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                                          Andaz, a Bollywood film, created in 1949 is a clear representation of a true Bollywood film with topics like love, romance,
                                          and family. It is a particularly interesting film because it was made only two years after independence. Andaz, is primarily
                                          a story of a love triangle between Nina, Dilip, and Rajan.
                                           I found it interesting that for the first part of the film, the audience is unaware that Nina has a fiancé. I was extremely
                                          surprised when Rajan returns from London and we were made aware that they are engaged! It seemed Nina was truly in
                                          love with Dilip and that he was the only man in her life. I thought it was shocking that Nina gave Dilip ownership of her
                                          father’s company once he passed away, especially because she was engaged to be married to Rajan. However, the way
                                          the film shocked the audience made Andaz that more intriguing. I also believe that socioeconomic status played a large
                                          role in the characters in Andaz and the way they lived their lives and made decisions.
                                           In the film Andaz, I found it interesting how social class was evident and emphasized throughout the film. From the
                                          opening scene, it was apparent that Nina’s father was extremely affluent. Their socioeconomic status was noticeable by
                                          their lavish apartment and the way they dressed. When Nina’s father picked her up at the doctor’s office after she fell off
                                          her horse, his presence alone showed high socioeconomic status as well as his expensive suit. Not only do Nina and her
[M] Review [10 out
                                          father exhibit wealth by their dress and presence, they threw an upscale party that undeniably demonstrated their wealth
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                                          to others. Overall, I think Andaz was a well rounded movie that explored several topics that enticed the audience and
                                          made for an excellent film.

                                          The textile exhibit in Quinn hall at the University of Rhode Island displayed beautiful Indian clothing and designs ranging
                                          from the Nehru jacket to Shisha, a type of mirror work. There were several different types of Indian clothing, blankets,
                                          and pillows which displayed intricate details and the use of unique and beautiful designs. Perhaps the most interesting and
                                          striking of all the designs presented in the exhibit was the salwar suit and the saris.
                   Exhibit Viewed:
                                           The salwar suit looks quite casual at first glance however, it’s beautiful use of colors such as yellow, turquoise, greens,
                   Textile or Art
                                          and blues truly make this suit unique and stunning. When women wear the salwar suit, they generally wear a long scarf
                                          referred to as a dupatta around their head or neck. The salwar suit has many uses and is worn differently depending on
                                          one’s religion and marital status. For example, the salwar suit is traditionally worn by unmarried women. The sari, a type
                                          of dress that is widely recognized as traditional Indian women dress has been worn for over 4,000 years. It is
[S] Review [10 out responsible, Artists
                                          representative of outside factors such as socioeconomic class and castes. It length and size as well as the intricate details
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                                          is an indication of a family’s wealth.
                                           The art and textile exhibit was a very accurate representation of Indian dress. The wide range of clothing and designs
                   Visit Date:
                                          displayed were very educational and informative and I would highly recommend viewing this great exhibit.
                   11/22/09 in Quinn
                                          Possible things you could cover in the review:
                                          • The most striking/noticeable aspects
                                          • Background (of the content that you saw)
                                          • Aesthetic impressions and comments (including of the show’s setting/gallery)
                                          • Cultural impressions and comments
                                          • Critique/Evaluation of and recommendation about the exhibit you saw
                                          Diversity week at the University of Rhode Island explores many cultures, lifestyles, stereotypes and much more. A
                                          diversity workshop I attended discovered designing sustainable solutions for developing countries.
                                           Particularly, this workshop explored enhancing water quality and decreasing the number of deaths related to water born
                                          diseases. The basis of this workshop was for groups of students to develop ways to hypothetically communicate to those
                     Event Reviewed:      who potentially would need help in developing countries. Students had to take into consideration language barriers and
                     Diversity workshop   cultural differences. For example, students would not be able to communicate with these individuals therefore, they
[R] Review [10        Date: September     needed to create a way to explain that drinking dirty water causes diarrhea, which leads to dehydration and eventually
out of 50]           23, 2009 in Lipitt   death. Students also needed to develop a way to explain to these people proper hygeine etc.
                     Hall                 One group had a poster with a smiley face on one side and a sad face on the other side. They had photographs of healthy
                                          and unhealthy ways of preparing food, bathing, and drinking water. However, I did not feel this way quite effective. Just
                                          because our society understands smiley/sad faces doesn't necessarily mean another society will. Therefore, I didn't find
                                          this groups presentation to be very effective.
                                           However, another group in particular completed a skit without using words to communicate when and why people get sick
                                          and how to prevent this. They had one member eat a piece of fruit which was washed with dirty water, then eat it it, and
                           In what ways do the clothing Indian women wear represent their social order, marital status, geographical location, and
                           other life events?
                           Essay Answer here: As Pravina Shukla thoroughly discussed, Indian woman's clothing is not only beautiful but it inhibits a
                           much deeper meaning. Shukla, described the tradition behind wearing numerous bangles which covered the majority of
                           her forearm. She explained that this was one of the many ways for an Indian women to exemplify that she is married. Not
                           only are bangles a symbol of marriage but it also plays an immense role in an Indian woman's wedding in some areas of
                           India. For example, Punjabi women wear chooda a specific kind of bangle which are red and white bangles with stone
                           work, on their wedding day.
                            The gorgeous sari's worn each and every day by Indian women whether they are working around the house or in the
                           fields, clearly, it is of the utmost importance for Indian women to look their best at all times. However, socioeconomic
                      E1   status and caste is demonstrated through the style, ornamentation, and floral motifs as well. It is evident through the
                           sari's dimensions that it is influenced by it's quality and the region in which it was made. The length, size and elaboration
                           of the sari is also an indication of family's wealth due to the fact that more fabric and elaboration takes longer to make,
                           thus, it is more expensive.

                           What are the statistics regarding Indian's who are living off a dollar-a-day?

                            India, along with many other countries are experiencing an immense presence of those living off only a dollar-a-day. It is
                           clear that such issues have yet to remotely be resolved in India.
                            The UN's Millennium Development goals have been developed to help those who live off a dollar-a-day. Some goals
                           include: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality, and combat AIDS/HIV, malaria and other diseases
                           (Polak, 33). “319 million Indians live on less than a dollar a day” ( Not only are those who are extremely
                           poor and living on a dollar-a-day, there are also severe repercussions in education, health, and nutrition. “ Almost half of
                      E2   children under five years of age (48 per cent) are stunted, that is too short for their age, an indicator of chronic
                           malnutrition, and 43 per cent are underweight. The proportion of children who are severely undernourished is also notable
                           – 24 per cent are severely stunted and 16 per cent are severely underweight. ” (Aspects of India's economy). The literacy
                           rates in India are very low at only 26% out of a 20,000 person sample could actually read. ( Aspects of India's economy)
                            Issues such as poverty, hunger, need to be combated in India. With the help of the UN's Millennium Development goals
                           hopefully India will be able to make great strides toward fighting poverty.
 [E] [C] [30 out of        works cited
150]                       "Aspects of India's Economy." Web.
                           Polak, Paul. Out of Poverty What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail. San Francisco, California: Bereett-Koehler
                           publisher, inc., 2008. Print.
 [E] [C] [30 out of

                                           Question: What is the history and significance of the sari? The sari is a type of dress that is widely recognized as
                                           traditional Indian women dress. It's presence has dated back to 1 A.D which is representative of how traditional and
                                           important the sari truly is to Indians. Not only is the sari's history impressive, but also the significance the sari displays. As
                                           stated in DeLace's essay, the sari is worn daily by most if not all women in India. Women can be seen wearing saris while
                                           working hard in the fields. It is clear that Indian women 's prestige and presence is extremely important as they wear such
                                           unique and beautiful clothing even while working. Saris are also representative of a woman's social class or caste by the
                                           length an size as well as the more intricate and unique designs it displays. [C2] How does one who has not experienced a
                                           culture, outside of his or her own, view a culture like India, after experiencing the diversity it has to offer?
                                           John Jeffcoat is a prime example of an individual who is open to new ideas and not conforming to the norm and “going
                                           with the flow.” He was able to explore new cultures and countries through studying abroad in a remote country.

                                           Jeffcoat's willingness to indulge himself in a completely foreign culture has been a major factor in who he is today and his
                                           success. Jeffcoat's main message in his speech to the University was to “take the plunge!” He emphasized the need for
                                           people to open up their lives and experience things outside of the United States. It is clear that Jeffcoat views India in an
                                           amazing light and enjoys the little aspects of the culture that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

                                           Without his openness to learn about new cultures through living in the culture he would not likely be where he is today.

                                           What are the contributing factors that have influenced an increase in India’s poverty, literacy, and life expectancy rates to
                                           increase by 1 percent a year?
                                           Why is this an interesting question?: The question posed is an interesting one that was gathered from the reading In Spite
                      Q1: India/Global     of the Gods. The continual 1 percent increase in several of India’s rates indicates positive changes that India is
                                           experiencing. The answer to this question will be explored through research and reading and thoroughly explained in the
                                           answer essay.

                                           What factors have contributed to the rapid rise of India’s ‘new middle class’ and how have these citizens moved beyond
                                           the line of poverty of a dollar- a -day?Why is this an interesting question: This question posed is interesting because it is
                      Q2: India-Cultural   vital to understand how India’s people are growing economically and are able to move beyond poverty. It is also important
                      Differences          to discover how India as a whole is growing and how this affects Indians to improve their social and economic standing.
Questions [Q] [10                          The response to this question through an essay format will discuss what is enabling India’s people to successfully move
out of 50]                                 beyond poverty into the middle class.

                                           What are the statistics regarding missing and kidnapped children in India and especially in comparison with the statistics in
                                           the United States? Why is this an interesting question: This is an interesting question because it seems even scholars of
                      Q3: ‘Adda’ and       India are unaware of the actual presence of kidnapping and missing children that exists within India. It’s important to
                      Indian Modernity     compare India and the United States in this research because it will make understanding less complex and put this
                                           statistics into actual comprehension of this topic.

                                        How would Gandhi utilize his beliefs and ideas to approach and possibly resolve issues that the United States is facing such
                                        as crime, health care, and education? Why is this an interesting question: Gandhi was able to resolve many issues as well
                      Q4: India/Ghandi
                                        as spread positive light in certain areas so it’s an interesting question of how Gandhi would approach current issues in the
                                        What does the Maoist group in India consist of, what types of people are members, what are their beliefs, and how does
                                        this affect India itself? Why is this an interesting question? Dr. Aseema Sinha has indicated during her speech in class that
                      Q5: India-Economy the maoist group have recently used extremely violent behavior towards those who do not agree with their beliefs. It is
                                        important to explore what exactly maoism beliefs consist of, and who is apart of such groups. The essay portion to this
                                        question will discuss vital information about maosim and how India is affected by such a group
                                      What is the divorce rates in India compared with the United States?Why is this an interesting question?: This is an
                                      interesting question because it will show the differences in cultures and beliefs between the two countries. It is imperative
                  Q6:India-Women      to discover marriage and arranged marriages in India and why they are successful compared with marriages in the U.S.
                                      As Indira Parikh discussed in her speech, India and the U.S certainly differ when it comes to marriages.

                                      Who are some of the influential Indian’s actively working towards innovative social entrepreneurship? Why is this an
                  Q7:India-           interesting question?: This question posed is an interesting one because it is important to know who the leader’s are in
                  Entrepreneurship    social entrepreneurship and what steps they are taking to start a social entrepreneurship revolution.

                                     Is it difficult for Indian’s in the lower social classes to move up in society and become entrepreneurs and if not why are
                                     they unable to do so?Why is this an interesting question?: With a free market in the United States, we like to think
                  Q8:India- Business individuals can move up in society and become entrepreneurs in a somewhat straightforward process. It is interesting to
                                     discover if it is possible for Indian’s to move into entrepreneurship in such a fashion as in the United States.

                                      In what ways do the clothing Indian women wear represent their social order, marital status, geographical location, and
                                      other life events?This is an important question because women's dress demonstrates many important cultural aspects of a
                                      country. Many women identify with wearing such jewelery and dress as a symbol of their culture and it is important to
                                      understand what their dress represents.
                                      With the emergence of new automobiles, what will be the environmental impacts this will have on India?Why is this an
                                      interesting question?: As India sees an increase in cars such as the tata nano, it is questionable whether there will be
                  Q11:India/Environ negative or positive environmental impacts. Since the nano is so affordable it is possible this will create more chaos and
                  ment/Development traffic then already exists in India. The essay to this question will explore mainly the positive and negative impacts the
                                      emergence of the automobile industry will have on India’s environment.

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