Emergency Birth Control

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 Birth Control

Can PREVENT pregnancy
  after unprotected sex.

Don’t wait until your period is late.
                                                  Where Can I Get Emergency Birth
                                                  Control Pills?
                                                  •	 At	a	pharmacy,	family	planning	clinic,		
                                                     or	county	health	department.
                                                  •	 Visit	www.wvfree.org	for	a	list	of	
                                                     pharmacies	that	carry	emergency		
                                                     birth	control	pills.
                                                  •	 If	you’re	under	age	17	you’ll	need	a	
                                                     prescription	from	your	doctor,	family	
                                                     planning	clinic,	school	health	center,	
What Is Emergency Birth Control?
                                                     health	department	clinic	or	urgent		
•	 A	concentrated	dose	of	the	same	                  care	center.
   hormone	found	in	regular	birth	control.
•	 Can	safely	and	effectively	prevent	            What Else Should I Know About
   pregnancy	if	taken	within	5	days		             Emergency Birth Control Pills?
   after	having	sex,	but the sooner
   the better!                                    •	 It’s	a	backup	to	your	regular	method		
                                                     of	birth	control.
•	 Known	as	the	“morning	after	pill”	or	
   “Plan	B®.”                                     •	 It	doesn’t	protect	against	sexually	
                                                     transmitted	infections	(STIs),		
•	 Not	the	abortion	pill.                            including	HIV.
•	 Won’t	work	if	you’re	already	pregnant.         •	 It	won’t	harm	an		
                                                     existing	pregnancy.
When Do I Use Emergency Birth                     •	 Even	if	you’ve		
Control Pills?                                       used	emergency		
•	 Within	5	days	after	having	unprotected	           birth	control,	get		
   sex,	but the sooner the better!                   a	pregnancy	test	if	
                                                     your	period	is	over		
•	 If	you	didn’t	use	any	birth	control.
                                                     a	week	late.
•	 If	the	condom	broke.
                                                  •	 For	information	
•	 If	you	missed	2	or	more	birth	control	pills	      about	where	
   or	you	started	your	pack	late.                    you	can	get	
•	 If	your	diaphragm	slipped.                        emergency	birth	
                                                     control	at	low	or	
•	 If	you	missed	your	birth	control	shot.
                                                     no	cost,	visit		
•	 If	you	were	forced	to	have	sex.                   www.wvfree.org.

           The Sooner,                                        The Better.
                       The sooner
   you take the emergency birth control,

                         the better
     your chance to prevent pregnancy.

         The clock is ticking…

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