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					Brian G. Link
ECIV 341

             Item                        Type       Quantity(unit)    Price/Unit              Unit       Cost
Luxury Home (2.5 story)        Solid Stone                     3000           $95.95 SF                     $287,850.00

Roofing                        slate                           4000           $2.47   SF (living area)        $9,880.00
Unfinished Basement                                            3000          $15.20   SF                     $45,600.00
Two Story Ell                  Solid Stone                     1000          $85.55   SF                     $85,550.00
Unfinish. Base. Ell                                            1000           $7.65   SF (ell)                $7,650.00
Garage (basement)              1-car                              1       $2,399.00                           $2,399.00
Garage (free standing)         Wood 3-car                         1      $30,218.00                          $30,218.00
Upgrade Ktchen Cabinets                                           1        $695.00                             $695.00
Full Bath                                                         2       $5,307.00                          $10,614.00
Exterior chimney (fireplace)   3 story                            3       $6,645.00                          $19,935.00
Interior chimney (fireplace)   3 story                            1       $6,120.00                           $6,120.00
Additional flue                3 story                            1       $1,070.00                           $1,070.00
Additional fireplaces          3 story                            1       $4,365.00                           $4,365.00
wood stove (free standing)                                        1       $1,250.00                           $1,250.00
fireplace                      3 story                           -1       $4,365.00                          -$4,365.00
Range                          30", 2 ovens                       1       $2,000.00                           $2,000.00
Microwave Oven                                                    1        $595.00                             $595.00
Deep Freeze                    15-23 CF                           1        $680.00                             $680.00
Dehumidifier                   30 pint                            1        $321.00                             $321.00
Washing Machine                automatic                          1       $1,025.00                           $1,025.00
Water Heater                   electric, 80 gal                   1       $1,050.00                           $1,050.00
Water Softener                 100 grains/gal                     1        $988.00                             $988.00
Dishwasher                     4 plus cycles                      1        $520.00                             $520.00
Dryer                          automatic                          1        $870.00                             $870.00
Garage Door Opener                                                4        $375.00                            $1,500.00
Garbage Disposal                                                  1        $240.00                             $240.00
Heater (wall,wall)             electric 1250 watt                 1        $248.00                             $248.00
Hood for range                 30"                                1        $615.00                             $615.00
Ice Maker                      13 #/day                           1        $845.00                             $845.00

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Brian G. Link
ECIV 341
Refrigerator                       18-20 CF                                      2               $910.00                                         $1,820.00
Sump Pump                          1/3 HP                                        1               $360.00                                          $360.00
Porch (enclosed)                   300 SF                                        1                $57.10                                            $57.10

TOTAL COST (National Avg)                      $522,565.10
Cleveland (441**)                              $569,595.96
Southeastern PA (193**)                        $564,370.31
My hometown PA (17543)                         $496,436.85

        Assumptions and Omissions

        This home is in some ways a blank canvas. My inspiration was that of an old stone farm house typical of where I'm from. I opted for solid
        limestone walls and slate roofs for longevity and aesthetics. Because the house is build of solid stone I have provided ample living space
        because of the costliness of putting on additions. In addition to the 4000 SF of living space there is another 4000 SF of unfinished attic and
        basement. I have used the best materials and appliances in everything except heating. For heat I have always wanted to use wood (from
        my considerable tree stands) and use a boiler/fireplace heating system. To augment it however (for when I am away or the Yule log goes
        out at night) there is ducting for electric or maybe someday geothermal heat pumps. I have also expended a considerable amount of
        money on chimneys and fireplaces/stoves. The solid stone walls and some double studding will also help well insulate the home to hold in
        the warm and cool. Two exterior fireplaces can be used on the ends of the house and the interior for a stove in the basement. Another
        chimney with two flues and fireplaces will be on the ell which can serve as a family room and master bedroom. Also if need be it could be
        partitioned off into an in-laws suite, since it will have plumbing, electric and heat. The unfinished space in the attic and basement can also
        be future additional living space and a possible father-son project.

        For storage I have included a three car garage of wood construction for easier expansion or modification as well as a garage in the
        basement for any addition lawn or recreational equipment or workspace. There would also be a barn or barns on the property as I would
        be a gentleman farmer too. Probably the best part of the house would have to be the deck which extends the length of the house and
        overlooks the sloping yard/meadow leading to the spring fed pond (that my uncle paid for).

        I have omitted a lot of the cabinetry and bathroom details. These things would need a woman’s touch. I will just use the pond for bathing.

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