Kennewick Kiwanis Past Presidents by gegeshandong


									Kennewick Kiwanis Past Presidents -
Lyle “Glen” Reiboldt - He was club president in 1989. He was born in Hood River,
Oregon and moved to the Tri-Cities in 1959. He graduated from Kennewick High
School. Glenn and his wife Janet have 3 sons. For twenty years Glenn worked in the
restaurant business as management. Glenn changed careers in 1980 and went into the
construction business and continues today to own and operate his own business. Jim
French invited Glenn to join Kiwanis in 1980 and he has maintained his membership
since. As club president Glenn remembers cleaning up the club roster and adding new
members to increase club membership by 18%. Glenn put his vice-presidents to work,
split up committees and involved his vice presidents in committee work. In 1990 George
Jones, Glenn and his sons built the ticket booths at the entrance to the fair grounds.
These are still in good condition and used today. Jim French, Dave Dickerson and
Glynn Wheeler are Kiwanians who impressed Glenn with their dedication to the club
and the community.

Bob Marple Jr. (The Kid) - I was president of our great club for 1989-1990. It was my
pleasure to be president just as it has been my pleasure to be a member since 1982.
Dave Dickerson was my club sponsor and I joined about 2 years after returning to the
Tri-Cities from college at the University of Arizona. Kiwanis has been a wonderful
addition to my life and I am very thankful for the many great friendships I have made
over the years. (We have an interclub twice per month with our poker buddies, most of
whom are members of our club.) I fondly remember a district convention trip to
Anchorage with Dave Dickerson and Paul Beardsley. Our club, with the supervision and
help of Glen Reiboldt and many others, built new ticket booths at the fairgrounds during
my presidency. I am also a proud member of the heretic table.

Bob Marple (The old man Marple) was Club President in 1966. He and his wife,
Leellah, moved to the Tri-Cities in 1952. During this time period, Art Campbell was the
professional fine collector. During this year, members painted the inside of Camp
Kiwanis building in Columbia Park.

Don Anderson moved to Kennewick as superintendent of schools on July 1, 1969 and
with Art Carson’s sponsorship joined Kennewick Kiwanis that month. Meetings were at
the Cosmo-Angus motel in Angus Village. Lee Orr was president and Duane Pepiot vice
president. An early Kiwanis work party was arranged by Ken Serier at the Kiwanis
facility in Columbia Park; Ken Serier, Harry Jensen (from a club in Richland) and I were
the only attendees. After twenty years as superintendent, the school system had grown
from 7,100 to 11,100 students, we had built a skills center, a high school, a middle
school and five elementary schools and additionally renovated many of the seven
existing schools. I breathed a sigh of relief, retired, took a long trip and then had heart
surgery and was elected president of the Kennewick Kiwanis Club and served
admirably from Oct 1992 through Sept 1993.

Dick Nordness was Club President in 2001-2002. He and his wife Karlene moved to
the Tri-Cities in September of 1992 to take over the Spaghetti Establishment. He joined
the club the following year and was sponsored by Clyde Painter. One of Dick’s most
memorial meetings was September 11, 2001 when as President-Elect; he took over the
meeting while President Russ Burtner was out of town. During his year as president the
Kiwanis Club of Kennewick celebrated 75 years as the best service club in the Tri-

Larry Ayre, 1987-1988 term as president of the Kennewick Club. I was born in
Goldendale, Washington and moved to the Tri-City area in 1948. It was a great honor to
be president of this exceptional club. The members of the club were all outstanding
gentlemen in their professions and were willing to give of themselves and their time to
serve their community. We had fun and served out community well. I had great help and
advice from our members, past presidents and Lieutenant Governor Dave Dickerson.

Tom Moak, President in 1995/1996, joined the Kennewick Kiwanis Club in 1986,
sponsored by George Jones. Tom was scheduled to be President in 1994/1995, but
was appointed to the Washington State House of Representatives in January 1994, so
postponed his Presidency for a year. The most significant accomplishment during his
Presidency was the establishment of the Kennewick Kiwanis Foundation and Moak took
an active role, working especially with Red Rutherford and Dick Petersen. The Club also
began a highway cleanup project along Highway 240 during his Presidency. Tom came
to the Tri-Cities in October 1979 to work as a librarian with the Mid-Columbia Library.
He was elected to the Kennewick City Council first in 1997 and was chosen mayor in

Bob Woehler was president in 2005 and got off to a rocky start when, at my first ringing
of the bell almost everyone in the room walked out. I was told that I ran the meetings
like someone heading for a train wreck. We managed to gain membership during my
year as president and to raise some good money through our "golf ball frenzy" of which
$3,000 was donated to help the City Of Kennewick celebrate its Centennial year for
which the Kennewick Kiwanis was listed as a major sponsor. I earned the ruby pin
award for bringing in five new members one of which was Frank Kumzak, who helped
me institute our biggest administrative fund raiser, the annual December gift auction. I
was later awarded a "distinguished" president's pin by Pacific Northwest Kiwanis District
and went on two years later to be lieutenant governor of Division 54, helping install the
Horse Heaven Hills club and earning a "distinguished" lieutenant governor’s award from
the PNWD.

Linda Boomer was club president in 2003-2004. She and her husband Ed moved to
the Tri-Cities in 1994; and she became one of George Jones' many recruits in 1996. As
2004 was Kennewick's Centennial, there were lots of events the club participated in as
a sponsor of that year-long celebration. One of the highlights was the grand opening
gala of the Three Rivers Convention Center where, at the Woehler-Sauer table, the best
of the best wine was served. A favorite project that year and during a few prior years
was vision screening at Family A Fair. She and Gus Kittson (mostly Gus!) were the only
ones who knew how to assemble and disassemble the big, ugly black felt-covered
booths. Finally, she didn't think she would miss the chanting of "Boom-ER!, Boom-ER!,
Boom-ER!" when she turned the president's gavel over to Bob Woehler, but confesses
that she actually did (a little).

Don Olsen was asked to help Dick Peterson in the early 1980's when the club's
emphasis was going to be CPR training for the public. I was the training officer at the
Kennewick Fire Department and was doing CPR class upon request. As a result of the
Kennewick Kiwanis Club's efforts within a couple of years, with the assistance of
Kennewick Fire Department, Columbia Basin College and Kennewick General Hospital
we issued over 5,000 CPR cards in one year for those who completed the 3 hours of
I was President from 1985-1986 and the Lt. Governor (don't recall this name?) gave me
the Distinguished President's pen for bring 2 new members to the club having the
largest growth of any club in the division and completing a major community project.

      Our club worked with Washington State DOT to put up yellow flashers on the
       blue bridge that would warn drivers that the bridge had an accident on it. This
       allowed drivers to make decisions to another route and not get tied up in traffic.
      Our Club held a Steak and Beans membership drive thanks to my membership
       chairman Lee Haberling the club membership went from 66 at the start of the
       year to over 96 at the end of the year.
      We started a Santa Claus visit with gifts to the Bailies Youth Ranch and I know
       that it continued for several years thereafter.
      At Red's suggestion we started the Crazy Hat Meeting.

After taking a job at the Hanford Fire Department I had to leave the Kennewick Kiwanis
Club, but when Lee Haberling became Lt. Governor for 1994, He twisted my arm to help
him start a Kiwanis Supper Club. The Kennewick Kiwanis Club sponsored the Three
Rivers Kiwanis Club and I was the first president of it for a term and half.

Steven A. Schmitz In January 1982 I had the pleasure of becoming a Kennewick
Kiwanian and learning what community service was all about. Don Anderson nudged
me towards Kiwanis, Dave Dickerson was the President, and Darrell Boone signed my
active certificate. I have wonderful memories of working the parking lots at the county
fair, wheelchair basketball, meetings at Leo's and the Parks Department building near
the Columbia River, installation banquets at the Tri Cities Country Club, conducting
weekly meetings as President 1987-88, and Fred Shields presenting me with the Lt.
Governors pin in spring of 1988. As president of the club in 1987-88 the
accomplishment that stands out in my memory is the initiation of the Kennewick
Educational Foundation with the leadership of Ty Haberling and others. I am pleased
and honored the Foundation continues to thrive today and serve the students of the
Kennewick School District. I am in my 38th year as an educator (Central Washington
University) and when recently visiting a Kiwanis Club on Bainbridge Island ran into
longtime Kiwanian Bob Waller. Small world.

Steve Schmitz, Professor/Faculty
Department of Education
CWU Des Moines Center
206-439-3800 ext. 3830

Laurie Tufford - Laurie joined the Kiwanis club of Kennewick in September 1997 when
she was working with Sterling Savings Bank. George Jones brought her to the club. She
worked through the leadership chairs and represented the club as president for the
2005-2006 administrative year. During her year as president Laurie made a
commitment to attend all committee meetings to get a feel of the pulse of the club. She
delivered packages to Jubilee Youth Ranch, established the giving program at the
Finley Elementary and has even been recorded to play Santa on occasion. In June of
2006 the club split and the Horse Heaven Hills club was born with the president going to
the new club. Laurie was elected to a second/half year as president.
Laurie holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Credit Counseling
Service of the Tri-Cities. She has been employed in this position for over 11 years
Laurie is a certified credit executive through International Credit Association. Her
community focus has also been on the education as a guest speaker for area schools
and colleges and participates in the adaptation of school curriculum for area high school

Red Rutherford - Victor “Red” Rutherford, president in 1979, was born and raised in
Oklahoma. In 1946, Red married Sally whom he met working in the shipyards in
Portland, Oregon. Red and Sally moved to Kennewick in 1948 to work at Hanford and
he started selling mobile homes part time. Red began selling mobile homes full time in
1949 and owned Red’s Trailer Mart from 1949-79. The first Kiwanis Club Red joined
was the Columbia Club. They met in the evening and Red was later kicked out for poor
Dave Piccoli asked Red to join the Kiwanis Club of Kennewick, they met at noon, and
Red has been a member since 1970 and with perfect attendance! He is a generous
giver and fund raiser of our Kennewick Kiwanis Foundation.
Red has served our club as organizer/manager at the fair for 30 years. And for 27 years
he co-managed the Kiwanis Clubs’ fairs role a with Dick Petersen.
Red visited the Yakima Kiwanis Club in l995 and found out about their foundation. After
considerable discussion, Red convinced Dick Petersen to help him start our Club's

Richard “Dick” Petersen - Celine and I moved to Kennewick in 1966 when I was
transferred here from Seattle as a pharmaceutical representative. Jim French and
George Jones brought me into Kiwanis in March of 1976. I served as president in 1979-
1980. In 1979 we were meeting at the Heritage Restaurant on Highway 395. After it
burned down we moved to the Tri-City Country Club, Clover Island, and finally settled at
Leo’s Catering where we are still meeting nearly 30 years later. I have enjoyed working
the Benton-Franklin Fair since 1976 and as a supervisor for 27 of those years, but I
think I will always remember as my most rewarding activity, when Red Rutherford and I
started the Kennewick Kiwanis Foundation in 1996. My only regret is not having started
it sooner.
Stan Case - Stan was president in 1993-94. He was born in Pasco and moved to
Oregon at 3 months of age. He grew up in Pendleton and attended Eastern Oregon
College (now University) in La Grande where he met his bride, Joanna. He lived in
northern California for ten years, and then returned to the Tri-City area in 1973 while
working for International Harvester Company.
When IH closed he went to work for Kennewick Irrigation District, retiring in 2006 after
25 years. Stan joined the Kiwanis Club of Kennewick during a membership roundup in
the summer of 1983. His sponsor was Lin Tinsman, a board member for Kennewick
Irrigation District.
During Stan’s presidency, a car raffle took place that benefitted the Tri-City Cancer
Center. Stan and Joanna have four married children and 14 grandchildren. One of
Stan’s sons, Tod, was president of the Pendleton Kiwanis Club at the same time Stan
was president in Kennewick. Stan also served the Club for 8 years as treasurer. Stan
enjoys being a Kiwanian and says that this is a great group with whom to share lunch
and work projects.

Glynn (Colonel) Wheeler - The colonel was president in 1964. He was born in
Tonasket In 1918, the family moved to Union Gap, where Glynn went to school. Four
years after high school graduation Glynn married the girl he walked down the
graduation isle with, Ella Mae Clark.
In August of 1940 with a wife and young son, Glynn was called to active duty in the
Army. He served until 1947. During the war he was a young officer that fought in the
Philippines and his outfit had terrible losses. When General Douglas McArthur stopped
to congratulate the unit prior to taking Manila from the Japanese he found they didn’t
have many officers left. He gave on the spot field promotions to Wheeler, who
eventually became a colonel in the Army. It was a meeting he has always cherished. In
1951-54, he went back into the Army and served in Germany. Glynn, his wife, son and
daughter moved to Kennewick in 1957 and he purchased the Roto Rooter Service in
1958. He owned the business for 21 years.
Pastor Ron Yates asked Glynn to join Kiwanis in 1961 and it was an honor for him to
serve as club president in 1964 and Lt. Governor in 1980. He has been a member of the
Kiwanis Club of Kennewick since 1961 and is presently our longest tenured club

Larry Sannes - Larry was president 1978, married his wife Darlene in l955 in Spokane,
Washington. They have a son and a daughter and moved to Kennewick in l967. Larry
was in the insurance business with AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) for 20 years.
They bought a 7-Eleven store in 1987 on the corner of West Kennewick Ave and Yelm
Street. They ran the 7-Eleven for 10 years. When they sold the store, they bought a
motor home and have traveled to every US state except Alaska. They now reside in
Spokane. Many Kiwanians knew Larry’s wife, Darlene, who worked at Albertson’s for 19
years. Dr. Maynard Campbell sponsored Larry in the club in the early 70’s. Larry
remembers working at the fair, the boat races, Up with People and other youth groups.
He enjoyed his many Kiwanian friendships and has many fond memories working on
community service projects.
Ty Haberling - I served as President in 1994-95. I joined the club in 1986. I am a son of
Lee Haberling, past president and past Lt. governor. I am a grad of Kamiakin HS class
of 1978. After high school I enrolled at CWU and graduated with accounting and
finances degrees. My company is named Haberling Financial Group. I met my bride,
Noelia, in Brazil on a vacation of New Year's eve of 1986. We were married August 20th
of 1988. I have two children. I joined the club through the prodding of my father Lee
Haberling. Dad took the lead for membership growth during the mid 1980's. The club
went from 50 members to over 100 members in less than a couple of years.
Humor has been a constant theme in my life and I have led several roasts of leading
Kiwanians. We had great fun in roasting Steve Schmitz, my father, and Amon Mueller,
and others. During these events I played the Carnac from the Johnny Carson show. My
favorite sealed envelope joke was about Amon Mueller of Mueller's Funeral Home.
"What does Amon Mueller say after reading the obituaries?" IT'S MUELLER TIME.
I had barely been a member when "Super" Dave Dickerson gave me instructions to be
the inner-club chairperson. Shortly thereafter he became Lt. Governor and prodded me
to make certain he had a large band of Kennewickians to follow him around the district.
My final memory goes to the fair parking lot. Some 15 or more years ago Gary Puckett
tricked me in helping him work the parking lot.

Russ Burtner - Served as president from 1998-99. I was a military “brat” lived mostly in
western states and spent several years in Japan. US Army Veteran (1964-1967). Most
of the time spent in Karlsruhe Germany. Idaho State University Alumni (1967 - 1971)
Married 41 years to Kitty, an RN at Tri-Cities Chaplaincy and Hospice. We have to sons.
Moved to Tri-Cities from Boise, Idaho in 1978 to open a regional office for JUB
Engineers. Employed by the City of Kennewick since 1987 in a variety of positions.
Presently serving as the Director of Municipal Services. My passions include Kiwanis,
Boys and Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties, coffee, cycling, skiing,
backpacking, camping, hiking, sailing, and other mostly outdoor activities.
First associated with Kiwanis in 1973 as a member of the Reno, Nevada “Sunrise” club.
I was Kennewick Kiwanis president in 2001. Current president of the Kennewick
Kiwanis Foundation. Served on the Quad Cities Kiwanis Foundation (Camp Kiwanis)
and have also been City Liaison to that committee for 20 plus years. Where possible I
have tried to involve the club in participating in community activities (Family Fishing
Pond, Playground of Dreams, Sport-field Irrigation improvements, Camp Kiwanis
updates) and events (4th of July and several other individual events) through my
employment with the City.

Pete Baumann - I graduated from high school at Central Valley in 1949, Gonzaga
University in 1952 and St. Louis University Dental School in 1956. Met the love of my
life, Betty, in St. Louis and we married in 1955. Served in U.S.Airforce 1956-1958.
Bought a practice in Kennewick in the fall 1958 and moved our family here from Travis
Air Base in California. Betty and I have four children 2 sons and 2 daughters.
I joined Kennewick Kiwanis in 1971. Duane Pepiot was my sponsor. I became Club
President for the Kiwanis year 1975-76. Pep was my mentor for the whole year. I recall
Joe Osborne introduced Miss World USA as our program at one of our club meetings.
Also speaking at one of our meetings was former Gov. Dixie Lee Ray. I will never forget
our former Kiwanian Tim de Jong , engineer extraordinary, who developed our first
juvenile fishing pond in Columbia Park. Tim did it all… from design, permits and lining
up the contractors, the McMillin brothers, who donated their equipment and labor. Our
club was meeting at the Heritage road house on Highway 395. When the restaurant
burned down we moved our club meetings to the Clover Island Inn. What a great year!

Russ Edwards - Russ was born in Fresno, California. Following high school, attended
Whitworth College in Spokane, graduating with a BA in Drama and Speech in 1972.
Married the first time the same year, moved to Kirkland. In 1976 he entered Palmer
College of Chiropractic, graduating in1979 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He practiced in
Kirkland, where he joined the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland in 1981, moving to the Tri-Cities
following his divorce and remarriage to Kristie in 1997. He and Kristie ran Edwards
Adult Family Home until closing that business in 2008.
Russ joined the Kiwanis Club of Kennewick in 2008, and after attending most board
meetings since that time, serving as a member of and chair of membership along the
way, then as president in 2007-2008. Some of the highlights of his year “Kids,
Kennewick, Kiwanis” were, a refocusing of the club on “things Kiwanis,” the further
development of the administrative committee, a directed effort for the support of the
SIGN program, and a restructuring and defining of duties for the president-elect and
vice president in the administration of committees.

Larry Hansmeier - I am a native son of the Evergreen State, being born and reared in
Aberdeen Grays Harbor County, where I graduated from Weatherwax High School in
1962. After attending college and seminary in Oregon, and Oklahoma respectively, I
served pastorates in California in Sacramento, Woodland, and Modesto; and a
seventeen year pastorate in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In November 2001, my wife, Jonna, and I relocated to Kennewick where I assumed the
pastorate of the historic First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation. The
chairman of the search committee was none other than "the Colonel", Glynn Wheeler,
who served as the president of the Kennewick Kiwanis Club in 1964. Glynn became my
Kiwanis sponsor and mentor and I officially joined the Kiwanis Club in early 2002. I
served a partial term as club president in 2006/2007, until being installed as the charter
president of the Kiwanis Club of the Horse Heaven Hills on June 4, 2007, a new
"daughter" club sponsored by the Kennewick Kiwanis Club. The new club has
appreciated the financial and emotional support offered in its infancy period by the
fellow Kiwanians, and especially the growing relationship being demonstrated by the
members of the Kennewick Kiwanis Club. I do miss the barbs and antics of the famous
"Heretics Table" members at our weekly meetings.

Gus Kittson - I was club president in 1991-1992. A Kennewick native I graduated from
Kennewick High in 1973. Don Anderson, who followed me as president, was the
Kennewick School Superintendent and signed my high school diploma. Following high
school I attended Columbia Basin College for a year and then transferred to
Washington State University where I graduated with a BA in Business Administration.
I returned to Kennewick and entered into employment with the family business
Kennewick Industrial & Electrical Supply (KIE Supply). George Jones started to ask me
to attend Kiwanis in 1981. I joined on November 17, 1981 when Dave Dickerson was
President. In 1989 I was named Kiwanian of the Year and was elected as 2nd Vice-
Memories from my year as president include John Yegge as Lt. Governor; start up of
the division council, co-sponsoring the Kamiakin Key Club, Doug Holle as club secretary
and getting the Club Corporation license reinstated.

Gary Puckett - I was president in 1985. As of April 1, I will have been in the Tri-Cities
for 30 years and the " Hey Culligan " for the same amount of time. My wife (Mary) and I
have been married for 41 years and we have 2 children ( Kim and Todd ). Both of our
children are married, live local and each have blessed us with 3 grandkids, making a
total of 6 and they are evenly divided, 3 girls, 3 boys. I am not sure who handle parking
prior to our club, but whoever it was, quit about two months before the fair was to start,
and the fair board contacted our club. We were going to turn it down, but in figuring out
what we would make, I said we should try it and I would head it up. I contacted the
Kamiakin Band Boosters (I knew their president ) to assist. The first two years I ran it by
myself, no golf carts and no 2 way radios. Year 3 and 4 Jerry Buell step forward and
assisted. He even arranged for the radios. The days were long, tiring, and dirty and the
rest is history.

Dale Kintzley - I was president of the Kiwanis Club of Kennewick in 1982-1983. I was
sponsored by George Jones, my father-in-law. The most memorable project during my
term was the March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon, which our club sponsored, and I chaired.
Women were not yet eligible for membership at that time.
My sense of humor kept meetings lively and productive.
After my discharge from the U.S. Navy, I arrived in Kennewick in 1959, and enrolled at
C.B.C., where I earned an associate degree in Electronics and met my future wife,
George-Anne Jones. We transferred to the U. of W. in Seattle, where I graduated with a
major in Accounting. I was comptroller of two potato processing plants in Othello, where
our son, Roy, was born. I have been in various business ventures through the years,
was a real estate broker, and am currently building and managing commercial real
My hobby is restoring and showing classic Pontiacs.

Lee Haberling - Lee was club president in 1991. Lee met his wife at Central
Washington State College and married in April of 1959. He got his teaching credential
and interviewed for a job at Highlands Middle School in Kennewick and taught for three
years. Lee had a wife and two children so he accepted a job selling life insurance. He
was very successful and presently has been in the insurance business for 47 years.
George Jones brought Lee into Kiwanis in the 70's Lee remembers his first Kiwanis
project as a pancake breakfast and he was flipping pancakes. When president, Lee
remembers Paul Beardsly coming to a meeting dressed as a Russian Scientist and Don
Anderson introduced him as an unkept scientist. Paul then threw off his wig at Don and
everyone enjoyed the joke. Lee was membership committee chair in 1986 and brought
in over 30 new members. Lee is proud of his son Ty who is also a past president of the
Kiwanis Club of Kennewick. Lee is also a past Lieutenant Governor serving in 1993.
T.J. Willingham - T.J. was club President in 1999. T.J. (he never did reveal what T.J.
stood for) and his spouse Rikke, moved to the Tri-Cities in 1988 and he joined Kiwanis
shortly thereafter sponsored by Monte Nail. Many dollars have been spent in brags as
each of his four sons have been born during his years as a member. Some of his
favorite service projects during his year as president include the bell ringing for the
Salvation Army freezing outside of the front of Fred Meyer in Kennewick, many hours
collecting entrance tickets to the Benton Franklin County Fair and the cleanup project
on Highway 240 by Columbia Golf Course where we collected more golf balls than
trash. Kiwanis is a great avenue for community service and the development of lifelong

Hank Sauer - Hank was club president in 2003. Like some Kiwanians his job as an
educator prevented him from attending regular meetings except in the summer. When
he retired he started attending meeting with a vengeance getting involved in every facet
of Kiwanis. Hank is humbled by the membership of our club and is honored to be a
Kennewick Kiwanian. Hank grew up in Walla Walla, came to CBC in 1965, married his
bride Nancy in 1970 and joined the staff at Kamiakin High in 1973. Today, Hank is the
proud owner of Amon Mueller's vest--a treasure that he values. During his year as
president Hank had time to eat one lunch, was a toilet during a Halloween costume
program, and because of his stature, used a stool to stand up and be seen. He is very
involved in the Kennewick Kiwanis Foundation that provides scholarships to worthy high
school students. He also served as a most cheerful and enthusiastic official inductor of
new Kiwanians.

Gerry Berges - Gary was the club president in 1981. Women were accepted as
Kiwanians during the decade. Gerry joined Kiwanis in 1978 and served as a program
chair. Ty Haberling was president of the Key Club at Kamiakin High and provided a
program for the club. The Marineers Caravan Luncheon was another "great" idea that
was slated to attract at least 150 attendees- only 35 showed up for the event. Gerry
sums up Kiwanis by stating that "Kiwanis" is the people more than the projects.

Dean Strawn - Dean was club president in 1974. He moved to the Tri-Cities in March
1963, in June 1963 he married his lovely bride Sandi and joined Kiwanis in February
1970. According to Dean there was nothing particularly memorable but he stated that
some believe that his year as president was the best ever! Several former club
members were remembered: Tim De Jong for developing the Fishing Pond in Columbia
Park; Andy Keller for recommending Floyd Paxton as a program presenter; and Larry
Sannes who introduced Dixie Lee Ray as Dixie Ray Lee. Dean is a dedicated civic
servant; past Kennewick Man of the Year; past Tri-Citian of the year and president of
the Public Service Facilities Board that oversees the Toyota sports complex and the
Three Rivers Convention Center. His wife Sandi alas is a Rotarian, but often signs God
Bless America when she visits our Kiwanis Club.

Duane Pepiot - Duane was Kiwanis resident in 1970. I was one of five inductees at the
Episcopal Church in one class. President was Jerry Eerkes who was the target of Dan
Hurson almost every meeting, leaving the leadership in shambles. I was the only one of
the five inductees to survive an entire year--makes you wonder? While president, we
lost Secretary Harold Smith to a heart attack. He was a very difficult one to replace. I
think that our club built three ticket booths for the Kennewick High School Lion's Den
that year. My term was for 15 months, due to the change in the fiscal year of Kiwanis
International. Kiwanis is a family affair for Duane as his daughter Renee Norman is a
long time member whose has a habit when having to pay fines of mooching dollars from
her dad.

Vickie Bergum - I was born and raised in Kennewick and actually moved out to Finley
last year to keep an eye on Rene Norman. I was very honored to be selected as the
Kennewick Kiwanis first woman president in 1997. Both my grandfather and father had
been in this club. The first time I ever attended a Kiwanis meeting was to speak for the
East Benton County Historical Society. I remember being so impressed and almost
awestruck by the amount of truly wonderful community members there were; people I
really looked up to like George Jones, Duane Pepiot, Jim French, Don Anderson and so
many more.
I had wonderful support from people like Dick Peterson, Red Rutherford, Neil Miller,
Gus Kitson, Tom Moak, Rene Norman and the best secretary ever, Doug Holle. Our
Kennewick Kiwanis put up all the fencing for the demonstration garden at the Library.
The ground was hard and there were a lot of rocks but many people worked hard to get
it done, and done right, they did a great job. I have always been impressed with the
fellowship and inclusiveness of the club. It will always feel like family.
The night of my installation I was very sick and didn't eat my dinner at the installation. I
checked into the hospital the next morning and was hospitalized at KGH for three days
and still made it to my first meeting without anyone knowing.

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