Medieval Church Part ll by gegeshandong


									Medieval Church Part ll

Jennifer Farrell & Margo Poleway

Chapter 7 Section 3

Period 6

Global 9H

Focus Questions

   •    Who were the key people of the medieval church?
   •    How did the church impact society?
   •    What happened to the church and society during the
        corruption and reforms?
Church Power grows
    Centuries after Rome’s fall it grew
        -Hierarchy became unique position in Western Europe
    Church gradually became powerful over the years
Secular: Worldly, force in medieval Europe

The Church’s Role in Society
   • Pope= spiritual leader of Western Christian Church
   • Papal Supremacy: Authority over all secular rulers,
       including kings and emperors.
   • Churchmen supervised activities
   • High clergy were nobles
   • Feudal lords had territories and armies
   • Church rulers linked to secular rulers
   • Churchmen were highly educated

Religious Authority and Political Power
    • Dedicated to worship the one main God
    • All were born sinners (Original sin)
    • Canon Law: Churches bodies of laws
            • Religion teachings, aspects of life, etc. (Church Laws)
            • People who disobeyed the laws were prosecuted
    • Excommunication: Could not receive sacraments or Christian burial
    • Interdict: Powerful noble who opposed the Church
            • Caused revolts by the common people

A Force for Peace
    • Used authority to end noble warfare
    • Truce of God: Temporary peace
    • Demanded the stop to fighting

Corruption And Reform
    • Popes were barely educated
           • Didn’t know religious services
    •   Churches lost a lot of money

Two Movements for Reform
    Abbot Berno reformed his monastery of Cluny in Eastern France
          Refused to allow nobles& bishops to interfere in monastery affairs
   - Gregory VII
         o Monk
         o Became pope
         o Pushed for reform
         o Outlawed marriage for priests
         o Prohibited simony: The selling of church offices

New Preaching Orders
Friars: Monks who did not live in isolated monasteries
         -Took a different approach to reform
         -Traveled around Europe’s growing towns
         -Preached to the poor

St. Francis of Assisi
        -Wealthy Italian
        -Founded the first friars
        -Preached poverty, humility and love of God

St. Dominic
       -Spanish priest
       -Founded the Dominican Friars

Women in the reform movement
     -Supported the reform movement
     - Some became Dominican nuns
     - Others joined the Poor Clares
     - Well-born women gave a gift (Dowry) to the church.
     -Poor women were welcomed by the Beguines

Jews in Medieval Europe
        -Existed all across Europe
        -Muslim rulers in present day Spain
        -Spain became center of Jewish Culture
        -Jew served as officials in Muslim Royal Courts
        -Jews were given positions by early German kings
        -Jews were protected and valued by rulers in Europe
        -Jews taxed highly

Jews in Medieval Europe continued...
        -Christians blamed Jews for the illnesses
        - Jews& Christians had little interaction with each other
       - Rulers and popes turned to educated Jews for help
       -Thousands of Jews migrated to Eastern Europe
       - Jewish communities settled in Eastern Europe until modern times

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