Guide to Offshore Anonymous Debit Cards by PanamaLaw


									Guide to Offshore Anonymous Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) Executive Summary – We can get a number of different anonymous offshore debit cards for our clients. There are anonymous corporate Visa cards with ATM limits of up to $5,000 a day and a total limit of $5,000,000 as well as anonymous no name ATM only cards. We can arrange group programs as well with anonymous Visa or ATM cards having only the name of an anonymous bearer share corporation on the card. There is no personal name on the Visa or ATM card or in the magnetic strip. The Visa cards come from a Bank in South America, not Panama. There is no limit as to the number of cards a person can have. Visa and ATM Cards from Panama Banks -Panama Banks do NOT issue Visa, Master Card or ATM cards to corporate or foundation bank accounts anymore. What is done is a personal bank account is opened at the same bank where the corporate bank account is and then a secured Visa or ATM card is issued which does have your personal name on it. Most people do not like the lack of privacy that is associated with such cards so we have other solutions for our clients from banks outside of Panama. If the Panama Bank issued cards with your name on it is acceptable then contact our office to proceed with placing an order. Remember you need to have a corporate or foundation account at the bank plus a personal account. Anonymous Visa Card – These are cards issued directly from a South American Bank. They do not come from Panama Banks. They are tied directly to a corporate account at the bank. The cards are issued in the name of an anonymous offshore corporation. The cards have no personal names on them or in the magnetic strip. They can be used in person, at ATM machines around the world or for online purchases. The cards can have up to a $5,000,000 limit. The ATM cash limit is $5,000 a day. Balances can be checked online. These are NOT credit cards. No credit is being extended. With these cards you spend your own money that is in the South American Bank. The cards are denominated in US Dollars. There are loading fees. These cards are intended for a card program operator, which means at least 100 cards at a time. We do make these cards available to our corporate or foundation clients as well as a courtesy to our clients. If you are not a client and not a card program operator we cannot sell you these cards. Anonymous ATM Cards – We have anonymous ATM cards available for our corporate or foundation clients. We also make these cards available to card program operators, 100-card minimum. The cards are loaded by wire transfer to Mexico. The cards are in US Dollars and work in ATM machines

around the world. The limit is $1900 a day and $9500 a month. One can have several cards. These cards can have different limits if you are a card program operator. They are completely anonymous and in stock complete with pin numbers. The cards have a 1% loading fee. Other Cards – If you are a card program operator and have need for other types of cards inquire. We may be able to help.

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