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					                               Literature of TFF Actigen
TFF Actigen is a unique combination of biosurfactant (cyclolipopeptide) and optical brightener
(bis- trizinylamino-stilbene disulphonic acid) blended in the form of water soluble blue granules.


TFF Actigen can be used for a variety of purposes due to its whitening, emulsification, solublising,
wetting and spreading properties. In detergent industry it is used to remove dirt, grease, fatty
material and improve the whiteness of fabric.


TFF Actigen offers following benefit in detergent powder :

      Gives brilliant brightness and whiteness on the fabric.
      Removes soils, dirt, grease, fatty material etc. from the fabric.
      Excellent detergency improvement and surface tension reduction in combination with
       conventional surfactants like Acid Slurry and AOS etc.
      Improves the aesthetics of the detergent powder due to its blue granular structure.

Physical Properties:

                   Colour                         Dark peacock blue
                   Structure                      Granular
                   Odour                          No significant odour
                   pH   (1% solution)             10.5
                   E11 value                      15 (± 5)

Dosage in detergent powder:

TFF Actigen is very effective as a surface active agent and as a fabric whitener. The
recommended dosage is 0.5% to 3% in detergent powder.

Packing :

TFF Actigen is available in 15 kg carton.

Storage :

TFF Actigen is a very stable product, for best results it should be stored in its original container
away from direct sunlight.


TFF Actigen is non – toxic to animal, plant and human. (MSDS is available on request).

Technical Services:

Our technical service department will be freely available for any enquiry regarding
specific application , whiteness test, soil removal test and other product specific

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