topics of your choice

Additional Information:

The research portion of this project will take place in school. The second part of the project
will be completed outside of class. I would like a copy of your research notes with your final

Due Date: December 16th, 2011.

10 Points off for each day late.
                ANCIENT GREECE PART 2
It is now time for you to show off your Ancient Greece skills. The
absolute BEST part of this project is that you can choose any type
of final product you want. Do you want to write a well written
summary of all the information you’ve learned? Do you want to
draw a picture of each topic? How about write a newspaper article?
Make articles out of clay? Create a rap? Poster? Make a children’s
book? Do one of each?

The possibilities are endless! I encourage you to draw on your
personal strengths and challenge yourself.

Your grade will be based on the following:

Neatness:       20

Accuracy:       40

Organization:   10

Best Effort:    30

Research:       25

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask questions. Good luck and
have fun!

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