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									             NCANS 2010-2011 Legislative Platform:
                 Protecting the title “Nurse”
North Carolina Association of Nursing Students proposes the adoption of
“Protecting the title of “Nurse” within the state of North Carolina. This platform
establishes our organization’s support to oppose the introduction of the North
Carolina General Assembly House Bill 1286. House bill 1286 supports the notion

Under the House bill 1286, the job description of the Christian Science Nurse is as
follows; The practice of Christian Science nursing by a Christian Science nurse,
who may only refer to herself or himself as a 'Christian Science Nurse'. For
purposes of this subdivision, a Christian Science nurse is an experienced Christian
Scientist who is prepared to give spiritual support and skillful physical care
consistent with the theology of Christian Science. Christian Science Nursing
includes practical care, such as bathing, dressing wounds, assistance with mobility,
preparation and modification of food and assistance with feeding, and spiritual
encouragement and communication. Christian Science nursing does not include
any form of medical treatment, such as diagnosis, prognosis, physical therapy, or
the administering of medication."

1- In 1903, North Carolina was the first state in the US to pass legislation to
protect the public with the first Board of Nursing and Practice Act.
2- Restricting the use of the title 'nurse' to only those who have satisfied licensure
requirements ensures protection the public deserves.
3- The State Legislature has worked with NCNA and North Carolina Board of
Nursing, in the past, to protect the title “nurse” thus giving the citizens of North
Carolina confidence in nursing professionals across the state.
4- To legislate the title of “Christian Science Nurse” to those who have not
completed a rigorous educational program and passage of the NCLEX-RN
examination required by NC law would erode the public protection and the
profession of nursing.
5- The public consistently votes Nurses the “most trusted profession” in America
and the word 'nurse' assures the public that we are educated and perform in
accordance with the state’s Nursing Practice Act.
6- Giving the title “nurse” to ANY group is clearly a message to the 130,000
nurses in the state that the standards of education and passage of the national
exams are meaningless.
7- Allowing others to use the title nurse based on preferred religious practices is
not in the best interest of the public or the profession.
8- We have a State Board of Nursing, which includes consumers, to protect the
public from nurses who are not practicing according to standards.
9- If House Bill 1286 were to be enacted, who would regulate the practice of
Christian Science nurses?
10- Is the introduction of this bill an indication that this type of legislation
demonstrates a lack of knowledge and respect for the profession of nursing? If this
legislation were to pass, what other groups will ask to be recognized by the NC
General Assembly as a type of “nurse”?
11- Given the history of support for nurses in the NC General Assembly, NCNA,
representing the nurses in NC, formally requests that this bill be defeated.
Where is North Carolina?

On April 9, 2009 The North Carolina General Assembly reviewed House Bill 1286
“Christian Science Nurs'g/Nursing Practice Act” passed in the house on first read.
As of now it has been referred to the Com. Of Heath, if favorable, to Judiciary I.
You can visit the contents of House Bill 1286 at

What We Can Do:

    Educate ourselves and others regarding the contents and scope of practice of
     the Registered Nurse in the Nurse Practice Act.
     Educate fellow nursing students, practicing nurses, and professionals
      regarding the practice of Christian Science Nursing and House Bill 1286.
     Take action and contact our legislative representatives to vote “no” for
      House Bill 1286.


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