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					                            Lower Valley Transit Solutions
                                SURVEY RESULTS

                                        October 2010

Total Number of Surveys Submitted: 60
Number Submitted through Survey Monkey: 9
[Note: SM responses have been incorporated into the results given below]

Question 1
Do you currently use public transportation?
Yes: 26
No: 32
[Note: Of those answering “yes,” four specified that they used transit “rarely” or “occasionally”]

Question 2
Why or why not?

Responses from participants indicating that they do use public transit:
    Because I don’t have a drivers’ license
    Because I don’t want to drive
    Don’t want to drive to Seattle. Drive to Issaquah and then 2 buses to work.
    I don’t drive
    I don’t drive; I ride with my husband
    I have kids and when they were younger it would have been difficult to get to the bus. I
      haven’t thought much about it now that they’re older. We haven’t used the services in
      the Valley but we do drive to the Kirkland Park and Ride and take the bus when we visit
    I rarely use transit, though I like to. Barriers include long routes and inconvenient times
      – I can drive in 1/3 of the time, so why take the bus?
    I use it when I need to go to downtown Seattle to avoid parking and congestion.
      Woodinville Park and Ride – Seattle
    It helps to save money; convenience
    It is cost effective, less stress than driving, and it lowers my carbon footprint
    Mainly because there’s no free parking where I work
    No car since 2008. Read or sleep on the bus.
    Not available at times needed, i.e., weekends, evenings
    Save $
    SVT brings me
    To attend exercise classes 3x per week
    To save resources; Redmond – Seattle
    Use less energy
    Work
    Work
    Work, shopping, school

Responses from participants indicating that they do not use public transit:
    Age-handicapped
    Because I drive
    Bus does not go north to the county I work in
                           Lower Valley Transit Solutions Survey Results
                                         October 1, 2010

      Got my own transportation
      Have car
      Have my own car
      Have no schedule or info for connections
      I drive
      I have a car
      I live off Stossel Creek Way – none there
      I still drive
      I use the van to get to the center
      I work second shift. I’d need to get from Redmond to Duvall at midnight
      Inconvenient
      Inconvenient
      Inconvenient and doesn’t save enough miles to encourage me to use it
      It doesn’t go near where I live
      It doesn’t go near where I live
      No need at this time
      Not available at times needed
      Not convenient
      Not convenient to where I live
      Not convenient, not going where/when I go
      Not enough routes through Carnation and I have to transport little kids
      Not helpful to my life
      Not practical
      Routes not direct; schedule not convenient
      Self-employed
      Still drive; don’t go regularly
      Times are not convenient
      Usually only leave Valley to buy supplies; need to drive
      We do not commute. Carry tools/materials for construction and other business
      Within walking distance to local places, and too much time and logistical problems with
       errands to Issaquah or Bellevue

Question 3
If yes, which routes or services do you use? (multiple answers allowed)
[Note: On this question, five respondents wrote “senior service van” under “other.” Those
answers were assigned to SVT, but may possibly refer to the ACCESS van service.]
Metro 209: 8
Metro 232: 3
Metro 311: 4
Metro 929: 15
Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT): 13
Rideshare: 1 - Used to find a rideshare person for 2 days a week
Other: Kirkland to Seattle; 556 Issaquah to Bellevue; Duvall to Senior Center; family drive

Question 4
If you do not currently take public transit, what changes might encourage you to?

                           Lower Valley Transit Solutions Survey Results
                                         October 1, 2010

Responses from participants who indicated that they use public transit:
    Connection between 214 from Seattle with 209 causes lengthy delay
    Easier access to routes. In and out of the valley frequently, several per day. Being able
      to take bags on the bus; i.e., groceries, luggage racks, larger bike racks
    I do occasionally use it but what has encouraged me to continue using it is low cost,
      being able to look up routes online, and phone numbers for assistance posted on bus
      stop signs and actually being able to get good help on the phone when needed.
    I have been told that they are not very reliable, i.e., cancelled scheduled pickups, run
      late, don’t communicate when changes occur, etc.
    I would like to have weekend service on Route 224.
    I would take the 209 from Fall City to Issaquah, but the transfer wait is so long for a
      Bellevue bus.
    I would use public transportation far more frequently if it weren’t for the expense and the
      infrequent nature of the routes through Carnation. Usually, it’s cheaper AND faster to
      drive my own car. If just one of those factors were to change, I’d be more inclined to ride
      often. Right now, I use public transport about once per month.
    If it was available in evenings, I could go to theater and supper group
    Later runs – more frequent or coordination between SVT and Metro
    More direct routes with fewer stops and better coordination with timing for transfers
    SVT – needs to be more responsive to short notice needs. It would help if schedule was
      posted online so you could tell if a ride would be available.

Responses from participants who indicated that they do not use public transit:
    A connector to Monroe Park and Ride
    Better schedules – MAYBE!
    Bike rack at Novelty and Snoqualmie Valley Road; luggage racks bigger
    Convenience of access to my situation and express service
    Coupons with events – like when you buy a concert or game ticket, you get a free ride
    Express routes to Seattle and Bellevue
    I rode the bus to Seattle for jury duty
    I would like to see individuals be able to keep their tax dollars and spend on what they
      like instead of subsidizing transportation for others
    If a bus circled Lake Joy and went to Carnation daily during rush hour
    If a route left Carnation earlier to get me to Redmond earlier
    If there were more routes, possibly express routes through Carnation we might use it on
    In and out of valley mid-day; loop around Cherry Valley Road
    In the event of loss of drivers license
    Inability to drive
    Luggage racks on top of bus and underneath
    Mid-day and evening bus
    More convenient schedule and sensible routing. I don’t always want to go to downtown
      Bellevue or Seattle. I may want to go to Kirkland, Woodinville.
    More frequent trips to Redmond or Seattle
    More often, weekends
    More times during the day to travel to services and shopping
    None
    None

                           Lower Valley Transit Solutions Survey Results
                                         October 1, 2010

      Not sure. Not really able to take time to take transit – maybe a direct route, but that’s
       more like a taxi.
      Some routes closer than 3 miles from my house
      The SVT would work for me if available on shorter notice and until 9:00 pm
      Underground walking tunnels between bus stops. I don’t want to go to downtown
       Anywhere. I want to get as close as possible to where go. I am willing to walk. I am
       sick of the current system going down little residential streets rather than on the main
       roads because some little old lady wants the bus to go by her house and is a squeaky
      When service is more convenient
      Would travel often, would love it!

Question 5
How would you use public bus or van transportation if it were available? (multiple
answers allowed)
Work: 18
Shopping: 31
Services: 26
School: 7
Recreation: 18
Other: 2 (Church; Doctors)

Question 6
If transit were generally available in this area, where would you like to go (list top three
[Note: ranked in order of responses]
Issaquah: 12
Redmond/Redmond Transit Center: 11
Downtown Seattle: 11
Bellevue/BCC: 10
Carnation: 8
Monroe: 5
Duvall: 4
North Bend: 4
Senior Center: 3
Everywhere: 3
University of Washington: 2
Woodinville: 2
Fall City: 2
Capitol Hill/First Hill: 1
Northgate: 1
QFC: 1
202/203 with Park and Ride: 1
None: 1

Question 7
What days of the week would you use transit, if available?
Monday: 38

                            Lower Valley Transit Solutions Survey Results
                                          October 1, 2010

Tuesday: 36
Wednesday: 38
Thursday: 36
Friday: 38
Saturday: 24
Sunday: 19

8b --- What time (s) of day would you use transit, if available?
5 am to 2 or 3 pm, approx

Question 8
What is your age?
10 – 20      1
21 – 30      4
31 – 40      6
41 – 50      7
51 – 60      10
61 – 70      15
71 – 80      6
80+          8

Question 9
In what neighborhood (area) do you live?
[Note: ranked by responses]
Carnation:           26
Fall City            10
Duvall               8
Ames Lake            3
Stillwater           2
Tolt River Road      1
Kelly Road           1
Lake Joy             1
Rivers Edge          1
Mountain View        1
Snoqualmie Valley    1
North Bend           1
Heather Crest        1
Cherry Valley        1
Wildwood (Issq.)     1

Random comments
    Another suggestion: Extend trips from Redmond –Carnation by two hours by 1) having
     SVT run until 9 pm and 2) having 224 run until 9 p.m. Thanks!
    If taxpayers weren’t forced to pay government subsidies, private companies could
     choose which destinations are the most popular via profit/loss mechanisms.


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