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					                                                     WARNING SIGNS
    What Else Should I Know?
                                            See a doctor immediately if you have    WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW
                                            any of the following:
•   Your periods will be short and
                                            •   A—severe abdominal pain
    scanty. You may only see a drop of
                                            •   C—severe chest pain or trouble
    blood or a brown smudge on your               breathing

    pad or underwear during the week        •   H—severe headache or numbness
                                                  in your arms or legs
    you are not taking the pills with

                                            •   E—eye problems (blurred vision or
                                                  loss of vision)
•   If your periods were irregular before   •   S—severe leg pain.                    PILLS
    you started the BCP, they may           Get a Pap Smear, physical examina-
                                            tion, and blood pressure check each
    become irregular again after you                       year.
    stop the BCP.                                Perform monthly breast
                                                    self examination.
•   Stop taking the pills if you want to

    get pregnant. It may take 1 to 2

    months before your periods

    become regular. Use another

    method of birth control until you

    have 2-3 normal periods off the pill.

    If you become pregnant while taking           Revised February 2006
    the BCP, the pill will not harm your

    developing baby.
      What Is The Birth                                   What Side Effects Might I            •       Start the BCP 4 weeks after you deliver a
                                                                                                       baby if not breastfeeding. Start a
                                                                Experience?                            progestin-only pill 6 weeks after delivery
       Control Pill?                                                                                   if you are breastfeeding.
                                                    •   Weight gain
                                                                                               •       Start taking your pills according to one
                                                                                                       of the methods described in the package
                                                    •   Missed periods or spotting between             insert.
                                                        periods for the first 3 months. If
You take the Birth Control Pill (BCP) every day                                                •       Take your pill at the same time daily.
                                                        this continues, see your doctor
so you won't get pregnant. It contains
                                                    •   Leg cramps                             •       Check your pack of pills every morning
hormones which are like your natural hormones.                                                         to make sure you took your pill the day
It prevents the ovary from releasing an egg every   •   Mild depression or headaches, and
                                                        nausea and vomiting (during the        •       Mark your calendar to remind yourself
month so you don’t get pregnant.                                                                       of the day you will begin a new pack of
                                                        first several months)                          pills.

                                                                                               Use a latex condom every time you have
    Why Should I Use The Birth Control Pill?                                                                    sex !

•    It is simple and easy to use.                                                                 Use a back -up method of birth control:
•    When used correctly, the BCP is 98%
                                                                                                   •     During the first 7 days of pills;
     effective in preventing pregnancy.

•    It does not interrupt sex.                         You may feel sick to your                  •     If you run out of pills;
                                                      stomach when you first start
•    It can make your periods more regular and       taking the pill. If it continues              •     If you forget to take pills for 2 days
     prevent heavy bleeding and cramps.             past the first 3 cycles, see your                    or more in a row; ask a doctor or
                                                             doctor/nurse.                               nurse if you can take emergency
•    It may lessen your chance of getting cancer                                                         contraception (Plan B).
     of the ovaries or womb, and PID, a serious     How Do I Use The Birth Control Pill?
     pelvic infection in women.                                                                    •     If you stop taking your pills;
                                                    •   See a nurse or doctor to review your
                                                        medical history. Get a prescription        •     If you vomit within 2 hours of
                                                        and information about the drug.                  taking the pill, have severe diarrhea;
    The BCP does not protect you from                                                                    or,
                                                    •   Read the information with your
       getting a sexually transmitted
                                                        pack of BCP.                               •     If you take other prescription drugs,
      infection (STI), including HIV.                                                                    such as antibiotics, and for 7 days
                                                                                                         after you finish the antibiotics.

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