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									Laundry Manager Job Description

Laundry Manager Job Description and Profile

A laundry manager is someone who is basically the in charge of the laundry
management and has the responsibility to outlook that all laundry are washed and
recorded in accordance with the management rules and procedures. He or she has to
report to the immediate manage. The laundry manager is in charge of ensuring that all
equipment is switched off when not in use or not being supervised.

Duties and responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities of a Laundry Manager:

      The main duty is to check all linen for stains and damage and report in case

      He or she has the responsibility to keep clean and dirty linen separate within the
       laundry area.

      He or she has to perform minor repairs to clients’ clothing and has to participate
       in staff and client meetings.

      He or she has to ensure the laundry room is clean and tidy.

      The person has the responsibility to wash down washers, dryers and laundry
       bags; clean lint trays events; mop floors

      He or she has the duty to use appropriate protective clothing when dealing with
       soiled or infected linen.

      It is needed to make sure statutory health and safety standards in the laundry

      H or she has to wok for promoting the good reputation of the laundry centre and
       the security of the laundry centre is maintained at all times.

      It will be needed to follow all company policies and procedures within the
       defined timescales.

      He or she has to ensure all equipment is clean and well maintained and has to
       carry out all the related tasks.

Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:
      The person should have the ability to communicate well in English.

      He or she should be very cheerful, bubbly service oriented and energetic

      He or she needs to have the exceptional leadership qualities to perform the
       duties of a laundry manager effectively with.

Education and Qualifications

      The person should have at least 3 or more year’s experience.

      He or she should have working experience in a reputable hotel.

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