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     ORGANIZATION                        BRIEF DESCRIPTION                                                  MAJOR POINTS
                                                                                                   (source: organization websites)
CENTER FOR AMERICAN         National Organization.                                 The Center for American Progress (CAP) develops “new policy ideas,
PROGRESS (CAP)              A think tank offering policy proposals, engaging in    critique the policy that stems from conservative values, and
                            dialogue with leaders, thinkers, and citizens, and     challenge the media to cover the issues that truly matter and shape
Website:                    providing talking points, events, news, columns and    the national debate.” Education falls within CAP “Domestic Issues”   a weekly email ne wsletter. CAP is staffed by many     and provides a broad range of education features, such as teacher
                            former 2008 Democratic presidential candidate          evaluation, charter schools, the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), Race to
                            staffers.                                              the Top (RttT) and affirmative action. Featured writers include Dr.
                                                                                   Linda Darling-Hammond and Dr. Dan Goldhaber.
CENTER FOR REINVENTING      Washington State Organization.                         CRPE research uses evidence from the field and lessons learned from
PUBLIC EDUCATION (CRPE)     CRPE was founded in 1993 at the University of          other sectors to understand complicated problems and to design
                            Washington. Under Director Paul Hill, CRPE             innovative and practical solutions for policymakers, elected officials,
Website                     engages in independent research and policy             parents, educators, and community leaders. The focus of CRPEs               analysis on a range of K-12 public education reform    current work includes the following:
                            issues, including choice & charters, finance &              Finance, Spending, and Productivity Project
                            productivity, teachers, urban district reform,              National Charter School Research Project
                            leadership, and state & federal reform. CRPE's              Portfolio School Districts Project
                            work is based on two premises: that public schools          Teachers, Teacher Quality, and Human Capital Project
                            should be measured against the goal of educating
                            all children well, and that current institutions too
                            often fail to achieve this goal.
CENTER FOR STRENGTHENING    Washington State Organization.                      CSTP is strategically aligned to three priorities for improving
THE TEACHING PROFESSION     CSTP supports student achievement through a         education:
(CSTP)                      focus on teaching excellence. Established in 2003    Research: CSTP commissions research and builds capacity for using
                            by the Stuart Foundation and other funders, CSTP is   data to inform policy discussions and decision-making
Website:                    Washington state nonprofit organization focused      Teacher Leadership: CSTP provides teachers with opportunities to            on building a strong, supported and effective         develop leadership skills and contribute to policy decisions
                            teaching force for Washington’s students. CSTP       Community Dialogue: CSTP engages the public in dialogue with the
                            has recently received project funding from the        education community that is centered on powerful learning for all
                            Gates Foundation.                                     students

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CENTER FOR TEACHING QUALITY       National Organization.                                 CTQ seeks to improve student learning and advance the teaching
(CTQ)                             Founded in 1999, CTQ’s work has been focused on        profession by:
                                  promoting a coherent system of teacher                  Cultivating teacher leadership
Website:                          recruitment, preparation, induction, professional       Conducting timely research   development, compensation and leadership that           Crafting smart policy
                                  can dramatically close the nation’s achievement
                                  gap. Associations often look to CTQ for balanced
                                  education research. Major funders include the
                                  Gates and other foundations, districts, local
                                  education associations, NEA, Council of Chief State
                                  School Officers (CCSSO) and UCLA.

COMMUNITY CENTER FOR              King County Organization.                              The primary goal of the CCER is to double the number of students in
EDUCATION RESULTS (CCER)          The CCER is a newly founded non-profit, which is       South King County and South Seattle who are on track to graduate
                                  led by former State Board of Education Chairperson     from college or earn a career credential by 2020 by following a road
Website:                          Mary Jean Ryan and founded to work in                  map for students along this continuum:       partnership with communities and organizations         1. Early Learning: Healthy and ready for Kindergarten
                                  that want to dramatically improve results at all       2. K-12 School and Community Support
                                  stages of the education continuum. The CCER is              Supported and successful in school
                                  using data to make a case for its “Road Map for             Graduate from high school – college and career ready
                                  Education Results,” a new civic initiative aimed at    3. College/Career: Earn a college degree or credential
                                  driving major improvements in education results.
                                  CCER’s work is focused on closing the achievement
                                  gaps for low income students and children of color
                                  from “cradle to college and career” in South Seattle
                                  and South King County. The CCER is primarily
                                  funded by the Seattle and Gates Foundations.

EDUCATION TRUST                   National Organization.                                 Education Trust “Advocacy Agenda”
                                  Organization promoting high academic                    An accountability system that sets clear goals about
Website:                          achievement for students at all levels (pre-K             improvement and gap-closing but provides states with new                  through 20). Education Trust’s primary goal is to         flexibility, rewards success, and quickly transforms troubled
                                  close the gaps in opportunity and achievement.            schools.
                                  They advance their mission by [1] working               High standards and high-quality assessments.
                                  alongside education stakeholders (educators,            Action to ensure equitable access to effective teachers and
                                  parents, students, policymakers, civic and business       leaders.
                                  leaders in communities across the nation), [2]          High-quality instructional tools to help teachers teach to the
                                  conducting national, state and local data                 new, higher standards.

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                                 (“unflinching data analyses” to build their case),        Equitable funding for all schools within a district.
                                 and [2] actively participate in national and state        Aggressive and appropriate mechanisms to turn around our
                                 policy debates. Funders include the Broad and              lowest performing schools.
                                 Gates Foundations, as well as many other private          Public information and reporting so that there are no mysteries
                                 and corporate foundations.                                 about the quality of our schools, teachers, and leaders.
                                 OSPI sent a delegation of policymakers and
                                 education stakeholders to the 2007 Education Trust
                                 Conference, LEV brought Education Trust Executive
                                 Director Kati Haycock to Seattle for a public event,
                                 and the Gates Foundation sent a delegation of
                                 communities of color leaders (and included the
                                 WEA) to the 2010 Education Trust Conference.

EXCELLENT SCHOOLS NOW            An education coalition of education, business and      The ESN Coalition goal: Achieve meaningful education reform that
                                 community-based organizations in Washington            will increase student achievement, close the growing achievement
Website:                         State (mainly in Puget Sound) that organizes           gap and prepare all students to be college and career-ready.
http://www.excellentschoolsnow   students, families and citizens to lobby               Highlights of ESN Priorities:
.org/                            policymakers, conducts surveys and provides            1) College and Work Ready Standards, Assessments and Graduation
                                 talking points and research. Members include neo-      Requirements
                                 reform organizations, such as the League of             Adoption and implementation of the Common Core State
                                 Education Voters, Partnership for Learning, Stand           Standards.
                                 for Children, Washington Business Roundtable, and       Adoption and implementation of the Common Core
                                 other non-profit organizations, such as the                 Assessments, which will allow for comparison across students,
                                 Washington Global Health Alliance, Washington               schools, districts and states; create economies of scale; provide
                                 State PTA, King County Hispanic Chamber of                  more information and support for effective teaching and
                                 Commerce and the College Success Foundation.                learning; and prepare students for college and work.
                                                                                         The State Board of Education’s “Washington State’s Graduation
                                                                                             Requirements: Career and College Ready” proposal.
                                                                                        2) Effective Teaching: To ensure an effective teacher is in every
                                                                                         A comprehensive evaluation system that includes student
                                                                                             learning – the goal of our education system – as a significant
                                                                                             factor. This system should allow for rewarding and retaining
                                                                                             effective teachers, as well as meaningful, targeted professional
                                                                                             development when needed.
                                                                                         Performance as a significant factor in staffing decisions,
                                                                                             including placement, transfers, reduction-in-force situations and
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                                                                                             Equitable distribution of high-quality, culturally-competent
                                                                                          Recognize and reward high-quality teachers for pursuing
                                                                                              additional responsibilities and specialized training such as
                                                                                              National Board Certification and Beginning Educator Support
                                                                                              Team full-time teacher mentors.
                                                                                         3) Effective Principals to ensure an effective leader is in every school
                                                                                          Expansion of alternative route certification for principals.
                                                                                          A comprehensive evaluation system that includes student
                                                                                              learning – the goal of our education system – as a significant
                                                                                          Performance as a significant factor in staffing decisions,
                                                                                              including placement, transfers, reduction-in-force situations and
                                                                                          Authority to manage human capital decisions including hiring,
                                                                                              assigning, reassigning and dismissing building staff.
                                                                                         4) Innovation by providing flexibility to innovate locally combined
                                                                                         with accountability creates a powerful framework for desired
                                                                                         results. Specifically, developing a policy framework for school
                                                                                         innovation and high-quality charter schools.
                                                                                         5) Accountability Index: A statewide accountability framework that is
                                                                                         transparent, easily accessible to the public and designed to ensure
                                                                                         all students receive an excellent and equitable education.

GATES FOUNDATION                National Organization.                                 The Gates Foundation works with partners to tackle some of the
                                The Gates Foundation possesses a trust                 difficult problems in the United States; the primary focus is on
Website:                        endowment of $36.4 billion and made $3 billion in      improving public education in these priority areas. grant payments in 2009. The Gates Foundation            Education: The Gates Foundation (GF) works to make sure high
united-states/Pages/program-    U.S. Programs Education Team focuses on [1]              school students graduate ready for success and prepared to earn
overview.aspx                   Education, Postsecondary Success, and Special            postsecondary degrees, funds college and graduate school
                                Initiatives, [2] Education, College Ready (High          scholarships, and supports high-quality early learning programs in
                                School Focus), [3] Pacific Northwest Initiative(s) and   Washington state.
                                [4] U.S. Libraries.                                     Libraries: The GF supports efforts to supply and sustain free public
                                The College Ready division has funded many neo-          access to computers and the Internet through local public libraries.
                                reformer organizations, such as the Community           Pacific Northwest: The GF assists struggling families by supporting
                                Center for Education Results, League of Education        innovative community organizations located in the Pacific
                                Voters, the Partnership for Learning, and Stand for      Northwest and efforts that help break the cycle of homelessness.
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LEAGUE OF EDUCATION VOTERS   Washington State Organization.                       Still in progress:
                             Coalition of progressive activists and wealthy Puget Cannot locate specific agenda/priorities, though they appear to
Website:                     Sound area individuals, who originally came          match Excellent Schools Now coalition.     together to promote school funding issues. LEV is
                             funded by private and “member” donations, as well
                             as grants from foundations, such as the Gates
                             LEV partners with other organizations,
                             policymakers and school district leaders to organize
                             students, families and community activists to
                             advocate for education reform initiatives. LEV also
                             provides education reform topics through a
                             program called the Education Revolution Speakers
                             Series which promoted “Waiting for Superman”
                             and featured the KIPP Schools, a national charter
                             school corporation and Los Angeles-based Green
                             Dot Schools (charter). LEV Board members, staff
                             and key activists include entrepreneurs, a former
                             Bellevue School Board president, a Bellevue Schools
                             Foundation member and TFA alumni.

NATIONAL COUNCIL ON          National Organization.                               Four Sets of Institutions
TEACHER QUALITY              The NCTQ advisory board includes representatives     NCTQ advocates for reform focused on teacher quality focused on
                             from the Center for American Progress, the Center    four sets of institutions believed to have the greatest impact on
Website:                     for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), Teach for   teacher quality:              America, the Gates Foundation and former DC              1. states,
                             Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. Funded          2. teacher preparation programs,
                             by many foundations and organizations, such as the       3. school districts, and
                             Gates Foundation, Exxon Mobil Foundation,                4. teachers’ unions.
                             Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, and
                             Thomas B. Fordham Institute, NCTQ does not
                             accept any direct federal funding.
                             NCTQ did an analysis of the Seattle contract last
                             year (used by the Our Schools Coalition) and
                             recently did another after the settlement pointing
                             out where the contract did not go far enough.
                             Attending the meeting of NCTQ’s latest Seattle

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                                contract analysis were representatives from the
                                Seattle, Tacoma, Northshore, Shoreline, Spokane
                                and Renton School Districts.

OTHER: LOCAL EXAMPLES           The Bainbridge Foundation, Bellevue Foundation         Local and regional foundations will often raise funds and
                                Seattle – Alliance for Education, and Seattle          accept/oversee grants supporting district level education reform
                                Foundation                                             initiatives associated with the neo-reform agenda.

OUR SCHOOLS COALITION           Seattle-Focused Washington State Coalition.            Proposed Seattle CBA Changes
                                A coalition of organizations including both Seattle-    Teacher Support and Development (increased professional time,
Website:                        based and Washington State organizations, groups          expanded mentoring and coaching)    and individuals (including Seattle City Council         Performance and Evaluation (student growth as a teacher
                                members) who organized to affect the outcome of           evaluation factor, student performance-based staffing decisions,
                                the 2010 Seattle bargain.                                 reduced window to remove “lowest performing teachers”)
                                In addition to analyzing changes they wanted in the     Compensation and Career Opportunities (increased
                                contract (including test scores tied to evaluation        compensation based on performance and other factors, and
                                and easier termination), they actively lobbied the        new “sources of teacher talent such as Teach for America”)
                                school board and one of its member organizations
                                (Alliance for Education) funded representatives to
                                sit on the management bargaining team.

PARTNERSHIP FOR LEARNING        Washington State Organization.                         Five Key Education Policy Priorities:
                                The public education-focused non-profit under the          1. College and Work Readiness (24 credit graduation
Website:                        Washington Business Roundtable. A Washington                   requirements, Common Core Standards, a “revamp of the   state coalition of large businesses, such as Boeing,           current assessment system,” high, internationally-
                                Weyerhaueser, Safeco, Pemco, Microsoft, Battelle,              benchmarked expectations)
                                etc. focused exclusively on education reform.              2. STEM and Innovation (stronger STEM instruction, standards,
                                Non-business partners include: Stand for Children,             assessments and graduation requirements and schools and
                                League of Education Voters, Excellent Schools Now,             districts held to high STEM accountability standards)
                                College and Work Ready Agenda and Our Schools              3. Teacher and Leaders (“evaluation system that differentiates
                                Coalition                                                      teachers based on student academic growth” for staffing
                                                                                           4. Data Systems (individual student data, P-12 and
                                                                                               postsecondary student record-matching, teacher identifier
                                                                                               system and state data audit system assessing data quality,
                                                                                               validity and reliability)
                                                                                           5. Accountability (holding individual schools and districts
                                                                                               accountable for graduating all students from high school
                                                                                               ready for college and the workplace)
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STAND FOR CHILDREN                National Organization.                                  Priorities:
                                  Describes itself as a grassroots, child advocacy        1. Empower Our Teachers (teacher preparation and certification,
Website:                          organization. Active in seven states with national          teaching profession induction and high-quality professional     headquarters in OR and MA. Hires organizers to              development, improvement, student academic growth-based
654                               promote agenda in specific communities.                     evaluation and replacement, fund principal training in
                                  Funded largely by the Gates Foundation and private          evaluation, five-year probationary period, teacher retention,
                                  donors. Five current Washington State chapters in           pathways and alternative compensation)
                                  Bellevue, Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula, Issaquah,           2. Foster Strong Principal Leadership (principal recruitment and
                                  South Sound and Tacoma, but is active in Seattle            preparation, principal induction, professional development and
                                  and other areas in the state.                               redefined principal evaluation)
                                                                                          3. Build 21st-Century Data Systems (link current CEDARS K-12 data
                                                                                              system with data from other public agencies starting with state
                                                                                              data on 3- to 4-year olds, teacher preparation program data with
                                                                                              graduates’ impact on student academic growth, accessible
                                                                                              longitudinal data to inform decisions, pilot school-level data
                                                                                              dashboards linked to the state longitudinal data system)
                                                                                          4. Strengthen Early Learning Access and Quality (voluntary
                                                                                              universal early learning opportunities)

STUDENTS FIRST                    National Organization.                                  Students First Mission
                                  Led by former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor (and       To build a national movement to defend the interests of children in
Website:                          Teach For America corps member and The New              public education and pursue transformative reform, so that America             Teacher Project Founder) Michelle Rhee, Students        has the best education system in the world.
                                  First was formed in 2010. The Washington, D.C.-         Policy Agenda Priorities
Policy Agenda document:           based United For Children Advocacy is doing             1. Elevate the teaching profession by valuing teachers’ impact on   business as "StudentsFirst: a movement to                   students. Policy objective highlights: evaluate teachers and
ge/-                              transform public education" and is a 501(c)4.               principals based on evidence of student results (at least 50% of
/StudentsFirst_Policy_Agenda.p    Michelle Rhee has visited Washington State                  their evaluation), pay teachers based on their impact on student
df?nocdn=1                        meeting with various funders and neo-reformers              results, and make all staffing decisions — including hiring,
                                  and will establish a Students First West Coast office       transfers, and firing — based on teacher impact on student
                                  (anticipated to open in California).                        results.
                                                                                          2. Empowering parents with real choices and real information.
                                                                                              Policy objective highlights: ensure parents have meaningful data
                                                                                              about schools and teachers and empower parents to avoid low-
                                                                                              performing teachers and schools.
                                                                                          3. Spend taxpayer resources wisely to get better results for
                                                                                              students. Policy objective highlights: Ensure that strong
                                                                                              accountability systems are in place and ensure that the
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                                                                                      government exercises discipline in pension and benefit

TEACH FOR AMERICA (TFA)    National Organization.                                 TFA Goals
                           Started in 1990 by a Princeton University graduate,    To create a national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of
Website:                   There are 28,000 individuals in the TFA Network.       all academic majors and career interests who commit two years to   TFA was briefly in the Seattle Public Schools in the   teach in urban and rural public schools and become leaders (in
                           mid-1990s; however, many TFA alumni are involved       education advocacy, policy, as policymakers, school board members,
                           in Washington state education advocacy                 etc.) in expanding educational opportunity and see TFA corps
                           organizations and foundations.                         members work to eliminate education inequity through:
                           TFA received a $50 million federal Invest in            “Immediate impact in the classroom” (intensive training leading
                           Innovation (i3) grant and received $10 from the             to their students “substantial academic progress,” TFA corps
                           Broad Foundation, Gates Foundation, other                   members as full-time teachers filling capacity “gaps that plague
                           charitable funds plus businesses, such as Cisco,            schools districts,” lead to increased levels of student
                           Visa, Inc., Wachovia (Wells Fargo).                         achievement)
                                                                                   “Experience informs understanding” (through classroom
                                                                                       experience, corps members develop a deeper understanding of
                                                                                       the challenges and how to overcome them, build conviction that
                                                                                       education inequity can be solved and take increased personal
                                                                                       responsibility for helping solving it)
                                                                                   “Long-term systemic change” (using their “firsthand
                                                                                       experience,” TFA alumni become leaders in changing the public
                                                                                       education landscape nationally to help children in low-income
                                                                                       communities overcome challenges, build capacity in schools and
                                                                                       school systems and change prevailing ideology through their
                                                                                       examples and advocacy)

WASHINGTON STATE PTA       Washington State Organization (part of National        Top Six Priorities:
                           Organization)                                          1. Following up on Education Reform Efforts (HB 2261, HB 2776, SB
Website:                   The Washington State PTA (WSPTA) is divided into          6696)        13 regions designed to serve and support individual    2. Math and Science Education
                           member “units” in each region and is supported         3. Literacy Instruction
                           primarily by member dues.                              4. Teacher Reduction in Force (factors other than seniority)
                           The Washington State PTA has been a part of the        5. Fund Education First
                           Excellent Schools Now coalition; however, the          6. New Model for Teacher Compensation (“rewarding teacher
                           Seattle Council PTA was not an official member of         effectiveness in improving student learning”)
                           the Our Schools Coalition.

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