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march-3 by gegeshandong


									GSS 2150-101 Writing for the Workplace (W1) Spring 2011
A Transfer Seminar
Pam Cross, Instructor
Office: J-105, 609-652-4899; home: 609-653-1018; cell: 609-442-2293
Course blog:

Assignments for Thursday, March 3 (50 points):
In Rules for Writers, please consult the letter format on page 73.
Write a letter of gratitude. Go beyond a simple thank-you note. Address the letter to someone who
deserves a thank you or someone who serves in a supervisory position to this person. Express thanks and
be specific.
Give that pat on the back we all deserve but seldom receive.


    1) Follow the proper page layout for business letters. Include return address as letterhead (see my
       sample), date, inside address, formal salutation, intro, body, closing, and “cc.”

    2) State why you are writing in the first paragraph. By the end of your first paragraph your reader
       should know that you are writing to express your gratitude or pay someone a compliment.

    3) In the body of the letter (one or two paragraphs?), explain your story with enough detail so that the
       audience knows the details, but remember to stay as concise as you can.

    4) End politely. Perhaps ask for some kind of follow-up? It will depend on the nature of the situation
       you’re describing.

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