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LITERATURE OF TFF Kemisol by gegeshandong


									                          LITERATURE OF TFF Kemisol – PFD

TFF Kemisol – PFD
Is a unique eco-friendly polymeric additive for new generation detergents and cleaning preparations.

TFF Kemisol – PFD
 Is a acrylic maleic aqueous co-polymer, which is internationally welcomed additive for washing and cleaning
preparations. Now a days western world is determined to eliminate use of Phosphates in detergents
because of the environmental hazards created by phosphates.

TFF Kemisol – PFD improves all basic primary functions of detergent, in addition to that it also contributes
some important properties and also improves the over all effectiveness of the detergent :

It prevents re-deposition of soil on the fabric.
It acts as a booster to enhance the detergency synergistically.
It prevents encrustation.
It acts as a anti scalent in washing machines and it improves the performance and life of the washing
In production process of detergent powders it maintains the consistency of viscosity of the slurry so that the
uniform spraying is facilitated.
It imparts good binding property and enhances solidification in cake making process.
It can replace phosphates and CMC to large extent. Also fully with Zeolite.
It is practically non toxic.
It is eco-friendly additive.

Filed of applications:

TFF Kemisol – PFD has very bright applications in :

1.       Phosphate free detergents powder and cake.
2.       In the formulations of washing and cleaning preparations of Industrial institutional uses.
3.       For household laundry detergents.
4.       In the formulations of cleaning preparations for utensils, crockery and other kitchenware.
5.       Hard surface cleaner such as windows, tubs, tiles, floor, metal surface (vehicles), domestic

Method of use :
In detergent powder after the slurry is neutralized with Soda, Zeolit, Kemisol-PDF can be spread out in the
blender and allow to mix thoroughly.

Detergent Cakes and Dish Washing Bars : TFF Kemisol – PFD can be added at last after adding all
ingredients but before addition of the perfume in the batch.

Doses :
For detergent powder and cakes                         :        0.5- 7 %
For dish washing preparations and liquid detergents    :        0.5- 3 %

Lower does may not give satisfactory performance. Similarly higher doses will not improve the results.
Actual doses has to be worked out at end user by trial and error method as per required situation.

Product Specification :

Physical appearance                 :        Yellowish coloured, clear or slightly hazy viscose liquid.
pH of 10% solution                  :        7- 8
Solid content %                     :        25 - 4
Shelf life                          :        12 months in closed container stored under roof.
Packing                             :        50 Kg. & 200 Kg. poly containers.

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